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Another Warhammer Dwarf WiP

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Some paint here and there, messy, unfinished, bad photo, etc. 😉

Skaven Chief Warlord Engineer Ikit Claw

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It has been such a long long time since I posted anything on this blog. I hope there are still people seeing my updates :PAnyways, here I am once again, finally managing to finish something off. Something I was building for quite a while now. You have …

Warhammer Quest – Silver Tower

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I recently picked up Game’s Workshops newest board game – Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. This is a remake of their earlier classic, Warhammer Quest, although the mechanics are pretty different. I won’t talk too much about how the game works, as they have a pretty good gameplay overview on their website.

The game comes with around 50 miniatures, with several of them being duplicate sculpts. These are GW style wargaming figures, not the cheapo plastic board game figures most dungeon crawlers come with. The figures require assembly, with clippers, glue, and all, and if you’re adventurous, paint.

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Total War Warhammer – Wargaming Recon #160

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Total War: Warhammer is a delightful blending of the Total War engine with the Warhammer Fantasy world. Links to Items Discussed on the Show Total War: Warhammer $59.99 on Amazon (affiliate link) Total War: Warhammer $59.99 on Steam TSR Podcast Network Mailbag Via our Facebook page: Adrian said of Episode 159:… Read More»

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Another Review of Warhammer Quest by Fantasy Flight Games

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Though it’s been out for a while (See Scott’s previous review!), I only recently managed to get my mitts on a copy of Warhammer Quest The Adventure Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. As many of you reading this will remember, I am a big fan of both card games and cooperative games. My favorite card game is hands down the Lord of the Rings card game, and this game seemed to share a similar concept. Because I am so well versed in the Lord of the Rings LCG, my review of this game will be colored largely by that. Spoiler alert: This game is very very good!

The Concept
Warhammer Quest is a cooperative dungeon crawler card game. Unlike Fantasy Flight’s Living Card Game. the game is meant for 2-4 players, and scales accordingly by ensuring the heroes always have 4 actions between them. Unlike a bulky board game, the entire game is done through cards which makes setup relatively simple, and the playing space relatively small. Still, the game feels like an epic dungeon crawler complete with everything you’d hope to experience: loot, leveling up, and glorious combat.

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New/Old WIPs: Genestealer Patriach and Longbeard

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After nearly a year break I’ve finished basecoating the Longbeard. I planned to do NMM only on him, but then I would never finish the mini. True metalics it is:Too many metalics in fact, and lots of mistakes to correct. Looks better in real than on the…

Review: Osprey’s Dragon Rampant

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I own two ancient, half painted Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy armies, and if you’re an older war gamer, you probably do to. As Games Workshop have killed Warhammer Fantasy (and replaced it with an abomination I shall not name here), I’ve been shopping around for a war gaming ruleset that would let me exercise the […]

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