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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Archiminima Structura Kickstarter

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It’s been ages since I had a look at some KS stuff, so since I happen to be here, quiet and alone, it did give me chance to have a look at whats doing the crowdfunding rounds that would be of interest. This is one that seems to have slipped the net, not too much […]

Wargaming Aspirations for 2015 (better late than never…)

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It’s not often that I have the time or concentration lately to consider my gaming aspirations for the new year ahead. Still, there are shed loads of random ideas knocking around in my skull, that may or may not come to fruition in the next 12 months, one can still dream on. I thought I’d […]

Wargames Supply Dump get set to release the Draxxon!

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So I’m here briefly to talk about the Draxxion sculpts I sold on a while ago to Roger at Wargames Supply Dump. I’ve not had much time for the net lately, trying rather to get back on track with stuff, mostly painting and planning designs and such. Roger kindly sent me some finished castings of […]

Winter Storm Brushwork, pt. 1

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Managed to paint up a couple figs between shoveling shifts. Things are just getting back online here. (Having spent three years in Nova Scotia, it is painfully obvious Mass. town officials don’t do snow removal all that well.) Here is the latest brushwork: two Infinity figs. I still don’t do them justice, but I think … Continue reading

Mustering the Troops (NZ WWI ANZAC Diorama)

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The blog site for the painting project for the Anzac Diorama for the World War One Exhibition has been created. I urge you to have a look,especially at the FAQ and About pages to learn more about the project.  There has already been media publicity about the project and several people I know who are … Continue reading Mustering the Troops (NZ WWI ANZAC Diorama)

Completed models for Generation Kill Barbarossa

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The Christmas break had me doing a lot of reading and preparation for games but not actually doing much playing …

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Building a Wargames Army 101, Part 4 – The Jacobite Cavalry

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Williamite Cavalry – My plan for the Jacobites includes eight
squadrons of horse to oppose these fine gentlemen. Of course, as with many units in this period,
a quick flag swap could see most of these units pressed into service for King James II!

Clarence Harrison – Here are my plans for the Jacobite horse and dragoons. All of the models will be on galloping horses – no standing about for the cream of the Jacobite army!

Lifeguards Regiment (2 squadrons)
Scarlet coat with blue cuffs trimmed in silver, buff waistcoats, blue trousers, silver buttons and hat lace. Officers had scarlet cuffs and trousers. Some may have cuirass. The saddle cloak was scarlet trimmed in troop color (1st scarlet, 2nd white, 3rd yellow, and 4th blue)
I’m going to paint one stand for each troop so they will have different trim on the saddle cloths. I’m also going to mix in a few cuirassiers for variety.
Tyrconnel’s Regiment (3 squadrons)
Red coat with white cuffs, buff waistcoats and trousers, silver buttons and hat lace. The saddle cloak was red trimmed in white
Parker’s Regiment (2 squadrons)
White coat
Sutherland’s Regiment (1 squadron)
White coat
I can’t find definitive reference for what colors Parker’s or Sutherland’s regiments wore. On page 84 of Michael McNally’s Osprey campaign title, Battle of the Boyne 1690, he mentions

“… the Enniskilleners reputedly charged Donop’s white-coated Danish cavalry, having mistaken them for a Jacobite regiment, possibly Parker’s or Sutherland’s.” 

I’ll decide on their facing colors and other details when I get there (unless a kind reader has any insight before then).

Lord Dongan’s Dragoons (2 squadrons)
Red coats with blue cuffs, blue waistcoats and trousers, silver buttons and hat lace, mounted and on foot
Lord Clare’s Dragoons (2 squadrons)
Red coats with yellow cuffs, yellow waistcoats and trousers, silver buttons and hat lace, mounted and on foot
We have no concrete proof of what these two dragoon units wore and there seems to be some debate on the matter. Most Irish horse and dragoons were clothed in red before 1690. As I mentioned in the last article, the French supplies arrived only shortly before the battle and it is unknown how widely distributed the new gris-mesle coats may have been at this time. These were probably infantry coats as well so it is possible the dragoons were never reclothed. While a case can be made for either coat, I chose to paint Lord Clare’s Dragoons in their old uniforms because there are a lot of white and grey among the other mounted units. They would have likely been in a sorry state, but for table top presentation I plan to keep them uniform with the addition of a few different hat colors. Lord’s Clare’s Dragoons are sometimes named as the ‘Yellow Dragoons’ so it seems safe that their cuffs were yellow.
The next stretch of articles for this series will likely be more sporadic and posted as I finish units or decide to post ‘in progress’ updates. I am going to attempt to maintain focus on this army, but won’t promise on the rate in which future articles appear. However, a blog is a wonderful motivator to continue on a project so hopefully I won’t get sidetracked by some other shiny period!

Little Lambent Meteors by Jim Wallman (Digital Library)

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In which the author makes available a quirky little game about riots in the 18th century by offering the rules as an epub. Continue reading

Victory in New Burnham – Part 2

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“In what Coalition commanders are calling ‘a stunning victory’ over rebel forces in the Trenovat Province, soldiers from the Prata Armed Forces have taken the town of New Burnham. They say occupying this critical junction of Highways 17 and  39 will seriously disrupt PLF movement and supply, and could possibly mark a turning point in … Continue reading

Victory in New Burnham – Part 1

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“Coalition forces inflicted a crushing defeat on the PLF today, as troops from the Viceroy’s Third Regiment entered what remains of New Burnham, a border town in the north west of the heavily-contested Trenovat province. Commander Smythe-Howard reports his soldiers engaged insurgents and inflicted heavy casualties, securing the area after what he termed a ‘vicious’ … Continue reading

On the Workbench: хэви-метал! (1/48th scale KV-1 tanks)

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More heavy metal for my”28mm” WW2 armor wargaming collection – a platoon of KV-1 heavy tanks. These are two different 1/48th scale model kits I got cheap on eBay. One is an old Bandai kit, the other is a newer Tamiya kit. The Tamiya kit has lots o great detail, despite the finicky tank tread […]

Sir Peter Jackson needs Kiwi wargamers

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Originally posted on DRESSING THE LINES:
Here’s the chance for New Zealand wargamers to volunteer for a massive modelling project to commemorate Gallipoli, led by Sir Peter Jackson and using never-seen-before figures by the Perry twins! Below is an open letter to New Zealand wargaming clubs from Rhys Jones, a fellow wargamer and also the former…

Building a Wargames Army 101, Part 3 – The Jacobite Infantry

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Clarence Harrison – Here is the initial goal for my Jacobite infantry. I also want to point out that this wasn’t originally done for the blog – this is actually the process I use to get organized for a new project. By making a plan it is easier to see …

John Hill: One Fan’s Humble Appreciation

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An appreciation for the life and work of John Hill, wargame designer and friend. Continue reading

Building a Wargames Army 101, Part 2 – The Williamite Army

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A portion of my Williamite collectionClarence Harrison – this is simply an overview of the army I already have. You can hop over to the Quindia Studios blog to see all the how’s and why’s of this force. Here is the goal I set out for my Williamite coll…

Blücher By Sam Mustafa

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Early this year Sam Mustafa will be releasing his latest game system in his “Honour” series, Blücher, which provides the ability to fight grand-tactical type games in the Napoleonic Wars. One units, stand, or counter, represents a Brigade or Regiment (incorporating multiple-battalions)

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Building a Wargames Army 101, Part 1 – An Introduction

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The lead elements of the army of King William III at the Battle of the BoyneClarence Harrison – This article is is the first in an ongoing series that will document the continuation of a project I started long ago and have recently returned to. I’ve be…

New Year’s Resolution, done

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I did it – cleaned my game room that is; every corner, crevice, nook and cranny. On the table, under the table, beside the painting table… I went through every box, bag, envelope then sorted and labelled all of it. Took two days. New wire shelves from IKEA to hold it all tidily. So that’s … Continue reading

IHMN South America List 6: The National Guardia Republique

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At the forefront of Lopez’s war against the revolutionaries that threaten his regime are the tough men of the National Guardia Republique. With the training of the regular army and the loyalty of the Inner Circle, the Guardia are a … Continue reading

Infinity for Christmas

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Infinity v3 is out and Corvus Belli has released the full rulebook in multiple languages – for FREE. I, as many others, have picked up some of their figures in the past but I never got around to playing the game. So as a try before you buy you can get the books and Markers […]

Aughrim once more – back at the foot of the hill – Derby Weekender October 2014

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Aughrim castle defended by the JacobitesBy playing the Battle of Aughrim at home and taking 21 hours to do it we got a fairly good idea how it might run as a large multi player event. I chose it as one of the scenarios for our October weekender.Several…

Battleground 2014 Wargames Show Report

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Living in the far North it can feel like your miles from any wargames show but there is one local event which offers a fantastic slice of hobby for anyone in the area. Some of you may have heard of … Continue reading

Why I Love… Dr Syn

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For those who haven’t heard of him Dr Christopher Syn, otherwise known as the Scarecrow, is a vicar… and a former pirate… and a master smuggler. He was created by Russell Thorndike and appeared in 7 novels, 3 films, 2 … Continue reading

IHMN South America: List 5- Los Predicadores

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The leaders of the Catholic Church in San Pedrona are chosen personally by Lopez and are sycophantic supporters of the regime to a man. Many follow the dictator because they see him as their country’s one chance of stability free … Continue reading

2nd despatch from Crisis 2014

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I make no apology for showing these wonderful images from an Eastern Front game run by the Dortmund Wargames club. It is a 20mm game and the pictures speak for themselves.WW2 has never before appeared on this blog but I really feel that this game deser…