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Chaos Iron Warriors

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This is a rather nice looking Iron Warriors Chaos Basilisk that was on display in Warhammer World in Nottingham back in 2007. This is a rather nice looking Iron Warriors Chaos Vindicator (if somewhat badly photographed) that was in the display. Alongsi…

Ork Gorkanaut – A Review

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This review is later than planned because my daughter selfishly got sick and meant all my evenings were spent caring for her instead of building the Gorkanaut. I’ve still not finished it but I’m far enough along that I can confidently review it. It’s awesome. Review over. As if! My opinions can never be confined to […]

List Review: Chaos Space Marines 1,750

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Last night I played a 1,750 game with my Chaos Space Marines against Iron Hands. Normally I would do a battle report but the game was rather chaotic and it’s hard to put it into something coherent here. Instead I wanted to focus on the list I was…

Chaos Defiler: PIP #3

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Update #3 for the Defiler. Since the previous update I washed everything and then did some cleanup as a result of the wash. Other than that I’ve been working on some freehand stuff; none of which is done yet. I have to wrap up the freehand work a…

Z otchłani czasu: klany i kasty orków (Burszuje) | From the abyss of time: Orks – Clan and Castes (Nobz)

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Poniższy tekst to fragment podręcznika Waaargh Orks, dodatku do Warhammera 40, 000, czyli pierwszej edycji gry, wydanego w 1990 r. Podręcznik ten to jedna z najciekawszych książek fluffowych tamtej edycji – nie zawierał praktycznie żadnych zasad…

Hill Terrain painted at last!

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Hello all, A couple of weeks ago I posted on how I made my hill terrain fit into one box, an last week I posted my process for painting them.  Since then I’ve managed to finish painting them.  So here they are, ready for a battle!  In the firs…

Tau Time Again

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This represents the final installment in my Tau project for now. I think I have a bit more than 1,000 points of Tau all painted and ready for action. From here on out, I’ll add units and models to expand my options and to get me up to 1,500 points tota…

Defiler – PIP #2

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This project has been forever in the making. I got the model over two years ago, began renovating it, let it sit for nearly two years and started painting it five months ago. I have a list in mind for a December tournament that uses the Defiler so I th…

Maine Warhammer 40K League – Season #2

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First up, an introduction about the Maine Warhammer 40K League. The league is a free to join league for all residents of Maine, U.S. You simply visit the site:, create an account and register for the season. The way it works is you play a set…

A Tale of “X” Gamers – Tyranids 012.

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    Hello!   We’re here with my last article for the “A tale of X Gamers” series created by the “The Painting Frog” blog.   We get now to the end of this journey which has been unfolding for more than a year, during which …

Finished Red Corsairs Traitor-Guard

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One GIANT unit!All the “big names” are represented…I recently finished up the Cultist element of my Red Corsairs, one big unit of 35!  A lot of them come from the Dark Vengeance box, and a few are a mix of Empire Fanatics and Guard bits.  T…

Standish Standoff Aftermath

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Well the annual event has come and gone. I had an absolute blast. It was great to see familiar faces again and get a chance to catch up with friends.  I know Tony already did a quick recap of the event and for the most part I will completely agree wit…

Terrain Tutorial: Painting hills

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Hello all, Last week I showed how I made a set of hill terrain that fits into a single box for easy storage.  But building terrain is only half the job; it still needs to be painted!  I picked up some new paints to use on terrain so I painted up a si…

Standish Standoff 4: The Day is Done

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Yesterday Crossroad Games hosted the 4th annual Standish Standoff. The day is a 1,650 Warhammer 40K tournament with three games and features soft scores as well as battle points. It more an event celebrating all elements of the hobby and not just the a…

Tau Hammerhead Gunship

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Work on the Tau continues this week. The largest model I have for this force is the Hammerhead gunship.  I don’t have enough Graveyard Earth paint left to cover something of this size, so I used Plastic Soldier Company’s US Infantry spray paint. I…

Standish Standoff Painting Entries Completed

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At the time of this posting I will be on the road to the Standish Standoff. I am very excited it has been awhile since I have been able to get out of the house for any period of time and decompress. After work today I was able to  get everything organ…

Forge World Newsletter #428

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If in doubt, blast with radiation…or crush with giant claw……introducing a new Knight from the Forge World people…Housing machine spirits which some say became too accustomed to wholesale slaughter during the Age of Strife and the Great Crusade …

Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines vs Blood Ravens

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Wednesday night was my final play test to prepare for the Standish Standoff this Saturday, a 24-player 1,650 Warhammer 40K tournament. I played against Steve, a routine 1st place finisher at our tournaments, and his Blood Ravens force of Space Marines …

Ramblings of a wargaming general: Brighton comp for WH40k

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Long time ago I got bored with seeing always same armies at 40k tournaments that I was attending. It seemed that a lot of players would simply always take what is absolutely best and skip other stuff, leading to a … Continue reading

Crimson Fist List

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All this talk of the Standish Standoff makes me wish I could participate!  So I thought I’d come up with a list, just for fun.  It’s 1650pts, right?  So I reconfigured my classic Crimson Fists list, which I’ve only used once or twi…

Snow Re-Basing

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Having changed my technique for snow basing I wanted to go back and re-base my previous models. It’s going to be a long process and I won’t be doing it all at once. However, I do want to re-base the models that I plan to enter into the pain…

Terrain Storage Tutorial: Fit all of your hills in one box!

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Hello all, Having good terrain is crucial to any wargame.  Playability, durability and aesthetics are all important factors to consider but almost as important as these is terrain storage.  In this tutorial I show how I fit enough terrain for a 4&#21…

Fast Movers in 40k

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Last Thursday I got a game of 40k in using my new Ork army. As it was their second outing I thought I’d mix it up a bit and give the Dakkajet a try because, well it’s freaking cool. For reasons passing my understanding, I told Lee I’d be taking a flyer which prompted him […]

Showcase: Huron Blackheart

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With a week to spare, I have finished my last model for the Standish Standoff, my counts-as Huron Blackheart. I’m pretty happy with how this came out. Let’s start with some shots. The lighting is a bit on the dark side. I’m still work…

Featured Mat of the Week – The Muddy Barren Mat

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  This incredibly detailed  mat was part of our recent wave 2 release! It’s a generic, desert brown mat that has many uses! The historical gamer crowd is using it for British Colonials, North Africa WW2, French Foreign Legion, and Wild W…