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Bring the Noise!

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Warhammer 40,000 – Being able to shoot twice with a bunch of shots that
ignore cover is pretty good. Being able to shoot with a model when it dies
(even in combat) is really good. Which explains why one of my Black Legion
clients is adding a bunch of them to his force.

Radical Inquisitor #1

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Something were all guilty of as hobbyists is setting lofty hobby goals, and failing to achieve them. Whether the goals themselves are too lofty, lack of motivation, or lack of time, I often find…

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Primarily Primaris Space Marines – 100PL/2000Pts

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Warhammer 40,000 – Eighth Edition saw the birth of Primaris Space Marines,
part of moving the story forward and adding new “scaled up” Space Marines
to the model line. To be honest I was on the fence about them. The bigger
models were ok, and some of the designs were unique and cool, but for the
most part I didn’t see them as being worth the points investment or
monetary investment to add them to my existing Space Marine force.

Battle Report – Warhammer 40k – Vostroyans vs. Imperial Knights

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  Travis brings his Vostroyan Tank Regiment to face House Metallum in a 2000pt Maelstrom of War game! Advertisements

Night Lords – Nightmarish List 100PL/2000Pts

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Warhammer 40,000 – As part of my resolutions for the new year I decided to
pick a solid list for each of the factions I own and stick with it until I
get the hang of what the list can do. At the end of seventh edition I
dipped my toe back into the Chaos soup and started a Night Lords force that
was supposed to be very focused on a few formations. While it did very well
in the new edition those formations didn’t translate so well. You can get a
similar effect spending command points on stratagems and building your core
force as an Outrider Detachment but it’s not exactly the same. 

Widgets and Wonders Ep 103 – 40k Battle Counter by Army Box

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  Check out this great MDF Dice storage and command board for your games of Warhammer 40k that will be up for pre-order via crowdfunding soon! Product Specs HERE: Get the latest info on it HERE: Advertisements

Witch Hunter Inquisitor – Agent Giraud

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Everyone loves a good inquisitor right ? Yeah me too. And what I love even more than that is Jes Goodwin models, I just love ’em. They’re my hobby happy place.
NowI’ve painted a variant of that model before but I was given this guy to paint for a friend so gladly came back to him.

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Battle Report – Imperial Knights vs. Astra Militarum (100PL)

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Warhammer 40,000 – When 8th edition came out I had decided to focus on
learning to play my core troops and leave the super heavies in the cabinet
until after the first of the year. The majority of my local group has stuck
by that, except the guard players have been chomping at the bit to put the
Baneblade variants on the table. Being as I really want to play my Knights
more often I put out a warning, “In the event someone brings and Super
Heavy and I’m paired against them, I’ll be running a four Knight list.”
This week guess what I got paired against?

Mechanical Monstrosities … Adeptus Mechanicus

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Warhammer 40,000 – Some time ago I painted a few test models for a clients
Ad-Mech force. Due to some supply issues he couldn’t get his hands on all
the kits for the force, so the project was back-burnered for a bit. Now
that he was able to track down most of the models he needs for the force, I
have a few things to work on.

Space dwarves Kickstarter !

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Great news ! I’ve recently painted a bunch of space dwarves a bit before their release. Well I’m glad to say  these are finally ready to get on your tabletop !
Uscarl Miniatures and Kev Adams have combined their talents to offer you these wonderful even if somehow smelly and grumpy fellows.

The link to the kickstarter is HERE !

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Giant Chaos Spawn? Getting the most of of BONES

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Warhammer 40,000 – Reaper Bones always does some amazing Kickstarters.
Since the first one I’ve held back on getting the full haul since I don’t
play D&D or Pathfinder it’s unlikely that I would ever need that many
miniatures in the fantasy realm. Frostgrave for the brief moment my group
was playing may have found me a use for some but never the full amount.
Enough rambling, the point is during those campaigns they offered some
really cool large models as add-ons. Not one to resist a good deal on
something that I might be able to use I picked up some giant worms and
other big beasts.

Battle Report – Warhammer 40k – NEW Daemons vs. Necrons

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It’s time for another new book review/Battle Report! The 2018 Chaos Daemons codex takes on the Necrons with their Chapter Approved updates!

Chaos Squats

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Yes I know, squats again, well I guess it’s a form of coming out I guess. I love stunties, there I said it ! Now I’ve been considering getting back on my chaos renegade army for some time but you know how things are right ? There’s always a good excuse to do something else and as long as stuff gets done and painted, I don’t mind much actually. Things, is though, there’s been a combination of events lately that lead me to seriously consider what I’d do next for my chaos army.

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Battle Report – Warhammer 40,000 – Tau vs. Imperial Knights

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Chris and the Tau return for a game of Big Guns Never Tire Eternal War against House Metallum and their allies…

2018: New Year, New Goals

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Random – Every year I seem to make a bunch of resolutions for the new year
that may or may not get accomplished. Regardless of the likely-hood of
these actually being done I feel keeping the tradition alive is important.

Ravenwing … Basic Black

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Warhammer 40k – Black is one of those colors I have a love/hate
relationship with. When it’s done right it looks amazing on the table, but
even then it’s hard to get credit for the amount of time it took to get to
the level of detail you put in. On the other hand when doing a basic three
color paint job it’s super easy to put down two thin coats of black and
call it a day. I’ve also figured out a nice dark gray mix that when washed
with Nuln Oil makes a nice substitute for painting black and edge

Battle Report – Warhammer 40000 – Necrons vs. Vostroyans

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  Travis brings his Vostroyan Tank Company to face my Nercons in 2k of Open War! Advertisements

There are new dwarves in spaaaace !

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Long time no see heh ? Well I didn’t want to spoil you so kept those little fellows secret until now… 
Now I suppose every self respecting oldschool enthusiast has a fondness for short hairy guys. Models. Short hairy guys models I mean.
Well lucky us, Uscarl Miniatures have decided to give us the possibility of getting our hands on brilliant space dwarves without having to sell a lung as well as plenty of other cool things !
The best part of it all ? Probably the fact those were sculpted by an oldschool legend : Kev Adams !

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Skewed List Building and Missions

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Warhammer 40,000 – 8th Edition 40K offers so much variety in list design, I
get lost just seeing what kind of crazy combinations I can put together and
have a functioning list. One of my favorite exercises is picking an element
and overloading my list so it’s almost completely skewed to one thing. Most
of the time I don’t do really well with them but most most recent build has
done really well on the table, considering I didn’t think it was very good
to begin with.

Battle Report – Warhammer 40k – Tau vs. Alpha Legion ‘The Scouring’

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  Those scurrilous dogs in the Alpha Legion are after Tau technology for their own dark aims in this Eternal War mission of ‘The Scouring’. Advertisements

Protect the Queen … Hivefleet Leviathan

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Warhammer 40,000 – Much like in the background of 40K, the swarm of
Tyranids on my paint table seems to be unceasing. This time around there’s
several Hiveguard, warriors and more ‘Gaunts. While the Leviathan Scheme is
a bit more tedious than others that can’t be washed heavily and cleaned up,
I think the look is worth the extra effort. 

Mutants or Hybrids … Genestealer Cult

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Warhammer 40,000 – In preparation for my birthday tunnel fight event I
spent some time putting some paint on my Genestealer Cult. This is a
project I was really excited about when it first came out and then I lost
steam when 8th edition came out. Between getting my marines of both
varieties up to speed and numerous commissions; I haven’t had much space on
my paint table. 

Tunnel Fight

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Warhammer 40,000 – This year for my Birthday I decided to run a tunnel
fight game. I’ve had the Bug Hunt Corridors from Fantasy Arc for quite some
time now and never get around to finishing my set because we don’t play
Zone Mortalis style games enough. I will eventually finish what I’ve got so
I can justify picking up some of the specialty rooms and additional style
of doors.

Storm of Iron … Iron Warriors

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Warhammer 40,000 – Raptors can be devastating when they can hit the right
targets. Dropping in via deepstrike or just flying forward to get a jump on
the enemy they’re incredibly useful. Possessed marines don’t have the
randomness of old but a potential 3 attacks each at strength 5 is pretty
good, especially with a 7″ move. 

Iron Without … Iron Warriors

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Warhammer 40,000 – Vehicles are so much better in 8th edition. The
Landraider is the king of them all. A great save and giant guns make this
monster a pain to get off the table. Troop Transports can harass the enemy
after getting their cargo where it needs to be. Heavy support tanks like
the Vindicator can be difficult to take out as they fire on the enemies
equipped to take it out. The days of an all infantry force are at an end.