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Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstrider Ballistarius & Sydonian Dragoons Level 1+

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Hello everyone and I am inviting you today to watch the next unit of skitarii and it is Ironstrider Ballistarius and Sydonian Dragoons. Models painted on level 1+ additionally weapons are magnetized in all possible ways and how I did it you c…

Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Primaris Repulsor Level 2

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Hello everyone, now it’s time for another unit for Blood Angels and it’s Primaris Repulsor with the option of replace some weapons, Las-talon can be replace for Heavy onslaught gatling cannon and Twin lascannon on Twin heavy bo…

Warhammer World 2018 – Exhibition Centre Part 2

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With the Old World covered in Part 1 of the Exhibition Centre article, this one focuses on the next two areas, with the (grim) dark Sci-Fi setting of the Warhammer 40,000 world, including the horus heresy and the main piece of the exhibition, Battle for Angelus Prime. And be sure, the grim dark future of […]

Warhammer World 2018 – Exhibition Centre Part 1

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The exhibition hall at Warhammer World has a long tradition and has been redone in a couple of variations. For a short amount of time before the last huge overhaul, it was a medium sized room with show cabinets on all walls, covering the different armies from the Warhammer Fantasy and 40,000 ranges. But that […]

W40k – Orks Boyz

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Painting chillout – small pack of Ork Boyz!  I checked my bitsbox and found a lot of boyz corpses, heads, weapons. I decided to be a mek 😀 13 warriors and one nob – I still do not know what to do with them. This year Games Workshop will release new codex so who knows,[…]

W40k – Thousand Sons – FULL ARMY!

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Hello wargamers! Today I would like to show you full, painted army of Thousand Sons. Enjoy!  Army list: – Magnus – Ahriman – Ahriman II – 3 x Sorcerers – 30 x Rubric Marines – 15 x Scarab Occult Terminators – 30 x Tzaangors – Land Raider – 2 x Rhino I posted some of[…]

Blood Angels Primaris Aggressors Warhammer 40k Level 2

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Hello everyone today I will show Blood Angels Primaris Aggressors and in the foreground Sanctum Imperialis which is still in progress. I must say that this models from GW is a very decent piece of plastic. Pleasant model for painting and assembling, is…

W40K – Thousand Sons / Rubric Marines

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Hey! Another post with Thousand Sons army. Today I would like to show you core units – Rubric Marines. Enjoy!  They are main unit of TS army. Mindless armours fueled by Warp and hate of their masters. Minis are really nice – solid, massive and not so far from Primaris Marines size. I am disappointed[…]

How I magnetize Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstrider Ballistarius

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Today I will show how I magnetized Ironstrider Ballistarius, it was not easy so I made a movie because it may be useful for someone I invite to watch.Dziś pokaże jak za magnesowałem Ironstrider Ballistarius, nie było to łatwe dlatego zro…

Warhammer 40k Belisarius Cawl Ryza Scheme Level 2

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Hello everyone, today I will show you a finished model of Belisarius Cawl one of the ruling lords of the Priesthood of Mars. A very demanding model for painting, painted in the schematic of the ryza, On the base I used a special paint Martian…

W40k / Thousand Sons – Scarab Occult Terminators

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Hello! Another part of Thousand Sons army on my blog. Three units of elite Scarab  Occult Terminators. Enjoy! Termies are big, really! Thousand Sons are one of the newest releases for Chaos (ok, Death Guard) and in compare to the old, generic Terminators they are massive. Inside the box we have some weapon/visual options and[…]

Adeptus Mechanicus Onager Dunecrawler Warhammer 40k Level 2

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In today’s post I will show the combat walker Adeptus Mechanicus painted in army climates. On the base I used a special paint Martian Ironearth with which I got the effect of the cracked earth, I invite you!W dzisiejszym poście pokaże walkera…

W40K – Thousand Sons – Ahriman

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Hey! Time for a new army on my blog – Thousand Sons.  Enjoy :] As a first miniature I would like to show you commander of Thousand Sons – Ahriman. It`s very interesting character in 40k universe and I strongly recommend to visit warhammer wikipedia to read something about him. In 2016 Games Workshop decided[…]

W40K – Necron Army Showcase!

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Hello Wargamers! Necron Assault Forces showcase – enjoy 😀 In previous posts you saw almost all units but today I would like to sum up evertyhing. Here is the armylist: – 1 x Ghost Ark – 6 x Canoptek Wraiths – 6 x Tomb Blades – 2 x Necron Lord (special characters) – 10 x Flayed[…]

W40k – Necron / Ghost Ark

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Hello Wargamers! Another gallery with Necron vehicle – Ghos Ark. Enjoy 🙂 Ghost Ark – vehicle.designed for transport of Necron Warriors directly to the battlefield.  Model looks stunning with all of his dynasty glyphs, gauss cannons and lord sitting on his throne. I remember that a few years ago, when model came out I was[…]

W40K – Necron / Tomb Blades

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Today I would like to show you unit of Necron Tomb Blades. Insane fast, deadly vehicles designed for raids and rapid assaults. Enjoy! Necrons are one of my favourite races in 40k universe (ok, to be honest I like them ALL and I wish to collect them ALL too 😛 ). When I received a[…]

Warhammer 40k Death Guard Nurgle Poxwalkers level 2

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Hello everyone, today I will show you Poxwalkers who are form of Chaos-infected undead similar to zombies who have been cursed by one of the Chaos God Nurgle’s maladies I invite.Witam wszystkich dziś pokaże Poxwalkersów którzy są formą zainfe…

Iron giants, iron calves and hovering boats

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I saw this picture on facebook, it is a K2SO toy converted by Steve Perry (Rubicon Models UK represenatitv) into a 28mm terrain piece. That would be awesome for all kinds of Sci-Fi settings, from the Ashwastes of Necromunda, over Gates of Antares to Rogue Stars. This K2SO toy from Rogue One is available in […]

Warhammer 40k Skitarii Kastelan Robots Level 2

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Hello everyone in today’s topic I wanted to show finished Kastelan Robots, very climatic models and a well-thought-out design, and especially should catch your attention cable that protrudes from one of the legs … yes this is ground !! I invite …

W40k – Necron / Orikan the Diviner & Illuminor Szeras

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Time to visit 40K universum and mighty Necron heroes!I would like to show you first two miniatures from new, small Necron project (soon you can expect more posts!). Orikan who predicts the future and movements of the enemy. Szeras – scientist, archeologist and mystery seeker. Unfortunately – finecast (I am so happy that GW decided[…]

Warhammer 40,000 STC Ryza Pattern Ruins

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Along with the Necromunda Release, Games Workshop put a lot of suiting terrain on the market. As a “entry” product, with a low price barrier the STC Ryza Pattern Ruins caught my eye and were added to my terrain collection, for their generic yet very 40k like style. This kit gives you four larger ruin […]

Warhammer 40k Death Guard Foetid Bloat-drone level 2

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Hi everyone, today I will show you the aerial demon of Nurgel, designed to provide top support to the forces of the Death Guard Traitors Legion. I hope that you will like it in such a color, because most of the models I have seen ar…

Warhammer 40k Razorback Rhino Ultramarines Full Magnetized Level3

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Hello everyone, after the Christmas today I will show armored vehicle and it is Razorback used by Space Marines and more with the option of full magnetization of weapons and hatches, this vehicle was developed on the basis of the Rh…

30K / Horus Heresy – MASSIVE White Scars Assault

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Today I`d like to show you one of the newest projects – White Scars assault forces! Horus Heresy is not as popular as 40k but it`s still important GW system. Many players all around the world decided to collect favourite chapters and amazing Forge World miniatures 🙂 A few months ago I had a chance[…]

W40k – Scouts forces + Land Speeders

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Today another pack of scouts for Space Marines army!  In my previous posts you could see scouts for Crimson Fists army and for unique chapter for Winters SEO channel. Fast attack army is very popular nowdays and many wargamers decided to create their own rapid assault forces. I`d like to show you 20 Scouts (10[…]