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Some pictures and plans

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So my dice luck has changed. Or is has it changed hands? Not only has a new player joined us, but I’ve won the last couple game sessions. Here are some photos from last night’s game set-up. It was a basic scenario: gang meet interrupted by two bounty hunter/vigilante crews. So now that we seem … Continue reading

15mm Space Orc Army: the mob so far…

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Well, I thought I might a well share my progress on my 15mm space orc mob thats finished so far. I still need to get lots more done yet, more mobs of boys including my own lot (from CP models) as well as some GZG ones, more Ogryns, squigs, dreds and vehicles. They’ve ended up […]

Chaos Space Marines: An 1,850 List for Saturday

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Psykill Leads the Marines

This coming Saturday is an 1,850 40K tournament at my FLGS. With my schedule lately, I’ve missed a few weeks of play testing so I decided to just bulk up my 1,750 list from last month. The list did well for me last time, 2-1 for the day (best I’ve done in a long time), […]

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Tripping the next step in evolution – a Bat Rep

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Last night’s game session pitted the fanatical H+ Trans-human Revolutionary Front against New Hong Kong’s finest. The main Objective was Radio Free Babylon’s broadcast tower, (“All the righteous Dubs and Dangerous Data they don’t want you to hear.”) with H+ attempting to physically hack the transmitter and broadcast their “Quantum Leap” manifesto. The NKPD – … Continue reading

The Boys of PanO

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Picked up an Operation Icestorm PanO starter off eBay and applied my brushes yet again to the challenge of Infinity figs. I swapped out the female Fusilier for the character that previously suffered a disfiguring satin sealer hazing accident and here are the results. Aimed for a version of the stock color scheme and I’m … Continue reading

Phoenix Command Gunship

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I don’t play 10mm or DZ Commander, but this is very cool. Click through and check out the images. My question is: can it double as an armed UAV for 28mm?

Big Dog Support for MOUT Force

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So I am not posting pix of the previous two game nights because my D10s are traitorous little plastic polyhedrals. It’s as if they instinctively know to roll the exact opposite of whatever target number I need in a particular situation. *5 or less? How’s three 10s hit ya? Muwahahahahahha* Bastards have left my forces … Continue reading

Cold Wars 2015 Guidebook App is available for download

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The New Guidebook for Cold Wars 2015 is published and available for download. This article takes you through the process and reveals what’s new (which ain’t much!) Continue reading

Painting WIP: Two headed Troll Sculpt

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So, I’m getting through loads of stuff paintwise, that needs doing, and this has been put off for ages. This is of course, my own two headed troll sculpt thats been waiting for a long time. You’ll have to excuse the shadow on many of these pics due to the lack of natural light and […]

Draxxon Army: Draxxon Power Armor

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I’ve added another addition to my own draxx army, this time its a repurposed Zoids mini-diorama model done in matching colours to my draxx forces. This model I got for a song off ebay quite a while ago. It’s not one of the expensive model kits, nor the old ones from yesteryear, this one is […]

Building a Wargames Army, Part 6 – Lord Dongan’s Dragoons

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Clarence Harrison – Here’s my second regiment of dismounted dragoons…I realized while cleaning up that one of the little buggers is camera shy. There are actually ten models in this unit! Later this year Warfare will release mounted dragoons and hors…

Operation Winter Storm – NUTS! Hell Hath No Fury After Action Report

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The scenario set-up: a 28mm game set in Operation Winter Storm (December 1942) using the new NUTS! Hell Hath No Fury tank campaign system. This was a co-op game pitting German players commanding up to a platoon of tanks of the 11th Panzer Regt. against the Soviet Non-Player Enemy forces, basically a dice and paper […]

Troll Tribe: Old School Grenadier War Troll.

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I’ve been turning my hand back to painting up stuff from my lead pile of late, and thought it was about time to start up another unit. Since this old Fantasy Warriors Troll was already undercoated and pre prepared, I thought I might as well get around to it. My trolls are a mixed bunch, […]

The Star Wars-Games Workshop Mashup? Is there any truth to the rumour?

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If you haven’t been living in a cave on Dagobah for the last year or so, you’ll know that Disney/Lucasfilm movie machine is now kicked into gear. The Force Awakens (also known as Episode VII) is set for a 15th of December 2015 release at the cinemas. Great news for Star Wars fans, eager to […]

Draxxon now available from Wargames Supply Dump!

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Just quickly to let you know, the Draxxon figures are now available from Wargames Supply Dump if your interested in getting hold of some. Check them out here. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!   Related articles Terrain Workshop: WIP 15mm Industrial Zone Weird 15mm Games I should run: Zombies On The Buses… Grinning […]

Building a Wargames Army 101, Part 5 – Lord Clare’s Dragoons

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Clarence Harrison – Yeah, I know this is cheating. I actually painted these guys last year, but they are part of this army…I intend to paint a mounted version and horse holder stand when they become available from Warfare (or barring that I’ll conver…

Army Project- Monsters of the Steppes

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The 1st Dacian Guard Tankovy under Leytenant Hajek with their newly acquired T-34/85’s The first unit I’ve painted up for this project are a trio of the lethal T-34 85’s that evened out the battle against Germany’s big cats such … Continue reading

Army Project 2015- 20mm WW2 Soviets

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This year I intend to build a 20mm Soviet army for use with the classic WRG Armour and Infantry 1925-50 rule-set. I’m using the truly fantastic Plastic Soldier Company Soviets and the plan is to keep you good people reading … Continue reading

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Archiminima Structura Kickstarter

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It’s been ages since I had a look at some KS stuff, so since I happen to be here, quiet and alone, it did give me chance to have a look at whats doing the crowdfunding rounds that would be of interest. This is one that seems to have slipped the net, not too much […]

Wargaming Aspirations for 2015 (better late than never…)

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It’s not often that I have the time or concentration lately to consider my gaming aspirations for the new year ahead. Still, there are shed loads of random ideas knocking around in my skull, that may or may not come to fruition in the next 12 months, one can still dream on. I thought I’d […]

Wargames Supply Dump get set to release the Draxxon!

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So I’m here briefly to talk about the Draxxion sculpts I sold on a while ago to Roger at Wargames Supply Dump. I’ve not had much time for the net lately, trying rather to get back on track with stuff, mostly painting and planning designs and such. Roger kindly sent me some finished castings of […]

Winter Storm Brushwork, pt. 1

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Managed to paint up a couple figs between shoveling shifts. Things are just getting back online here. (Having spent three years in Nova Scotia, it is painfully obvious Mass. town officials don’t do snow removal all that well.) Here is the latest brushwork: two Infinity figs. I still don’t do them justice, but I think … Continue reading

Mustering the Troops (NZ WWI ANZAC Diorama)

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The blog site for the painting project for the Anzac Diorama for the World War One Exhibition has been created. I urge you to have a look,especially at the FAQ and About pages to learn more about the project.  There has already been media publicity about the project and several people I know who are … Continue reading Mustering the Troops (NZ WWI ANZAC Diorama)

Completed models for Generation Kill Barbarossa

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The Christmas break had me doing a lot of reading and preparation for games but not actually doing much playing …

Continue reading

Building a Wargames Army 101, Part 4 – The Jacobite Cavalry

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Williamite Cavalry – My plan for the Jacobites includes eight
squadrons of horse to oppose these fine gentlemen. Of course, as with many units in this period,
a quick flag swap could see most of these units pressed into service for King James II!

Clarence Harrison – Here are my plans for the Jacobite horse and dragoons. All of the models will be on galloping horses – no standing about for the cream of the Jacobite army!

Lifeguards Regiment (2 squadrons)
Scarlet coat with blue cuffs trimmed in silver, buff waistcoats, blue trousers, silver buttons and hat lace. Officers had scarlet cuffs and trousers. Some may have cuirass. The saddle cloak was scarlet trimmed in troop color (1st scarlet, 2nd white, 3rd yellow, and 4th blue)
I’m going to paint one stand for each troop so they will have different trim on the saddle cloths. I’m also going to mix in a few cuirassiers for variety.
Tyrconnel’s Regiment (3 squadrons)
Red coat with white cuffs, buff waistcoats and trousers, silver buttons and hat lace. The saddle cloak was red trimmed in white
Parker’s Regiment (2 squadrons)
White coat
Sutherland’s Regiment (1 squadron)
White coat
I can’t find definitive reference for what colors Parker’s or Sutherland’s regiments wore. On page 84 of Michael McNally’s Osprey campaign title, Battle of the Boyne 1690, he mentions

“… the Enniskilleners reputedly charged Donop’s white-coated Danish cavalry, having mistaken them for a Jacobite regiment, possibly Parker’s or Sutherland’s.” 

I’ll decide on their facing colors and other details when I get there (unless a kind reader has any insight before then).

Lord Dongan’s Dragoons (2 squadrons)
Red coats with blue cuffs, blue waistcoats and trousers, silver buttons and hat lace, mounted and on foot
Lord Clare’s Dragoons (2 squadrons)
Red coats with yellow cuffs, yellow waistcoats and trousers, silver buttons and hat lace, mounted and on foot
We have no concrete proof of what these two dragoon units wore and there seems to be some debate on the matter. Most Irish horse and dragoons were clothed in red before 1690. As I mentioned in the last article, the French supplies arrived only shortly before the battle and it is unknown how widely distributed the new gris-mesle coats may have been at this time. These were probably infantry coats as well so it is possible the dragoons were never reclothed. While a case can be made for either coat, I chose to paint Lord Clare’s Dragoons in their old uniforms because there are a lot of white and grey among the other mounted units. They would have likely been in a sorry state, but for table top presentation I plan to keep them uniform with the addition of a few different hat colors. Lord’s Clare’s Dragoons are sometimes named as the ‘Yellow Dragoons’ so it seems safe that their cuffs were yellow.
The next stretch of articles for this series will likely be more sporadic and posted as I finish units or decide to post ‘in progress’ updates. I am going to attempt to maintain focus on this army, but won’t promise on the rate in which future articles appear. However, a blog is a wonderful motivator to continue on a project so hopefully I won’t get sidetracked by some other shiny period!