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Arachnarok WIP

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This kit has been haunting me from the shelf of shame for a couple of months now. It’s big, I think I’ve never painted anything that large and detailed in the same time.. I’m having fun with it but it is intimidating – initial airbrush work went pretty…

New Release – Maggoth Lords

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Here’s the new stuff for this weekend. Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen and Daemons will get some pretty awesome reinforcements. Looks pretty sweet and Nurgly. Enjoy!

Club Sundays

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Auckland City Guard is my regular club I attend most Sundays. It’s a friendly club which supports all types of Tabletop wargaming to casual Board games starting at 1pm and going to 5pm. Great mix of people from all ages. We get a good turnout from a re…

Friday Sneak Peak

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 So the White Dwarf is almost out and we see lots of Dark Eldar this weekend. There is NO sign of any Daemons or plastic Greater Daemons at all (Internet rumours you disappoint again). The New DE range looks damn good though! Eavy Metal team …

Hobby Time

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Have had little time for Hobby but managed to do a few things here and there. The eclectic zipping to and fro from each hobby has actually inspired me again. Totally recommend if you are in a stale patch and looking for some good kick start.Picked up a…

Road to Mordheim – Ghouls!

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    Hello Reader.   Continuing our sequence of “Road to Mordheim” articles today’s article focuses on the creatures I knew I’d have in the Warband ever since I decided to have a Vampire Counts Warband, and as the title of this ar…

GuardCon 2014 Weekend & Results. part 1.

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Another well attended and top weekend of games with a number of systems hosted at GuardCon weekend. Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k were the mainstays again. Flames of War, Board Games and this years two new systems at the convention, SAGA and X-Wi…

The Real Waltrop

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Krüger and I are planning a campaign for HotT and Warhammer. It’s going to take place on an island. The armies involved will probably be Hoplites and Orcs, maybe wild men wearing scary tribal masks instead of Orcs. (Hey Jörg, you can still join us! A…

The Painting Frog, now on Facebook!

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      Hello Reader.   Just a quick update today to let you guys know that The Painting Frog now has its own Facebook page.   I have been toying with the idea for a while now and it seems important these days to have a way of co…

Space Hulk sneak peak for this Saturday.

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Space Hulk is getting a relaunch this weekend. It was sold out in it’s first issue so like most companies who find a popular item selling GW has done a second printing with a few extra’s. I missed the first issue so am ecstatic to get a copy this time …

Lotsa Wargaming Next Weekend

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GuardCon weekend approaches on the 13th & 14th of September here in Auckland. ACG’s annual convention will kick off with a number of different systems at James Cook High Auditorium. It’ll have Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K doubles, Flames of War…

Nagash just another way to play the game : Superb!

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Nagash rises and heralds in a whole new way to play the game as an option. It’s not really the end times its more fun times. All those doom and gloom posts on the internet jumped to conclusions again sigh. I had a look at it and I am incredibly interes…

Terrain building for GuardCon and Hobby

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GuardCon is in a couple of weeks. It’s our local club ‘Auckland City Guard’ annual convention. All those of you who are interested in Warhammer Fantasy & 40K should keep an eye out. It’s looking to be the biggest turnout for both systems this year …

Temple of Skulls and more Confrontation goodies

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Hello people!I have just finished painting a Games Workshop terrain piece to use mainly for my Confrontation games, but Fantasy is also an option lately, mainly because of the awesome Fantasy releases that really got me thinking of revisiting Warhammer…

New Games Workshop Undead releases.

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Once again the new sculpts coming out are insanely detailed and characterful. The details are stunning and they fill in all those key models that needed a refresh. Check out these sneak peeks before this weekends unveil.Ngash the first Necromancer. Des…

ETC 2014 Won By Team Sweden

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Team Sweden takes out the WHFB Teams for 2014. Great show and the 1st time on the podium for them. They swept aside the top teams in the final rounds to win convincingly.Here’s their lists and what a great selection.Christian Wennberg, Vampire CountsVa…

ETC Serbia 2014 – Largest Warhammer Tournament I’ve heard of

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ETC 2014 has kicked off in Novi Sad, Serbia. The Singles events have been run and won. We wait with anticipation the main event which is the Teams Competition. NZ has entered a team this year. How will they do in the hot waters of competition against t…

Screw City Monster Part IV | WHFB

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95% done. Going to take a break form this and then come back to it for detailing (pustules, wrinkles, etc.). Need to do something with the space above the head, will tackle it when I come back to it.

Spiders! Part IV | WHFB

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First Unit of Spiders assembled. Next: GS all the knees (16 per spider) and then figure out the legs for the riders.

Theme as a Motivational Tool.

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Motivation is a factor in any project…If you’re next task on a list is ‘eat a tasty sandwich’ it’s likely to be approached with far more enthusiasm than if it’s ‘clean out the garage’ and though some people can no doubt organise themselves efficientl…

On table : Sanctus Reach Stormclaw & Ogres

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Manage to pick up a copy of the Stormclaw set. Love the new artwork and the missions look pretty cool. More aimed at players rather than pure beginner level. All the models are standard off the sprue miniature’s so no clip together sculpts here and wil…

GuardCon 2014

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GuardCon 201413th & 14th September Venue: James Cook High Auditorium, Manurewa, Auckland.Hosted by the Auckland City Guard Club.GuardCon Warhammer Fantasy 2400pts (6 games over 2 Days),GuardCon Warhammer 40K Doubles (6 Games over 2 days, Teams…

Road to Mordheim – Zombies!

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    The wooden planks on the bottom of the horse drawn cart creaked, complaining about the heavy weight set upon them. “… and eight, nine, ten” the small man finished counting the recently dug up corpses as they were piled up unceremoniousl…

More Ogres

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Thought I’d put a couple of coats on the bitz built Thundertusk. Currently using him as a proxy for practice as my Stone horn, which is currently getting commission painted for me by the resident maestro. He’s not looking too bad. Of course he’s very f…

Now Available: Cigarboxbattle Wargaming Mats!

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We now offer a line of our own 60  x 80 inch wargaming mats for sale! This is something that we had been using for our own games, but we received so many questions and positive comments from gamers about them that we decided to make them available fo…