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John Hill: One Fan’s Humble Appreciation

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An appreciation for the life and work of John Hill, wargame designer and friend. Continue reading

Building a Wargames Army 101, Part 2 – The Williamite Army

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A portion of my Williamite collectionClarence Harrison – this is simply an overview of the army I already have. You can hop over to the Quindia Studios blog to see all the how’s and why’s of this force. Here is the goal I set out for my Williamite coll…

Blücher By Sam Mustafa

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Early this year Sam Mustafa will be releasing his latest game system in his “Honour” series, Blücher, which provides the ability to fight grand-tactical type games in the Napoleonic Wars. One units, stand, or counter, represents a Brigade or Regiment (incorporating multiple-battalions)

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Building a Wargames Army 101, Part 1 – An Introduction

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The lead elements of the army of King William III at the Battle of the BoyneClarence Harrison – This article is is the first in an ongoing series that will document the continuation of a project I started long ago and have recently returned to. I’ve be…

New Year’s Resolution, done

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I did it – cleaned my game room that is; every corner, crevice, nook and cranny. On the table, under the table, beside the painting table… I went through every box, bag, envelope then sorted and labelled all of it. Took two days. New wire shelves from IKEA to hold it all tidily. So that’s … Continue reading

IHMN South America List 6: The National Guardia Republique

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At the forefront of Lopez’s war against the revolutionaries that threaten his regime are the tough men of the National Guardia Republique. With the training of the regular army and the loyalty of the Inner Circle, the Guardia are a … Continue reading

Infinity for Christmas

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Infinity v3 is out and Corvus Belli has released the full rulebook in multiple languages – for FREE. I, as many others, have picked up some of their figures in the past but I never got around to playing the game. So as a try before you buy you can get the books and Markers […]

Aughrim once more – back at the foot of the hill – Derby Weekender October 2014

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Aughrim castle defended by the JacobitesBy playing the Battle of Aughrim at home and taking 21 hours to do it we got a fairly good idea how it might run as a large multi player event. I chose it as one of the scenarios for our October weekender.Several…

Battleground 2014 Wargames Show Report

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Living in the far North it can feel like your miles from any wargames show but there is one local event which offers a fantastic slice of hobby for anyone in the area. Some of you may have heard of … Continue reading

Why I Love… Dr Syn

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For those who haven’t heard of him Dr Christopher Syn, otherwise known as the Scarecrow, is a vicar… and a former pirate… and a master smuggler. He was created by Russell Thorndike and appeared in 7 novels, 3 films, 2 … Continue reading

IHMN South America: List 5- Los Predicadores

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The leaders of the Catholic Church in San Pedrona are chosen personally by Lopez and are sycophantic supporters of the regime to a man. Many follow the dictator because they see him as their country’s one chance of stability free … Continue reading

2nd despatch from Crisis 2014

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I make no apology for showing these wonderful images from an Eastern Front game run by the Dortmund Wargames club. It is a 20mm game and the pictures speak for themselves.WW2 has never before appeared on this blog but I really feel that this game deser…

The Final Hours for Heavy Gear Kickstarter

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Heavy Gear – War for Terra Nova Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter – Updated We are now in the final 2 days of the Heavy Gear Blitz – War for Terra Nova Kickstarter, which ends this Saturday afternoon, November 22nd at 2:04 PM EST.   We want to thank all our Backers, old and new, for their support. […]

Barry’s little Scanian War project part 5 ANATOMY OF A UNIT

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A grand sight…. The Swedish LifeGuard of Horse 1678The new set of Horse and Musket rules I am working on allow units of between 6 and 60 models to be deployed on the table. This offered the chance to create shapes not normally seen with smaller warga…

1st Despatch from CRISIS Antwerp 2014

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White Death! My 1706 Fraustadt game at CrisisI very much enjoy the Crisis show. The Tin Soldiers of Antwerp are some of the friendliest wargamers you are likely to meet. Their annual show held on the banks of the Scheldt River is now a major event in t…

New Phrase for the OED: Lancaster Tug Job

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Inventing new terms for the Oxford English Language Dictionary Continue reading

IHMN South America: List 4- Society of Thule Expeditionskorps

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General Hector Muchava is a political survivor. He has survived two coups with his position and fortune virtually intact. He does, however loathe Lopez and his regime and has begun plotting to seize power for himself. To this end he … Continue reading

Road Trip Fall-IN! 2014! and *last* Guidebook Update

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Road Trip to FALL IN! and the last Guidebook Update. Continue reading

Figure Forge Post Human Republic Starter

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In this Figure Forge Matt Assembles the Post Human Republic starter for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames.  The Post Human Republic turned it’s back on humanity long ago and is no longer recognizable as humans, but they are clearly cyborgs.         Once they are painted we will start playing some DZC.

Poland and Ireland -Wargaming with the LoA at Derby

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One of our number is missing! Andy! where are you?Our most recent gaming event took place at Derby between 10-12 October. We had a big turnout of gamers for this one and had planned something a bit special over the two days. With guests from as far afi…

Cuba, a Splendid Little War: VPG’s other side of the story

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There are a few board wargames of the Spanish American War, but none of them have focused on the Cuban Nationalist insurgent movement.. until now. Continue reading

What does the Foundry look like?

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If you’re involved in historical wargaming at all you probably know who or what the Foundry is.. formerly Wargames Foundry, formerly Guernsey Foundry.  If you’re a Yank like me, you’ve probably got no idea what their headquarter is like.  I … Continue reading

The future of tanks in 28mm

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Playing in 28mm scale make vehicles look great. A tank, truck or jeep on the table becomes a great focus …Continue reading →

Games I Like – All of them! – Episode 1 of my new VLOG: The Machine Shop

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Commander: The Great War, reviewed

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In which the author reviews Slitherine’s new Wargame for the Ipad, Commander: the Great War, and warns his readers– if you want to play, be in it for the long haul! Continue reading