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Khorne Daemonkin Game & Thoughts

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Kharn Approves

On Wednesday I played an 1,850 game with my Khorne Daemonkin, Disciples of Twilight, against Orks. Instead of doing a full-on report I’ll just cover it briefly to move on to my thoughts, which is the focus for the article. Khorne Daemonkin vs Orks Gabe’s Ork list was very shooty. Between the Kill Bursta tank, […]

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Herald of Khorne: Painting #2

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Herald of Khorne Painting #2-3

I have not worked on this model in a bit over four weeks but it’s time to get back to painting my Herald of Khorne and making progress on my army. This is a small update to show where I left off, which is further along than my first progress post. So, to show you […]

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Fratris Salutem MMXV Completed

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Fratris Salutem 2015 Game

Saturday was Fratris Salutem, the 40K event I’ve been working on throughout the winter. We only had 10 players of the allotted 20 but considering the type of even it is, 10 is a good number. Not everyone is into a story driven narrative day of gaming…though why they wouldn’t be eludes me ;) The […]

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Urban Tau Empire Commission Showcase

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A different style of Tau that I normally paint (desert!) this urban Tau force is part of an ongoing commission with various batches spread across the year. The first batch consisted of 60 Fire Warriors, 20 Pathfinders, an Etheral, A Cadre Fireblade, Da…

Warhammer 40K Eldar: Old Style Harlequins

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Here’s a collection of GW’s old style Harlequins Allison recently did for a customer. I’ve always had a fondness for these models and I think she did a fantastic job of capturing that old school feel.The Avatar was missing his topknot when he came in, …

This year’s painting challenge

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Back in 2013 Adrian, Andy and I undertook a 40K Combat patrol 400 point painting challenge. You can see the results here.The net result was the completion of my L&tD mutants, Adrian’s Necrons, and Andy’s Guard (well he didn’t quite make 400 points….

Warhammer World Grand Opening

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The Warhammer World Grand Opening is going to feature some very interesting things to look at…I’d really like to see that Warlord Titan……guess I’ll have to wait for the inevitable avalanche of event pictures, lol.There are some amazing new produc…

13th Company Lone Wolf

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13th Company Lone Wolf   As promised here is my te […]

Khorne Daemonkin vs Blood Angels – 40K Battle Report

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Helbrute vs Death Company Dreadnought

Things continue to be very busy getting ready for Fratris Salutem next week but every Wednesday is 40K night at my FLGS. Even when I have no hobby updates, I at least have a game to report. On that note, I can’t wait to have some hobby time for my stuff again… Anyway, we played […]

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13th Company Space Wolves Murderfang

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Space Wolves Murderfang Dreadnought Well I have been a […]

Eldar Autarch Work in Progress

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I’ve been working on a new model for my Eldar collection. Eldar Autarch! She’s kitted out with a Banshee mask, power weapon (maybe Shard of Anaris), Fusion pistol, Hawk wings, and Faolchu’s wing. She has extreme mobility and can perform a couple different jobs on the field. Her natural Autarch ability of governing reserves is […]

Forge World Realm of Battle boards

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Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape

As part of a previous commission for the Secret Weapon tabletop tiles, these Forge World Realm of Battle boards were to match up with the color scheme (that of a Warhammer 40k Shrine World). There are three boards here; the Genatorum Nexus (a big power generator), the Manufactorum sector (a factory) and the Space

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Assassinorum Execution Force Assassin Showcase

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 It’s always really rewarding to find some time to paint my own models! Painting full time during the week means I rarely want to spend my evenings and weekends painting more models – unless I’m quite inspired to do so! Usually this involves painting for an event (such as my Tomb King last May for Battle Brothers) or a campaign […]

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Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt – Warhammer World – Part 2.

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  Olá Leitor.   Esta é a versão em inglês da segunda parte do artigo “Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt: Warhammer World”. Você pode encontrar a versão em português aqui:   “Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt – Warhammer World (versão em português) – Parte 2″.   Até logo! +++   Hello Reader!   Fulfilling my promise here’s […]

Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt – Warhammer World (versão em português) – Parte 2.

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  Hello Reader.   This is the Portuguese version of the 2nd part of the article “Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt: Warhammer World”. You can read the English version here:   “Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt – Warhammer World – Part 2.”   Over and out! +++   Salve Leitor!   Cumprindo a promessa segue a segunda parte […]

Khorne Daemonkin vs Iron Hands

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On Wednesday I played a game against Iron Hands with my Khorne Daemonkin army, Disciples of Twilight. People are preparing for Fratris Salutem and testing out their lists, including Carl, my opponent. I was running short on time so I grabbed the list I played last weekend instead of drafting up something new to try. […]

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Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt – Warhammer World – Part 1

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  Hello Reader!   This is the article everyone could see coming from a mile away, but it ended up taking me more than a year to write this. It seems I’m perfecting the art of taking a while to write articles here on the blog.   Joking aside I do have a gestating period […]

Visiting Britain’s Lead Belt – Warhammer World (versão em português) – Parte 1.

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  Salve Leitor!   Este é o artigo que todo mundo sabia que eu teria que publicar aqui, mas que levou mais de um ano para nascer. É parece que eu estou me aperfeiçoando cada vez mais na arte de me enrolar para publicar novos artigos aqui no blog.   Acontece que cada artigo aqui […]

Epic 30K: pozostali Word Bearers | Epic 30K: further Word Bearers

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Mormeg wstrzymywany nieco z pracami nad pojazdami przez brak istotnych podstawek, podgonił piechotę swoich sojuszników, Niosących Słowo. To, w zasadzie, podstawki praktycznie identyczne z tymi pokazywanymi w poprzednim wpisie. Na uwagę zasługuje co innego. Może nie widać tego specjalnie na tych zdjęciach (moim zdaniem jednak widać), ale są trochę lepszej jakości niż foty wrzucane wcześniej, zwłaszcza kolory. Zdecydowałem się na dość desperacki krok – postanowiłem zrobić zdjęcia swoim Samsungiem SIII. Zaopatrzony w program do robienia fotek dający znacznie większą kontrolę nad parametrami fotografii niż defaultowa aplikacja i osadzony na trójnogu okazał się zadziwiająco dobrym wyborem. W jednym z kolejnych wpisów pokażę różnice robione moim starym cyfrowym debilaparatem, a tymi wykonanymi telefonem… Od dziś zdjęcia na blog będą robione właśnie SIII.
Some of the Mormeg’s Epic projects were temporary on hold due to lack of proper bases, vehicles especially, but my brother painted some of his allies infantry instead. Word Bearers shown here are, basically, identical with the batch shown in one of the previous entries. But there is one thing different. It is not that visible maybe (but I think it is) but photos are of slightly better quality then the ones shown before, colors especially are much better. I decided to take some drastic measures, disgusted by my old digital camera – my Samsung Galaxy SIII came to help. With a new photo app instead of default one and firmly sitting on the tripod, phone turned out to be suprisingly good digital camera. I will show differences between old and new photos in one of the future threads… but all future photos for this blog I will make with my SIII I think…

Red Scorpion Vehicles Commission Showcase

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I have an ongoing commission for Red Scorpion vehicles, about one a month at the moment. The first batch consisted of a Predator, Vindicator, Storm Talon, Storm Raven and a Venerable Dreadnought. A lot of the techniques used can be found in the Forge World Masterclass book (book two I think!). I really enjoy weathering as it’s a completely different […]

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Najlepsze filmy o Warhammerze 40000 | Best Warhammer 40000 movies

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Kilka dni temu napisałem, na fali zainteresowania wywołanego zapowiedzią gry Total War: Warhammer, notkę o moich ulubionych filmach CGI z tego uniwersum. Dziś czas na drugą część, tym razem dotyczącą Warhammera 40000. Samo zadanie okazało się trochę trudniejsze, głównie dlatego, że ponury świat przyszłości pokazany był w znacznie większej liczbie produkcji…
Koniec końców, na miejsce pierwsze trafiło intro do gry Dawn of War 2. Moim zdaniem jeden z najlepszych filmów dotyczących produktów Games Workshop w ogóle, i – sam w sobie – świetny kawał roboty animatorów. Doskonały drednot, świetnie przedstawieni eldarzy… Bardzo go lubię, i z wyborem zwycięzcy nie miałem problemów.
Na drugim miejscu, po dość długim zastanawianiu się, trafiła filmowa zapowiedź gry jeszcze powstającej – Space Hulk: Deathwing. Tu przemawia do mnie wiele rzeczy. Pięknie pokazani terminatorzy różnych zakonów, świetne genokrady i muzyka. Całkowicie odmienna od pompatycznych, epickich utworów, jakie zazwyczaj towarzyszą produkcjom tego rodzaju. Sam Space Hulk, zapewne, nie zdoła zainteresować mnie na dłużej, niemniej jednak trailer tej gry bardzo mi się podoba.
Trzecie miejsce przypadło w udziale wcześniejszej grze z serii Dawn of War. Widać już po nim pewne niedoskonałości techniczne, powstało jednak stosunkowo dawno temu, szczególnie jeśli weźmiemy postęp w dziedzinie grafiki komputerowej, jaki dokonał się w ciągu ostatnich lat. Podoba mi się jednak nadal, a scena szarży marines i strzały z drednota do dziś budzą we mnie ciarki…
Co bardziej spostrzegawczy Czytelnicy zauważyli może, że tym razem tytuł notki nie zawiera skrótu CGI. I tak właśnie powinno być. Tuż za podium ustawiłem bowiem film, w którym efekty komputerowe odgrywają znikomą rolę. Nic zresztą dziwnego, dzieło to powstało bowiem w 1996 r., a wykorzystuje zdjęcia pochodzące z jeszcze wcześniejszego okresu. Mam na myśli film krótkometrażowy Inquisitor, w oprócz ujęć powstałych w czasie rozmów o kręceniu filmu osadzonego w uniwersum WH40K, wykorzystano też zdjęcia zrealizowane wcześniej do filmików “Hive Infestation” i “Blood for the Blood God”. Wszystkie trzy filmy powstały z okazji 25-lecia firmy. W czasie Games Day 1996 dwa wymienione ostatnio pokazywano wielokrotnie na ekranach hali, w której odbywała się impreza, można też było obejrzeć kostiumy wykorzystane przy produkcji filmików. Ja sam mam zaś gdzieś jeszcze kasetę wideo, dawaną podczas tego dnia przez GW ich gościom. Sam film… cóż, nie jest najlepszy, ale mam do niego sentyment:)
Few days ago, just after release of Warhammer: Total War trailer, I wrote a short note with my personal top three CGI Warhammer movies. Today it is time to write something about Warhammer 40000 movies. This task was a little more difficult, as Wh40K movies are much more numerous…

Finally, I narrowed my options and the winner is… Cinematic intro for Dawn of War 2 game. It is, in my opinion, one of the best CGI movies done for Games Workshop games and very good CGI movie in itself. I love few particular scenes, as dreadnought flaming Eldar, or Eldar witch fightning with Space Marine commander. Well, first place was easy.

Second place wasn’t so easy though. After some thinking I decided that it should go to one of the trailers of upcoming Space Hulk: Deathwing game, Rise of Terminators to be more precise. I really like montage of this short movie, terminators, great genestealers and music. Music especially is totally different then epic songs which are usually accompanying such footage. I’m not a huge fan of Space Hulk games and I think that this one won’t be any different but I like this trailer a lot.

Dawn of War game’s intro took third position. It is the oldest from those three movies and it clearly shows. Computer graphic is MUCH better now then it was eleven years ago. I like it much though and dreadnought and marines charge still give me goosebumps.

Well… Previous note about movies has had a CGI word in the title. This one is different, as I wanted to mention one particular and really old movie, with very few computer graphic used. I’m sure that they were state of the art back in 1996 but now… let’s just say that they clearly show how old are they;) Anyway, I would like to bring your attention to Inquisitor movie from 1996. Some of the footage used in this short movie came from two different, even shorter movies (Hive Infestation and Blood for the Blood God). All three movies were made on Games Workshop 25 anniversary. I remember, that Hive Infestation and Blood were being played over and over again at Games Day 1996 in Birmingham, some props were being on display too. I still have somewhere a VHS cassette with both those movies, which was being handed by GW to their official guests on this day…

Secret Weapon’s Tablescape – Lots and lots of tiles!

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secret weapon tablescape

From time to time we get some terrain commissions which I thoroughly enjoy doing as it is a different way of painting compared to painting miniatures and it also gives me an excuse to get some time with the airbrush. Well for this commission I got a whole heap of time with the Airbrush.

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Special Ammunition

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6 months ago I took a leave of absence. My life was getting very complicated and things were reaching a critical mass that would have seen, amongst other things, myself explode like a poodle in a microwave. Things are much better. Still complicated but I am happier. It’s taken a lot of reflection and a […]

Finished LotD commission batch

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So, prepare for a picture Carpet Bombing! All the family, n’awwww! Steve, the captain…. Sorry. Power axe! “Look at this! Someone threw this grenade looking thing at us?” Last words of Astartes Garviel Almeddon. Chaos marines make good leaning posts. “Guy with the power axe is obviously compensating.” “Three arms are better then one” “He’s […]

Ultramarine Tactical Squad Commission Showcase

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I was asked to paint one of the Space Marine Tactical Squads in 5th Company Ultamarine colours. I’ve never actually seen the new Tactical Squad kit until now – it’s a great kit. Everything fits together nicely and the details are all crisp, it made them very enjoyable to work on.  I went for an overall neater scheme than usual […]

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