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The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – Part 21 – Evacuation (Apocalypse Part 2)

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This is the second part of the battle report for the final mission in our battle for Mirum Ostentum Narrative campaign. The forces of the imperium have been defeated but just how much of their remaining forces can they rescue from the doomed world. Story ExcerptLord Vulcan listened to the master of lies as he used his link to their stormbird to relay the progress of the assault. Using his staff to project a psychic image onto the ground for Vulcan to study. As per his battle plan the Alpha legion and emperor’s children were moving towards the only escape…continue reading

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum (Part 20) – Evacuation (Apocalypse Part 1)

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This is the final mission of our campaign, Mirum Ostentum has fallen to the forces of chaos. Can the imperial forces manage to evacuate any of their forces from the planet? This mission will decide the fates of the imperial campaign warlords and their forces. From the battlefleet gothic mission we have the maximum game length, turns where a bombardment can be conducted and turns where an evacuation can be attempted. From the aerial interception mission we know when the chaos air forces will arrive. Mission objectives. A landing pad will be placed in the defender’s deployment zone along with…continue reading

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum (Narrative Campaign Report) – Part 18 Interception

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Set up to allow the imperial side to reduce the incoming number of chaos fliers. This mission is focused solely on Fliers. First lets run through the mission overview and special rules. The chaos advance is the red arrow and will constitute all their a…

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – Part 17 – Kill Team – Prisoner Rescue

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This mission revolves round the imperial force finding out that the real inquisitor Ditya is being held at a remote facility then sending an Aquila lander full of troops (The dirty dozen as it can hold 12 models) to mount a rescue.   Using an imperial strongpoint tile as the outer portion of the area the Aquila lander arrives and then the troops deploy from it. (this is their deployment.) Outside on this tile we have 2D6 (rolled for once) units of 3 cultists, these regenerate when killed and will keep coming back. Inside the facility we have 10 squads of 2…continue reading

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum Part 16 – Attack on Altum (Apocalypse Part 2)

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The story so far Chaos 10 victory points, imperium 5 victory points. Carrying on from the previous coverage of the apocalypse game we now have the outer wall destroyed completely, a flying circus above the chaos deployment zone and a load of chaos term…

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum Part 15 – Attack on Altum (Apocalypse Part 1)

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Here we go stats for apocalypse Chaos 51,000pts, Imperial 46,000pts. The attack on Altum is the final main mission before we deviate and play battlefleet gothic and then see which characters can be evacuated from the planet by the losing side. The forces of chaos gain victory points through breaking through the walls of the city. Four structures [2 Bunkers, firestorm redoubt and Creed’s bastion] that are between the inner and outer wall are worth 2 victory points to chaos if destroyed and 2 to the imperium if they survive. The chaos portal [in the chaos deployment zone] is worth 2…continue reading