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The future of tanks in 28mm

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Playing in 28mm scale make vehicles look great. A tank, truck or jeep on the table becomes a great focus …Continue reading →

Games I Like – All of them! – Episode 1 of my new VLOG: The Machine Shop

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Commander: The Great War, reviewed

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In which the author reviews Slitherine’s new Wargame for the Ipad, Commander: the Great War, and warns his readers– if you want to play, be in it for the long haul! Continue reading

Barry’s little Scanian War project part 2 – WHAT TO WEAR?

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Soren Christiansen’s magnificent Swedish LifeguardBarry Hilton – Inspired as I was by Soren Christiansen and Michael Leck’s use of Warfare Miniatures in the construction of their forces for the Battle of Lund I decided to use similar codes.There is muc…

Beneath the Lily Banners QRS, 2nd edition

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We have had some calls for digital copies of the quick reference sheets for the second edition of Beneath the Lily Banners…

The Other Partizan… LoA show report

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LoA Skane Wars action at Partizan September 2014For a change we decided to do something petite and pretty for the show. Gerry, Dave and I were determined to get a chance to game and commenced to roll dice before the doors had actually opened. A first f…

New Horse and Musket rules: Snow games – Initial thoughts

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David Obrien – Following on from the much larger Irish game which Barry has started serialising we turned our attention to fighting small actions with only 4 or 5 units per side and also trying out some different armies. We had the pleasure of usi…

New Horse and Musket rules: Snow game 3 Skane War 1676

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I had a hankering to put on a Skane War scenario after seeing Soren and Michael’s wonderful efforts coming out of Stockholm.5 Danish units on left, 3 + Swedish units on the rightThis scenario is set sometime around the period of the Battle of Lund…

New Horse and Musket rules: Snow game 2 GNW Late period

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This field engagement pitted a mixed Horse and Foot Swedish force against large Danish infantry units supported by an entrenched field gun. Again we chose a winter setting for the game repositioning the terrain pieces we had used for the Narva game.Dan…

New Horse and Musket rules: Snow game 1 Narva

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This was a mission based game. In structure it has several similarities to the Neerhespen 1693 scenario featured in WI and also used on one of our LoA weekenders. This adaptation was a nice vehicle to road test the new rules in a Great Northern War set…

New Horse and Musket rules – snowy avalanche of test games

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Game 1 Tense moment – Novgorod Dragoons spot Regiment HalsingeWith the bit between our teeth we got together again and squeezed in three test games in a single day between 2pm and 8.30pm finishing them all. This proved several things;The games were qui…

New Horse and Musket rules from The League of Augsburg – Initial thoughts

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Dave O’Brien – After originally discussing these type of small battles with Barry over a year ago we’ve finally gotten around to playtesting them and this was also the first outing of my Kirke’s regiment at their full size for which they were originall…

New Horse and Musket rules from The League of Augsburg – Ireland test game Part 2

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Jacobite left with light gun and dragoons in the redoubt.Most of the action was on the Williamite left flank during the game although Dave’s Horse did make aggressive moves towards the enemy left. Only one regiment actually charged. Zuylenstein’s small…

New Horse and Musket rules from The League of Augsburg – Ireland test game Part 1

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Having briefed Dave and Bob we took the plunge and got into the game. The new rules are card driven like Donnybrook for those familiar and Clarence’s very popular English Civil War set Victory without Quarter.As mentioned before, this test game is…

New Horse & Musket rules from League of Augsburg – Play test scenario

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Williamite infantry brigade led off by Regiment FunenI was excited to get this game on the table. Bob and Dave had never seen the rules before and I deliberately kept the content away from them during the play test. The idea was for them to experience …

WAAC Hits the Presses

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Wargamers All Against Cancer hit the Sheffield Live website today interviewing our very own Dave Wilkinson – aka @Docbungle. Aside from wargamers actually getting some good PR for a change (despite the journalist getting the name of the event consistently wrong) it’s so good to see everyone involved getting some well deserved recognition for their […]

Mark of War Live on Kickstarter

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You may have noticed the other a day a little post go up on this site by a chap going by the moniker of Gav Thorpe, talking about a project he’s involved with called Mark of War. Well it’s live on Kickstarter and in need of your support. For the uninitiated it’s – in a nutshell […]

Music for your games

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I have added this as a permanent link but feel the need to draw attention to it. Tabletop Audio ( …Continue reading →

New Horse & Musket rules from League of Augsburg

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Large Williamite battalions deployed for battleThese rules have been developing for quite some time and I can hear some of you ask ‘Why do we need another set of rules for the period from Wordtwister?’ Very good question! Beneath the Lily Banners works…

Citadel of Blood (SPI, ARES magazine) now in digital rules library

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I guess I’m on a roll! Making DEATHMAZE for epub format recently had me re-reading Citadel of Blood, the Deathmaze-style tile-laying dungeon crawl game that was published in ARES Magazine, issue 5, in 1980. This magazine can be found in … Continue reading

CLAYMORE 2014 – League of Augsburg view

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Warfare Miniature Gardes Francaises painted by BHThe team was down to Tog, DOB and Crock (me with a bad back) but we managed a respectable showing at Edinburgh’s annual wargaming jamboree. It seemed that we saw a huge number of our wargaming buddies an…

Countdown to Gen Con 1 day Left Today Heavy Gear Beta Rules

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Well it’s the last day til Gen Con. It is going to be an amazing show. If you’re a Heavy Gear fan or interested in Heavy Gear I have one more thing to say.  Today August 12th I will bring you a handful of videos on Heavy Gear including a Flip Through (4:00P.M. E.S.T.D. on […]

Wargaming in South East Asia

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Hey guys, finally and with a couple of months delay, I managed to merge some footage into a short report about a wargaming experience I have had in SEA last March. I hope the clip is useful for some of … Weiterlesen →

NWA Games 2014

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Games 2014Another year has gone past very quickly: can it really be a year since our club’s 2013 Open Day? Sadly, the answer is yes! But, happily, that means more wonderful display games to watch in amazement! Here’s a selectionDarren and the Napoleoni…

Little Wars Adelaide

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On the 12th of July Little Wars ran and it was by far the best show that Adelaide has put …Continue reading →