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Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Posters, Signs and Warnings PDF free download on wargame vault!

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Shameless plug alert!! Since I have been sitting a quite a bit of pre-done material, I thought I might as well pop up my latest PDF from over on wargame vault. It’s yet another 28mm paperkit accessory in my Dungeons of Doom series, to help decorate your models and dioramas, a collection of signage that’ll […]

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Realm of the dead; Cemetery Gateway

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Hello everyone, it’s me Grim. In my absence, I at least have been amassing a fair bit of material here to continue on with both this series and the blog. I hope you’ll forgive my leave, but shit happens. So, it’s been a while since posting the last dungeons of doom article. With that in […]

The Arrows and Arrows of Outrageous Misfortune

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If you are a proper, dyed in the wool wargamer who has been at it since you were in short pants then you will have several pet theories, these will normally fly in the face of accepted knowledge and if voiced will mark you out as deluded at best and a …

W40k – Chaos Space Marines – Lord on Juggernaut I

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Last day of May 2016 and more Chaos! Today I`d like to show you Lord on Juggernaut painted by our Studio. This one has a massive daemonic sword and Bloodletter head/hands. I hope you like the conversion and colour scheme.

Song of Mirrorshades and Shadows

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FISTFUL OF SHADOWS? Here’s the table set up from last Tuesday’s Game Night. We’re in an intermission from our Fantasy “Whispers of the Liche King” campaign so I can paint up more baddies and build a couple terrain pieces.  To stay in the mood, Derek, Matt and I did a quick game of cyberpunk-flavored ASOBH … Continue reading Song of Mirrorshades and Shadows

The Joy of Wargaming and a Date For The Diary

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After such an enjoyable weekend devoted to wargaming with like minded people it takes a bit of time to get it out of your system, I think we would all turn up again this weekend if asked even if it involved a forced march.

For many years I played one vs one games with WRG rules and after organising my game for the next Saturday I would peruse lists and dream up tactics every day until I met my opponent across the table, there was always an excitement and a slight tenseness in the stomach as I watched his army come out of the box and set up, wondering if I had chosen the right counters or put the terrain down to my advantage. I do play multiplayer games and this is normal for my ACW games or at the club, I also enjoy them, but with one on one you have no crutch to lean on and it is all down to you and how good a wargamer you are to get that elusive victory.

There are many reasons I enjoy the WAC gaming weekends, I get two days off to myself, no cares, no worries, I meet up with other players and I meet new people and old friends, I also get a chance to fight new armies all in a glorious full on two day bash, and above all I get a laugh and good comradeship while doing it.

The battles are always full of high drama, I have been ground into the dust by superior tactics and at times lost out to lucky or unlucky dice, or sent my opponents troops fleeing for the rear because they made a mistake or it was my turn to feel the love of the dice gods. Each game begins and ends with a handshake and is discussed with others, as they float by in between a quite period or later at the bar.

The next Gaming Weekend is already recruiting and the details are below, you can also find out about the group here.

War & Conquest Wargaming Weekend
Saturday and Sunday 12th – 13th November 2016
Coddington Village Hall
Main Street
Notts NG24 2PN
The themes of the weekend are the armies of the Dark Ages in the West, The Age of Warlords, The Armies and Enemies of Rome and the World of the Greeks  
·         2500 point armies from any Dark Age army that fought in Western Europe
·         2500 point armies from any Age of Warlords army
·         2500 point armies from any of the Republican, Caesarian or Early Imperial Roman armies or any of their enemies.
·         2500 point armies from the Greek City States, Spartans, Armies of Philip and Alexander or any of their enemies.
As long as 6 people want to play a particular campaign, we can run it. If you’ve got an idea for a different period, please let us know.
If you fancy a weekend of gaming and good company or just come along for the day, please get in contact with us via email at or telephone 07794908204.
Lunch is provided on both days.
The cost is £12.50p for the day or £25 for 2 days, payable in advance via Paypal to 

Partizan.. a fistful of 17th/18th century gaming

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Storming Athlone 1691 – from Mark ShearwoodFor the first time in 20 years I was not able to actively contribute to Partizan. Instead, I decided to make a visit to see the show as a punter.English Town in the hands o the WilliamitesThe Danes move up to …

Big, Bigger, Biggest

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When I started War and Conquest I built my armies around 24 man units, three ranks of eight, and while both my own armies faced each other this was fine as both sides were built around the 24. After my first tournament I learned about ‘warbands’ and th…

Courting the Four Sisters

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Encounter 3 in our ASOBH Campaign: Whispers of the Lich King *** Arcane sigils in the ruins of St Cuthberts direct the adventurers to the Four Sisters: the ancient Scrying Stones deep on the Felldren Woods. Approaching the stones, the clerics sense the foul spirit of necromancy in the air. The elves split off to … Continue reading Courting the Four Sisters


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When I watched the Discovery channel on the rigs I saw so many Eastern Front documentaries I caught the chopper home suffering from combat fatigue, now when I go to wargame shows or look online I feel a chill. What’s the big deal with snow.All of a sud…

How Many Sojers Does a Man Need?

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Loads I think is the answer to that. I cashed in my book royalties from Wargame Vault last night and was very happy at the sum sitting there as it would more than cover my new purchases for Bolt Action. These new recruits will give me a very good force…

LPL 8 and 9

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Quick pictures of more Lead Adventure entries. It’s been a spur to paint up a large batch of fantasy figs, finish several small skirmish sets, and work on my photography skills. Round 10 is running now, so go look at the pretty brushwork.

The Desecration of St. Cuthbert’s Abbey

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“Orcs… only good thing about fighting ’em is you can smell ’em long before you see ’em.” *** In the midst of the Seer’s treasure was an iron key engraved with the symbol of St. Cuthbert. It was wrapped in a scrap of vellum on which were inked the words ““Kneel in the chancel at … Continue reading The Desecration of St. Cuthbert’s Abbey


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 Been passing some time trolling the internet for various things to do with my new vehicles and Bolt Action. First up is some dice, like all wargamers I have loads of dice of all colours and hues, some which I only use with certain armies, black f…

Dark Age Mayhem

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Up until recently my son Stewart and I had managed to get at least one game a month, then along came real life and our planned programme fell by the wayside, until this weekend that is, Stewart arrived yesterday morning with his Western Franks ready fo…