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The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – Blood Sacrifice (Part 14)

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Doing away with victory points this mission instead focuses on infantry being killed. If 101 or more infantry models are killed during the mission and at least 70 cultists and conscripts are part of that number, then chaos wins and the blood ritual is …

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – The Burning of Xalaciva (part 13)

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Phase 3 mission 3 – The burning of Xalaciva City fight. Chaos gets 1 victory point for each building they set alight and 2 victory points for destroying any structures in the enemy deployment zone. Imperials get 1 victory point* for each building that is neither destroyed or on fire at the end of the game. (*Score 2Vp for structures within own deployment zone) Chaos may use a lord of war. Imperial forces get free ammo dumps (Re-roll 1’s to hit for occupying infantry units) in the buildings wholly within their deployment zone (but these buildings may explode if lit,…continue reading

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – Sudden Strike (Part 12)

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We altered this mission from a simple strike and kill mission into a more narrative form with the imperial forces defending a derelict titan hangar, finding a titan within but being attacked by the alpha legion before they can fully explore the site and bring the titan online. Phase 3 – Mission 2 – Sudden Strike Kill point mission. Short table edges [End to end] deployment. Chaos forces deploy first and have first turn. Chaos force includes their Lord of war selection. The imperial forces lord of war will arrive on a 6+ at the start of turn 3, a…continue reading

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – Fog of War (Part 10)

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The post relates to the ongoing narrative campaign that is being run by my gaming group. Following on from the close fought draw in the previous mission we now come to the final mission of Phase 2 of our campaign. Phase 2 mission 3: Fog of War Maelstro…

The Battle For Mirum Ostentum Part 7 – Phase 1 Wrap-up & Phase 2 Overview

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The post relates to a couple of missions that we abandoned during the testing phase. I thought I would cover these and explain why they were not played beyond the testing phase. (There are only a handful of pics here due to us not taking many pics during testing but they had an impact on the story and one mission provided an additional effect.) I will also run through how phase 2 of the campaign functions. Mission repair central coms relay Forces Alpha legion 15 man tactical squad inc sergeant with art armour and power sword. Combat squadded into three units of 5….continue reading