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As my daughter is delivering grandchild # 4 and my house is over run by grandsiblings 1-3, regular Tues eve game night might be postponed. That said, I offer a review of my Lead Adventure LPL entries so far. More a gamer than a collector/painter, I can’t hold a candle to many of the paint … Continue reading LPL ENTRIES 1-6

What Did I Think Of Salute 2016

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I have returned safe and sound and find I must be one of the last people to do a report on Salute, doing so is a bit like the Beaujolais Nouveau thing when people used to strive to be the first to bring the wine to the UK. I checked on my iPad and ther…

Historicon 2016 – Unit Cards

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Clarence Harrison – While work continues on the models need for Historicon, I thought I’d throw up a quick post (I have to get back to painting)  to show a few of the other custom bits we’ll be bringing along to enhance the game. The first up are …

Salute 2016 First impressions

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Salute 2016 is over and I for one am utterly exhausted! Its the happy exhaustion of the fulfilled wargamer and has fired up my enthusiasm for the year to come and the summer season of gaming. I have spent a lot of cash, talked until I’m horse and walke…

Aylard’s Last Vision

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ENCOUNTER ONE FOR WHISPERS OF THE LICH KING – a SOBH Campaign INTRO You are on the road to the Mill Bridge outside Wolford when another band of adventurers emerges from the woods. You recognize them by reputation (decent, reliable, competent) and quickly realize you are heading to the same destination: Aylard’s homestead in the … Continue reading Aylard’s Last Vision

Salute 2016

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Right, I am off to the Smoke for a long weekend tomorrow which will include Salute, the largest wargaming show in the UK, which I last attended 25 or so years ago which coincidentally was probably the last time I was on a train other than the Tube rece…

Bolt Action Project Marches On

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I finished my basic German squads a week or so ago and before I completed them I built my armoured car, I could not resist it. I have painted the camo on and have given it a wash, next up is some serious weathering, well enough to show the dust of a No…

Loose ends from the Typhoon Maiden’s visit to Cadiz

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When I started this story I randomly generated a name. That was, ‘The Mascot’. This still makes no sense, but …

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A Good day and still to go to Salute.

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I ordered my new ‘wargame’ table a couple of days ago and got word that it would turn up this afternoon, this did not please Mrs. Anderson as she had made plans for lunch and to drive No.1 granddaughter home and my delivery time seemed destined to upse…

Dropzone Commander – Scourge Army

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Hello Wargamers! This update is absolutely special, because I`d like to show you whole Scourge army for Dropzone Commander! It was my first time with this system and I really like sculpts and quality of miniatures. Local scene of DC here in Warsaw is getting bigger and bigger and I`m curious what will happen after[…]

Solo game using 5Core

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The lad has been at home after having had all four wisdom teeth out. This has me on nurse duty …

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Grimtech’s Carnival – a Fun, Fluffy 1,500 CSM List

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Grimtech’s Carnival – a Fun, Fluffy 1,500 CSM List

I was complaining a bit the other day about my 40K gaming. I’m not a fan of complaining for the sake of complaining, so I wanted to work on a solution. I put together a list that I feel will be fun to play. With my attempts to remedy my issues, I want to work on establishing more solid fluff for my Chaos Space Marines, Disciples of Twilight. Some stuff is written down, but most is floating around incomplete in my mind.

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Imaginary Papocon – “A Breach in Spacetime”.

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  Olá Leitor!   Este artigo é a versão em inglês do “Papocon Imaginária – Uma Fenda no Espaço-tempo”.  Clique o link para conferir o artigo em português!   +++   Hello Reader!   Playing miniature games is always our escuse to meet, so, as usual, with Marcos coming to visit Brazil it was high time […]

Papocon Imaginária – “Uma Fenda no Espaço-tempo”

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  Hello Reader. This article is the Portuguese version of the “Imaginary Papocon – A Breach in Spacetime”. Click the link to read the article in English about our most recent gaming gathering, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the 18th, 19th and 20th of March, 2016.   +++   Olá Leitor!   Jogar bonequinhos […]


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Pretty dismal weather here for Easter, but then again it is pretty early, I found out the other day that the various Christian churches have been trying to come to an agreement on the date of Easter for over 1,000 years and they are hopeful it will hap…

How to Run a Convention Game with Mike Paine – Wargaming Recon #155

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Knowing the best way to prep your game for a convention can be hard.  Fantastic GM Mike Paine shares how he does it. Links to Items Discussed on the Show HAVOC Game Convention Huzzah Game Convention Buy Frostgrave on WargameVault (affiliate link) Fencing Frog Blog $20 Aurelian Unit Tiles by Sam… Read More»

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