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Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #48

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Another long in the making and very delayed Wargaming Bloggers Showcase! The Most Powerful Daemon God Discordian from Sepulchre of Heroes wrote a very interesting article about the Chaos Gods. More specifically, a particular Chaos God that has since disappeared from history – Malal. He has a great theory behind The Emperor, Grey Knights, Cypher, and Malal. It also happens to be a fun read as well. Well worth checking out. Magnetizing the Big Mek in Mega Armor Joe put together a short, yet very useful tutorial on magnetizing the Big Mek’s Kustom Force Field backpack, or the Kustom Tellyporta Gun….continue reading

Top 8 Wargaming Bloggers for 2017

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I read a lot of articles by fellow wargaming bloggers. There’s a large list you can find by checking out the blogroll. However, there are some wargaming bloggers that I read more frequently than others. These are the bloggers I will go out of my way to…

Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #47

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The usual lead-in – check out these awesome articles by fellow bloggers 😉 Creating Scenic Terrain for Bases and Dioramas with Andy Andy did a great guest post at Broken Paintbrush. He put together an awesome tutorial on creating scenic terrain for bases and dioramas. It’s seriously some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen. You gotta check it out. Finished – Thousand Sons Defiler Rory has been doing quite a bit of work on his Thousand Sons army lately, and he added a cool Defiler he converted. Not only is the conversion cool, but Rory is working on improving his…continue reading