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Battle Report – Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower – The Shard of Shyish

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  The shard of Death beckons as the champions are dragged deeper into the Silver Tower to attempt to find their sixth shard of the Amulet of the Gaunt Summoner! Advertisements

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Battle Report – Ep 04 – The Shard of Ulgu

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  It’s time for more Silver Tower! Danny is back for another sortie into the endless maze of the Gaunt Summoner’s Stronghold, this time as we quest for the Shard of Ulgu! Advertisements

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – PTG – Bonesplitterz vs. Stormcast

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  Mike returns for another Path to Glory game with his Bonesplitterz against Graco Stormfist and his Eternals! This time we’ve trapped the venerable Wargog Prophet in Battleplan: Cornered! Advertisements

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Realms of Conflict Ep

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  Marc from Old Gitz Paintworks brings his Sylvaneth to face my Stormcast in 1500pts of Three Places of Power! Check out his painting service HERE: Advertisements

Widgets and Wonders Ep 93 – Medieval Town Gaming mats from

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  A new Medieval mat from in a variety of sizes, including the ‘Fantasy Flight Games’ size of 6×3′ for RuneWars! Check it out HERE: Advertisements

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Path to Glory Ep 03

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  It’s time to settle the score. Graco Stormfist has had enough of these marauding savage Orrukz and seeks to settle his grudge once and for all in Battleplan: Vendetta. We adjust our warbands based on the first two games to the NEW Path to Glory Supplement, adding some twists to expand the Bonesplitterz roster […]

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Path to Glory Ep 02

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  Mike’s Bonesplitterz are back, this time chasing Glory in the second Mission of our Path to Glory Campaign; The Beast’s Lair! This is the last game we filmed prior to the new book being released, next game we adjust to the current rules! 🙂

On the Paint Table – Imperial Knights, Skaard and Stormcast!

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