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Mechanica Gun Drones

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After an ink wash, these are ready for action.

I have had to write a new rule into Steam Wars for these contraptions, an infantry Skimmer rule to allow them to cross obstacles without penalty. Which also leads me to believe that I need an Agile rule f…

Project 1701b – pre story from the Nar side

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Dr Porsuk was annoyed to be disturbed when he’d left specific instructions that nothing of the sort should happen. “But, …

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B4-P0 & AR-Two

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The R2-D2 model came off a McDondald’s Fatty Meal toy. Can’t remember who made the humanoid robot, it has been kicking around for years, I think it may be a Rackham model. I have a few uses for these models, mainly for my robotic Steam Wars army, but also for use in Rogue Stars. These … Continue reading B4-P0 & AR-Two

What’s going on

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Just turned 9.30 and I have had at least ten people in so far, so many in fact I have not even had a chance to look at my emails or check out more Salute photos from some of my favourite blogs, I do hope this does not continue, I have maps to draw.I ha…

Campaign hard facts

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For all you ‘Stato’ types out there (and in my experience that is most gamers), I have included the casualties from the main battles in the 1692 campaign season here. It will be followed by the Roll of Honour/Dishonour in a subsequent post.As many of t…

40k 8th Edition

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I have not played Warhammer 40k for quite a few years, which is a shame as I have a Blood Angels army that I really like. Games Workshop are releasing a new version this year, which will be available as a free download from the sound of it. I may just give it a go. … Continue reading 40k 8th Edition

Salute 2017 – A Photo Review

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Salute is over for another year and every bone and muscle in my body hurts….but it was great non-the-less! Despite the cost both to my wallet and my body I still think Salute is the highlight of my wargaming year. I get to see a lot of traders and demo games that I wouldn’t otherwise encounter and many companies use Salute to launch new products and miniatures. Like many wargamers I spend most of my gaming expenditure online these days, but I still love the chance to ‘browse’ and lay hands on products, rules and miniatures.

Salute seems especially busy this year. The queuing system prior to the show was strained to the uttermost and the queue hall was filled almost completely before the doors opened. My daughter, the Young Padawan joined me again this year and she seemed to enjoy the size and spectacle of the show as much as I did. She couldn’t quite match my spending but if she could she would have. I treated her to several models and some paint and hopefully this year I can ignite her enthusiasm for painting as well as gaming. Postie also treated her to some models as well (nice move sir!) so she had a very good day.

As well as spending a shed load of cash (gotta rebuild that Lead Mountain!) I always enjoy Salute for the chance to meet and chat with a wide range of people. For several years now there has also been a regular ‘Bloggers Meet Up’ somewhere in the centre of the show. Not as many bloggers got together this year as last (possibly dues to conflicting event at the same time on a trade stand) but everyone who did arrive exchanged our yearly handshakes, pleasantries and in some cases gifts! As well as the pre-arranged meeting I often get stopped as I walk around by readers of BLMA and its always great to put faces to names.

I was massively impressed by the standard of the demo games this year. Salute always hosts the best demo’s and participation games and every year I think the standard couldn’t get any better only for it to do just that the following year. Most of the figures on display are well beyond what most of us would call ‘tabletop quality’ with many examples of miniatures that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the painting competition. I only briefly managed to look at the competition with crowds three or four deep in front of the display cabinets. I took a few photo’s but to be honest the best pictures of the winners will be published in Miniature Wargames soon enough.

One of the disappointments for me this year was the apparent lack of 6mm demo games on display. I only counted two games this year (correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s all I remember seeing). Now I would always expect  to see lots of 15/28mm games being played but just two 6mm games out of nearly 100 demo tables is only about 2%. Some recent polls I have read say that as many as 30% of wargamers play 6mm regularly if not exclusively so this scale is being massively underrepresented at Salute. To be fair the reason for this is probably simple economics. 15/28mm rules systems and miniatures dominate the marketplace and therefore the demo tables of our shows. Another reason is that it is much harder to achieve that ‘Wow’ effect with a 6mm table, its takes a lot more models and a lot more terrain to have a real impact. That’s a worrying conclusion because it suggests that shows like Salute are more about the visuals than the content or the playability of rules systems and it leaves a lot of small scale wargamers out in the cold.

Anyway, that’s enough chat from me, here are a selection of my photo’s from the show. As usual I shot far too many pictures but I have tried to distil this down to just the best ones to give you a flavour of the show. I hope you enjoy them.

Chelmsford Bunker

Friday Night in Crawley – Palestro 1859 – Franco Prussian War
Witch Racing

Wyvern Wargamers – Cambrai 1917

Oshiro Terrain – Shiro O Kogeki

Gravesend Gamers – Star Wars Epic

Ard Hamma – Pin-Hai, Battle for the 18th Green

Ironfist Publishing -Battlegroup Tobruk

Henfield RAF Fighter Command  – Battle of Britain (with Henry Hyde!)

Chesterfield Open Gaming Society – Frostgrave


Osprey Games – Dragon Rampant in Frostgrave

Afterlife…being played in the back of a converted Landrover! 

Jersey Privateers – Operation Sutton – Falklands 1982

Grenzer Games – Battle of Antietam

Scimitar Games Club – Muskets and Tomahawks

Bexley Wargames – Cretaceous Camp

Pedion Modular Terrain – Operation Uranus

Blood in the Snow

Simon Miller – Raphia 217BC

League of Gentlemen Anti-Alchemists – Carry on up the Volga

Battle for Neustadt 6mm

Ilford Wargames Group – X-Wing Mega Battle

Wyre Forest Wargames Club – Battle of Kalisz 1706

Crewe and Nantwich Wargames – Japanese Invasion of the Philipines 1942 (4)

Crewe and Nantwich Wargames – Japanese Invasion of the Philipines 1942

Scarab Pals – Zero Hour Italy 1917

Scarab Pals – Zero Hour Italy 1917

The Padawan Meets her heroes!

Imperial Entanglements! 

Warhammer 40k Game

Harts Volunteers – Sword Beach 1944

The Old Guard – Command and Colours

Essex Warriors – Battle of Prague 1757

Hornchurch Wargames – Wars of the Roses

Gatehouse Gamers – Pearsons Farm

Dalauppror – FortMosquito 1654

Warlord Games –  Inverlochy 1645

And finally… my Loot from the show. I bought the new Blitzkrieg Commander rules that came out today, and I have at last succumbed and bought Frostgrave. I also picked up several books including Tabletop Wargames which I have wanted to buy for a while now. I restocked some modelling material and picked up a couple of pots of Vallejo ‘mud’ which I want to give a try. I also bought an assortment of models for various types, just to paint (some for next years Painting Challenge).

My Loot from Salute

That’s it, I’m done in. Time to slump on the sofa and watch some TV. See ya’ll next year!

Salute 2017

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Salute is tomorrow, I feel for my wallet.


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Small, cute, hard target.

A couple of colours and then an ink wash. Done.

Arkanaut Frigate

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This is the first GW model I have seen in ages that I could be persuaded to purchase, especially with my steampunk fixation still running high. I say “could”, as at £50 (US$80) it is a significant amount of cash. It should be available with 10% off from an independent reseller, which would make it … Continue reading Arkanaut Frigate

Russian GNW Dragoon flags now available

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We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of five superb sets of Russian Dragoons standards for the Great Northern War.

Sheets are £6 each ex postage. I will have a limited quantity at SALUTE 2017 next weekend

Warfare Miniatures at SALUTE 2017 – 10% pre-order discount!

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Toggy and I will be on duty at SALUTE 2017 with the full range of Warfare Miniatures products.Find us on the Victrix stand. We will be carrying everything in the range including the new Marching Russian Musketeers and Pikemen from the GNW range.six dif…

Dreamforge Alien

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Free sample models are great, especially when I eventually find a use for one. This Dreamforge Games alien chap was holding a lead with some sort of beastie on the other end. As one of my exotic Rogue Stars crews was expanding, this model would be ideal. I removed the lead and replaced it with … Continue reading Dreamforge Alien

Legends Of The High Seas

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The third of our recent pirate games was with Games Workshop’s Legends Of The High Seas rules. We had found over the last few weeks that Osprey’s On The Seven Seas was way too slow and not quite what we were looking for. Cutlass was much better with a nice dice mechanism but an activation … Continue reading Legends Of The High Seas

Mechanica Artillery

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I have no idea what the weapon profile will be yet for this piece, but it does look quite good. Based on a Titan Forge Metal Beards bolt thrower model, I have just reversed the arms and covered up the bolt.

Zykhee Soulless

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Getting into Rogue Stars has allowed me to dig up some old models from the Loft Full Of Lead that don’t get to come out very often. One such model for an alien crew was this Zykhee Soulless. I rebased it and gave it an ink wash as it was painted years ago and looked … Continue reading Zykhee Soulless

Lots to blog about.. did we REALLY do that?

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New Dutch West India Company forces attack English Creoles on JamaicaWell, Clarence is on his flight west, Bob is back studying 18 wheelers and I am back at LoA HQ trying to make sense of the last seven days. We’ve manage to cram a lot into a week. Fiv…

Dust Luther

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Not quite finished, I may just leave it as factory fresh and not apply any weathering or damage.

Sharp Practice 2

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As you know this is not my cup of tea, although I would probably play it to fight over some nice terrain with beautiful figures, also, if you want someone to play your game you have to play theirs, it’s a given, and good manners.The missus was leaving …

TT Combat Crane

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This model is perhaps not quite steampunk enough, but I really liked the size and look of the thing. It is a nice big piece that still has plenty of room for models to move around under and on it. When I was at a port last year, I took some photos of the massive … Continue reading TT Combat Crane


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The Golum were a range that never quite made it out in time before FASA and the Vor The Maelstrom game ceased to be. Luckily I was able to get a few of these Golum prototype models, a few of which have been painted up for use in various sci-fi games. In my latest Rogue … Continue reading Golum

Aeroneff Landing Station

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With the recent reasonably nice weather, the mass undercoating of models is well underway of all those models put together over the winter. This has allowed me to finish some of the larger projects which have been taking up a lot of room. One of the biggest is the Aeroneff Landing Station for the flying … Continue reading Aeroneff Landing Station

Project 1701 nearly ready for play

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Here is the nearly completed set up. The table is a printed mat originally designed for Frostgrave. I’ve decided that …

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You wait ages for a Roman building then ……

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A whole town comes along. I started on my Warbases Roman Villa the other day trying to be patient and not rush things, I have managed so far as this is now day three. I am also still waiting for the base material I ordered so I think it will be next week before it is complete, I want to add some little bits and pieces but hey can be ordered and scattered whenever, they are not essential. I decided as my villa would be around at the end of the period I like wargaming that it would not have the slabbed courtyard or pool, it would more likely be a working villa rather than something for a local absentee landlord. I also had to make my mind up whether to sand it up for the East or leave it with greenery for Europe, I decided it would get more use being European, so Europe is good for something, it’s a joke.

I did fail to notice that there is a build your villa .pdf on the Warbases site, it should have been mentioned on the one piece of paper in the pack, but I managed to make only two mistakes with the build and one with the lovely mosaics supplied by David Bickley. Although you won’t see the inside of the villa much in the large games I play it really is a treat to know the inside looks so good and of course I shall point this out when using it. I went overboard and ordered up Pantiles from a railway modelling shop, I needed three packs and they came to just short of £12, but they are a huge improvement over the flat mdf.

The next stage will be to paint the walls, I might get around to that on Sunday, I do not use thick plaster for my walls as most of it would probably end up over me rather than on the building, so I use a thickish paint and dip the brush into some sand, I like the finish, just enough stubble to hint at a coat of plaster.

I am hoping for some goodies from Royal Mail today, those extra figures I ‘needed’ and the bases for my buildings as I am also tarting up my WWII stuff, I know the troops are on the way but I am not so  sure about the bases.

Now, the town. I was directed to Warbases last night by a Facebook post, and lo and behold you can now build up a complete garrison town for your Roman army, there are barracks, shops, mansions and a gorgeous late Roman church, the only thing missing is the fortifications, a wall and towers. I of course wanted to buy several of the buildings, but uncharacteristicly I did wonder where I would put them, the villa is bigger than I thought and if you do garrison your cohorts you will need a big table. The mansion does however remain a possibility.

Oh, and I sat down to the Last Kingdom the other night while building the villa, and even though I am prepared to watch all sorts while painting or building I switched it off after about twenty minutes, the breaking point for me was the soppy, pathetic, “hope of the north” character. And another thing, there is a nunnery on the edge of the village and none of them look like Uhtred’s religious lady.

I am really impressed with the camera on this iPad Mini, it manages to eliminate my need to take several pictures until I get one which is not blurred.

On The Seven Seas

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So, we tried out On The Seven Seas last night for the first time. It was disappointing. It is a game that I do not think we will be returning to. The basic concept of Greed versus Fear sounded quite good, the side with the higher Greed value goes first and if a crews Fear … Continue reading On The Seven Seas