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Slaanesh Renegades

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I’m still painting more recruits for my renegade army and this month, I thought I could add some of the Slaaneshi. After all, I’ve already  spent some time on Slaanesh this past year so it was time for me to get the marines done !
And since I had to paint 400 points I thought I could just as well add that Dreadnought I unboxed a while ago

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Escalation Campaign – Finale and Deep Thoughts

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Warhammer 40,000 – The Escalation Campaign is over. Unsurprisingly Chaos
lost. In the final battle I used a different Chaos force than I had been
using to represent the Nightlords abandoning the system with the meager
spoils they claimed just as Chaos re-enforcements meandered onto the scene.
Given the once sided nature of the campaign it was inevitable that Chaos
would turn on itself.

It ain’t easy being green … Astra Militarum

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Defiled … Black Legion

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Warhammer 40,000 – The Black Legion commission I periodically do work on
continues to supply a steady stream of models to fill out any options he
doesn’t own yet. At this point the models I’ve seen are less common for
bulk painting so the models tend to be a bit more unique.

Escalation League – Session Three Final Week

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Warhammer 40,000 – Escalation Leagues are typically a sneaky way to get
people to finish off a force or get a reasonable amount of models painted.
Which is great because typically you win the war against gray plastic
thorough escalation. Tying it into a campaign system is just a bonus. 

Soup to Nuts – The joys of 8th Edition Army Construction

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Warhammer 40,000 – One of the coolest (or most annoying) things about 8th
Edition 40k is list construction. The Keyword system means you can cherry
pick the units you want to build whatever force you want. From a thematic
aspect this is very cool as it can represent the disparate forces abandoned
to the darkness after the Great Rift ripped the galaxy in two. Which means
it’s feasible to have several units of marines traveling with the remnants
of a guard regiment being led by some group of Imperial Heroes with a
Knight backing them up. Or recreating odd pairing that you see in Black
Library books all the time. For instance I’m reading Death of Antagonis
right now and am tempted to pick up a Canoness to run along side my
Imperial forces. It’s not super strong but could make for a cool narrative.

Battle Report – Warhammer 40k – Adeptus Custodes vs. Alpha Legion

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  Jared brings his Custodes to face my Alpha Legion in this 2k Matched Play game! Advertisements

WIP – Iron Angels?

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Warhammer 40,000 – I don’t think I can extoll the virtues of making up your
own force and color scheme in 40k enough. The flexibility it affords and
money you can save in the long run is really worth it. Of course you’ll
occasionally get somebody who gives you the side-eye every time you say
successor chapter but whatever that will happen regardless of what you do.

The Dustfarers – Ash Waste Nomads between the hives of Necromunda

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Well Necromunda doesn’t stop to inspire many of us and I’ve found it to be the perfect excuse to go back and dwell in the leadpile to find old projects that could be good to tick off the list !
Ash waste nomads were exactly that !
As you may have noticed, I have a very deep fondness for Confrontation (Necromunda’s ancestor) and I have to say having a gang of each entry in the game would be quite of an achievement for me. ^^
Two opportunities have made the Ash waste nomads climb to the top of the painting queue : Necromunda and Dracula’s America.
What’s the link with Dracula ?
I’m going to tell you.

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Escalation League – I got more points than you and didn’t win?

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Warhammer 40,000 – If you build a list to table an opponent in 2-3 turns
you will win 90% of your games this is the sad truth with most tabletop
games. Weird missions and other things to improve tactics so players play
to the mission are great. But when the final score doesn’t matter because
you have no models left does playing to the mission matter?

Escalation League Session 3 – Week 2

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Warhammer 40,000 – After last week I’m not sold on the Juggernaut Lords, they did ok, but I’m not sure they are my style. If the Knight wasn’t there I think they would have been sh…

When the Inquisition is involved does anyone win?

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Warhammer 40,000 – This week my Night Lords faced off against Space Marines
and Sisters of Battle/Inquisition. Since the Inquisition was involved it’s
pretty easy to twist the narrative to accommodate a three-way carnage game.

Escalation Campaign – Session three, Week One

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Warhammer 40,000 – I’m really happy with how my escalation league/campaign
is going. For most of the last session I was play-testing a list I wanted
to take to an event. Something came up however that means I won’t be able
to attend the event. That being the case I decided for this portion of the
campaign to go another direction. 

Battle Report – Battlefleet Gothic – Throwback Thursdays Ep 133

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  Ben brings his Blood Angels to face my 13th Black Crusade fleet in a 1500pt clash! Advertisements

Deadbolt’s Derelict – Getting Ready for Necromunda

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Warhammer 40,000 – Necromunda used to be one of my favorite games. Sadly
the awesomeness  the is 8th Edition Warhammer 40,000 has overshadowed the
game in my local group. Combined with the “lack of rules” for older gangs
it’s been a hard sell. However once we wrap up our current escalation
league I plan on doing a short Necromunda campaign. 

March of the titans ! – Imperial warlord titan

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So this is March, month of Mars, like in the God. So what better month to paint titans ? None, that’s right.
Now I’ve had the will to paint in a different scale for quite a while but like all the god plans and bright ideas, I’ve always postponed it because of better newer projects.

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Air Support – Guard and Dark Angels

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Rogue trader Keeper of secrets

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Soooooo, still working on my “tale of several gamers” entry for March, I’ve managed to paint something easier. Since We’re supposed to paint 400pts a month and I have painted 1100 in 2 I thought I could use the spare points and make March an easier month with about 250 pts worth of Demonic lust. ^^

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Lady Woodgin – Slaanesh Cult Dominatrix

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Hey, you might remember the six sinners from earlier, well; I’ve been meaning to upgrade the team from quite some time now but was looking at how to do it right. The arrival of the new Necromunda was the right trigger for this for 2 reasons :

– The magnificent Escher models in the box
– The upcoming chaos cult list in WD.
Oh yes, chaos cults in the underhive, that’s how groovy it’s going to get.

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Escalation League – Week 4

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Warhammer 40,000 – This week I’m going to try out a list I plan on taking
to RIW Hobbies Escalation Event. It’s an interesting format as you start
with 500 points and then add another each round. Essrntially playing a slow
grow league in the course of a day. Several other local groups just did
escalation leagues so it makes sense to give players a chance to test their
mettle in a single day event. 

Escalation League – Week 3

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Warhammer 40,000 – This week I played another 2v1 game. Which meant I was
running two complete 50PL armies, double what I had prepared for. Luckily
with power level its super fast to build a list, I grabbed a Chaos Knight
24PL, a terminator sorcerer 6PL, a dark apostle 6PL and 4 units of cultists
3PL each. Quick and easier. whatever they’re carrying is what they’re armed
with and I’m ready to play.

Escalation League/Campaign – Session Two

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Warhammer 40,000 – The first session of my clubs escalation league saw me
get throughly trounced. I feel like my Raptors never could effectively
alpha strike and when I tried they would get wiped off the board in the
following turn. If they could have ever took out their points worth that
would have been fine, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. 

Eric Raucher the squat – Old School miniatures

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I suppose it’s hard to let squats go so I recently got another one from Old School Miniatures. Now Jamie over at Oldschool Miniatures has commissioned the ever talented John Pickford to sculpt a model of the company’s mascot Eric.

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Escalation League – Week 2

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Warhammer 40,000 – Life finds a way … to change your plans. This week due
to unforeseen events what was going to be a full house gaming session
turned into a 2v1 battle. I had to had my group for the next session of
this league to fight against a combined Imperial Guard/Space Marine force. 

The 8 horsemen of the Apocalypse – Chaos renegade riders

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OK, let’s start with the appropriate soundtrack shall we ? The 8 Horsemen of the Apocalypse deserve as much. ^^

Ok now, following my plans to have a sizeable chaos renegade army for Rogue Trader this year, I’ve taken some old models from the shelves. WHen I say old, I don’t only mean the model themselves are old but the conversion are too !

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