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Solo game using 5Core

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The lad has been at home after having had all four wisdom teeth out. This has me on nurse duty …

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Grimtech’s Carnival – a Fun, Fluffy 1,500 CSM List

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Grimtech’s Carnival – a Fun, Fluffy 1,500 CSM List

I was complaining a bit the other day about my 40K gaming. I’m not a fan of complaining for the sake of complaining, so I wanted to work on a solution. I put together a list that I feel will be fun to play. With my attempts to remedy my issues, I want to work on establishing more solid fluff for my Chaos Space Marines, Disciples of Twilight. Some stuff is written down, but most is floating around incomplete in my mind.

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Imaginary Papocon – “A Breach in Spacetime”.

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  Olá Leitor!   Este artigo é a versão em inglês do “Papocon Imaginária – Uma Fenda no Espaço-tempo”.  Clique o link para conferir o artigo em português!   +++   Hello Reader!   Playing miniature games is always our escuse to meet, so, as usual, with Marcos coming to visit Brazil it was high time […]

Papocon Imaginária – “Uma Fenda no Espaço-tempo”

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  Hello Reader. This article is the Portuguese version of the “Imaginary Papocon – A Breach in Spacetime”. Click the link to read the article in English about our most recent gaming gathering, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the 18th, 19th and 20th of March, 2016.   +++   Olá Leitor!   Jogar bonequinhos […]


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Pretty dismal weather here for Easter, but then again it is pretty early, I found out the other day that the various Christian churches have been trying to come to an agreement on the date of Easter for over 1,000 years and they are hopeful it will hap…

How to Run a Convention Game with Mike Paine – Wargaming Recon #155

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Knowing the best way to prep your game for a convention can be hard.  Fantastic GM Mike Paine shares how he does it. Links to Items Discussed on the Show HAVOC Game Convention Huzzah Game Convention Buy Frostgrave on WargameVault (affiliate link) Fencing Frog Blog $20 Aurelian Unit Tiles by Sam… Read More»

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George the Builder

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I have completed my second squad of British and to be honest if there had been no work on the house I would have had the whole 500 points finished, so although I have to paint camo on the Germans I am hoping that I should have my two forces done by the…

Frostgrave/Sandtomb pieces for Good Friday

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No particular connection between these pieces other than they have all been waiting to be finished for too long. First is …

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KS: Star Troopers

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A “For What it’s Worth” post. Kickstarter-burn notwithstanding,  I’m pleased I backed the S.T.A.R. Troopers project by RBJ Game Company. Generic SF figs, metal cast (not plastic or resin or restic) Bobby Jackson sculpts, fulfillment this year, reputable company… their cool, almost retro aesthetic and low price point gave me confidence to pledge after swearing … Continue reading KS: Star Troopers

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Books, Scrolls and maps Volume 2, now available on Wargame vault!

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Well, long time no see!! Yes, finally I’m back after a break to bring you more articles and stuff. Did ya miss me? Probably not, but never mind! I just wanted to let you know that you can get the next volume in the Books, Scrolls and maps series of PDFs over on Wargame Vault […]


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Completed Zulus from the lead pile. Know the green is non-historical, but these guys will be used primarily in a …

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Mr. Anderson?

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I have been inundated over the last couple of days with people desperate to save me money on my electricity bill and several have taken umbrage at my attitude on explaining I have money coming out of my ears and want to spend more not less on my magic fuel and that I wouldn’t impart information pertaining to who I actually do get my electricity from. They all seem to know who is on the phone, hence “Mr. Anderson?” But the last one today was unexpected and luckily he wasn’t from the other side of the world and he said the magic words “Gamemat?”

My long awaited portable wargaming table arrived. I hurriedly unboxed it, at 3′ x 4′ folded up, it is just on the cusp of portable, my main reason for getting it though was that it should be sturdier than the pasting tables I normally use and it will take up less room than two tables and a board.

It felt a bit wobbly and tinny but once I opened it up, extended the legs and locked them in place it was perfect, I think it should also hold up my larger 7′ x 5′ board with no problem. The only thing I could moan about although there is nothing you can do about it is the centre strip is slightly above the surface, this is obviously for strength etc. and will not have an effect on my War and Conquest battles or some of the skirmish games I play. If you were putting houses etc. on it then it would be easy to keep them off the centre.

 You can just see the raised centre line in the photograph above, but for me I am more than happy with the table.

I have had problems with varnish before as you will know, and I decided to get a new bottle of Winsor & Newton as the one I am using is years old and most times gives a slightly satin finish rather than pure matt. I phone up a local artists supplier and asked if they had any Winsor & Newton Matt Varnish, yes was the reply. Later on in the afternoon I made a trip to Lancaster, parked up and made my way to the shop, “Winsor & Newton Matt Varnish please”, I got a blank look from the salesman, and although my telepathic powers had been stumped by some Green Kryptonite in the area I twigged and said “Acrylic”. No we don’t have that, but I phoned this morning, yes and you asked for matt varnish for oils, NO I DIDN’T! I don’t paint with &^%$£* oils! Well we have Dale and Rowney but Liquitex is the best, then I’ll have a bottle of Liquitex, we only have it in a large bottle, aaaargh! No wonder we shop online.

I found I had thrown out my plastic glue weeks ago before I decided to jump into Bolt Action, so I ordered some from eModels yesterday and it arrived today, now that is service. I have now built the first plastic kit I have bought since I was a teenager, the little Warlord Universal Carrier. I am more ham-fisted than I remember but I managed fine until I got to the mudguards, they simply did not fit. They fit fine on the box art but they didn’t on my machine, not even close, so they are a bit of a botch job but I think I will get away with it on a wargame table. I am a little concerned for that top Bren, it seems to be begging to get broken off.

Round One LPL Entry

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Now that the voting for Round One of the LPL has closed, I can show pix of my first entry. Close ups are pretty honest, and honestly, these will work fine for the table top. But in competition… they’re no where near professional level. Good thing I’m a gamer then, eh? Ran a practice game … Continue reading Round One LPL Entry

If You Go Down To The Woods Today

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I received an invite last week to join a game of Muskets and Tomahawks this Sunday, so having nothing to do on what I expected to be a lousy day I agreed, in the event it turned out a lovely day but them’s the breaks. I was in a store cupboard watching…

Parsantium – the wider world

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The Aqhran Caliphate is not North Africa, just as Rezana is not Rome. But… Across a southern continent that borders a …

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Battle of Lesnaya in 20mm – Tactica game

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Swedish view of the attacking Russian ArmyI was very taken with this 20mm scale game using Zvezda plastics. The guys running the game were from Germany but I confess to forgetting exactly which town they were from.fine view of the Swedes with their bac…

Random brushwork

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Still working on wide assortment of fantasy figs for our SOBH campaign, some of which might be entered in the LAF LPL, which, according to the official rules, cannot have been be posted anywhere online prior to entry. In the meantime, I’ve been feeling like a slacker not posting so I snapped a few shots  … Continue reading Random brushwork

A Touch of Slaanesh Meets Khorne – 40K Battle Report

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A Touch of Slaanesh Meets Khorne – 40K Battle Report

I played a 1,500 game with my Chaos Space Marines, with Daemons allies, against Khorne Daemonkin. I felt like busting out my Keeper of Secrets, who hasn’t seen the table in years now, and it’s one of my favorite models I’ve painted.

Here’s the list I ran.

Disciples of Twilight (Chaos Space Marines) w/Daemons Allies – 1,500

  • Sorcerer – Psyker (M3), Combi-bolter, Force Weapon, Terminator Armor, Spell Familiar
  • Keeper of Secrets – Psyker (M3), Lesser Reward, Greater Reward x 2


  • Vengeance (Chaos Space Marines) x 5 – Veterans of the Long War, Plasma Gun
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs, Combi-plasma
    • Rhino
  • Redemption (Chaos Space Marines) x 5 – Veterans of the Long War, Meltagun
    • Aspiring Champion – Melta Bombs, Combi-melta
    • Rhino – Dozer Blade
  • Daemonettes x 10
    • Alluress

Fast Attack


  • Chaos Bikers x 5 Meltagun x 2
    • Champion – Meltabombs
  • The Unbound (Spawn) x 5 – Mark of Nurgle


Heavy Support

  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils x 2
  • Obliterators x 3 – Veterans of the Long War, Mark of Nurgle

My opponent’s Khorne Daemonkin list (briefly) was: Chaos Lord, Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut, Berzerkers (9), Bloodletters (18), Flesh Hounds (8), Spawn (2), Bloodcrushers (3), Soulgrinder, Land Raider.

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Space Wolves Painting Update, Army List & Fluff

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Space Wolves Painting Update, Army List & Fluff

It has been an insane past couple of weeks. I’ve had a midterms week from hell to contend with, followed by seven days during which I was tasked with writing four different essays to the tune of 32 pages of tedious, boring writing. So, I’m sure you’ll understand why, at this point, even looking at a word processor is enough to make my stomach turn and my blood run cold. Nonetheless, I’m here to give you all an update on the status of my Deathwolves!

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Parsantium – FrostGrave – Artefacts

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The following setting information is a fantasy adaptation of ‘The Zone’ described in Boris & Arkady Strugatsky’s classic novel Roadside …

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Parsantium – Khemet (2)

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Communication with Khemet was lost 1,000 years ago when the magical colleges succeeded in discovering the secret of immortality at …

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Club Night, Anchors Away!

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We played ‘Hammerin’ Iron’ the American Civil War naval rules last night from Peter Pig and it was not for me. My own rules of choice for this period are ‘Smoke on the Water’ which play equally as fast as the PP rules but are heads and shoulders above …

Parsantium – Khemet

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Khemet is mentioned only a couple of times in the text. It is described as ‘ancient and corrupt’, and then …

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Retail Therapy

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I’ve done it again, two new armies with accessories all winging their way to my front door, the most fun I have had since the WAC tournament a week or so ago.I drew up two 500 point starter armies and sent the results off to a couple of mates, both gav…

Giants Of The Sky Swoop In

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They have landed! The Wings of Glory Giants of the Sky Kickstarter Bundle, with 2 each of the Handley-Page O/400 and the Zeppelin Staaken R.VI bombers (from World War I). They are impressive models and very very large, the might be

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