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Guardsman Trophy (WHFB 8th)

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The annual local Club ladder tournament is here again. This year it’s 1000pts of Warhammer 8th ed, and its a great test to see if there is anyone still playing WHFB 8th at the Club. So far we have 22 signed up and the first round is 2nd of August. Look…

Past couple of weeks at Club.

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 Last couple of weeks has seen 30-50 gamers at each of the 2 Club meets. Some familiar faces and a whole lot of new players. Great chance to bring out those board games over the wintery few months.Two of the half dozen new Warhammer 8th players at…

How to Survive Your FLGS Closing – Wargaming Recon #140

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Learn how to survive the closing of your friendly local game store (FLGS). Guest Aaron Bostian has tips based on his experience of his FLGS shutting down. Support Jonathan through PATREON Advice to survive the closing of your Friendly Local Game Store Communicate with one another. Social media can become… Read More»

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Age of Sigmar, el temita de los puntos… Age of sigmar, the craze about balance

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Estuve leyendo las reglas y viendo las nuevas habilidades de algunas unidades y la verdad es que prefiero este reglamento en joda. Contra todo pronóstico, me gusta y aunque las minis no me gusten nada, por lo menos las de la caja (hay un minihipogrifo que me pareció re-cute), este nuevo producto de GW tiene la decencia de sacar todos los codex juntos y el reglamento gratuitamente y eso me gusta.
I have been reading the Age of Sigmar rules and the new abilities of some units and the truth is I’d rather preffer this non serious ruleset. Against all odds, I like this rules and although I do not like the showed miniatures, at least the ones in the box (there is a tiny gryph that I found super-cute), this new product from GW has the decency to release all together and codex rules for free and I like that.
Cuestión que ahora si esto es en serio y es otro juego, uno en el que la idea no es el balance sino divertirse un rato, con todos los reglamentos de una online, gratuitos y en español, la verdad es que hace rato que no escuchaba algo tan interesante. No se pierde nada con probarlo, ya las minis las tengo (archivadas desde que descubrí infinity que es un juegazo), así que probablemente las vuelva sacar para probar este reglamento.
The thing is that If this issue is now seriously another game, one in which the idea is not to have balance but having fun,  with all ruleset online, for free and in Spanish, the truth is that I had not heard anything so interesting in a while. It does not hurt to try, I have the miniatures (archived since I discovered infinity as a great game), so I will take them out for a return likely to test out this rules.

Pibes en las canchas del parque…
Hoy justo a la vuelta del trabajo pasé por una cancha de futbol donde aprendían/jugaban chicos de 8 años aproximadamente, lo que vi me gustó mucho: era el juego, la gracia de jugar cuando todavía están todos sin la mancha del futbol de liga en sí ni sin los vicios de los partidos de los “grandes”. Al wargame muchas veces le falta algo así, el balance existe como tal cuando se quiere competir. Sinó es un juego y mucho no importa si hay un par más de enanos. De hecho, la realidad no es balanceada. Estados Unidos no lleva igual cantidad de puntos cuando invade Afganistan, ni por asomo. Entonces, quizás probar juegos sin tener en cuenta el balance por el solo hecho de probarlo no me parece tan malo. Incluso puede ser interesante probar realmente situaciones en las que un bando está completamente desbalanceado y ver qué pasa.
Today just when I was comming back from work I passed a soccer field where some kids were learning / playing, all about eight years, what I saw I liked very much: it was the game, the grace of play when they are still all without the stain of soccer league other or without the vices of the games of the adults. I feel that The wargames often lacks something like that, the balance exist as such when you wants it to compete. But is a game and may be you wouldnt care much if I have a few more dwarves. In fact, the reality is unbalanced. US does not carry the same number of points when it invades Afghanistan, even remotely. So maybe you try games regardless of the balance by the mere fact to prove it does not seem so bad. It can even be interesting to really test situations in which one side is completely unbalanced and see what happens, how much do we resists…

[to be continued]

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Age of Sigmar – Videos.

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The new Fantasy drinking game from Games Workshop is out and there has been a lot of reaction to it. Personally I think it sucks, think the figures look like Space Marines with pinheads and am glad I brought all the Bretonnians I will ever need years ago – I will keep playing Oldhammer or … Continue reading Age of Sigmar – Videos.

A.C.G Club Sunday. X-Wing, Warhammer 8th ed & Board Games.

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Sunday the 5th of July saw a big bunch of 58 gamers coming to Club for some relaxing games. There were a huge selection of Board games with a large bunch of Warhammer and X-Wing players too.Pandemic the Board Game. Review here.Homeland the Board G…

Thoughts on Age of Sigmar

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I wanted to jot down some of my thought on Age of Sigmar. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Age of Sigmar is Games Workshop’s new Fantasy game. It is replacing Warhammer Fantasy Battles and is essentially an extension of The End Times they recen…

Age of Sigmar

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La verdad es que hay que ver primero, leer las reglas y todo eso. Pero las minis que se vieron me gustaron muy poquito. Y mi sensación actual con la Era de Sigmar la podría poner en este meme:

(In english: I will have to see the rules, and all the stuff. But a priori the miniatures that we could see didnt like to me, and the meme tell much of what I think about it)


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Gaming this weekend – X-Wing, Board games, Multiplayer WHFB & WH40K

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So heaps of gaming happening this weekend. Spend your free time if you have it getting some funs at your local club, I know I will be.With the lead up to Regionals and Nationals I’ve got our Clubs X-Wing casual tournament to goto. We are full for the t…

Empire . Schil´s Darts

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We reinforcered our Empire army with a new Empire regiment. Shil´s Darts is a State Troops Swordmen unit for Warhammer Fantasy.

“If everybody could became order Knight , it wouldn´t be a honor“
Schil is the third son of a Hochland no…


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Well, not a vermintide per say, more of a puddle, or slight trickle of Vermin. Yep, I’ve been painting those …

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Longbeards Part 1: freehand step-by-step

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So much time has passed without me starting a new project, let’s change that now! :D I picked up a box of Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Longbeards – oldest of the dwarf warriors from the Old World.  And yes, I was totally inspired by this amazi…

Arachnarok showcase

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Another model that took me a lot of time.. When I came back to it recently I just wanted to finish it of. Why? The palanquin was a nightmare to paint! It was so annoying that in the end I tossed it back to the closet of shame and decide to build the ki…

Club Sunday 10th May

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Good gaming day Sunday at Club. 32 Peeps made it down and many games were played.Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40K, BloodBowl, X-wing, Board Games and more.

Painting night & Club 3rd of May

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Great idea for a mass painting night and we had our first session tonight. Open to everyone and good for beginners and vets to share knowledge and get in some banter. If you are in Auckland and want to get into the hobby come join us. Feel free to get …

ANZAC Weekend games

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Club Sunday was active with 28 peeps still in town over the long weekend to enjoy some relaxing games. We had a big variety of games going and I got lost in some X-wing team games. Good to see a couple of new faces and also to welcome back one of our c…

Our rules have changed

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Total War: Warhammer Our rules have changed, and with change comes war on a scale as yet unimagined. Gigantic monsters, flying creatures, legendary heroes and storms of magical power take their place on the battlefield, alongside thousands of warriors clashing in real-time tactical battles. All at YOUR command. In the turn-based campaign game of statecraft […]

Club Sunday

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Quiet meet at club this Sunday past, hosting 28 people. Auckland Open was rollicking along at Remuera and those of us unable to attend made do with games at our regular Sunday club meet from 1-5pm.We’ve had a few questions over several social media sit…

Bretonian Knight é finito

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After many many many years I have finished another bretonian knight of the realm…

Bueno, después de mucho mucho tiempo terminé otro caballero del reino de Bretonia.

Y acá estoy pintandolo en el taller de hace unos días…
I started to paint this model in the workshop almost a month ago…

Próximas cosas a pintar:
Next stuff to be painted

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Vampire Lord Commission Showcase

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Painted up this cool vampire Lord today. The client didn’t want the little bat thing on his back and wanted the rapier turning into a normal sword which was simple enough He was quite enjoyable to paint using a variety of techniques such as sponge stippling to add some natural texture to his wing arm which was then toned down […]

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Campaign Rules

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Here are some ideas for a narrative map-based campaign I will start with Krüger and Sven this week. It’s a first draft. Comments are welcome.

We will use different rulesets like HotT and Warhammer to play out battles, maybe even GURPS for special scenarios.

I play ancient Greeks who just landed on the island of Waltrop. They start on hexagon 32. Sven plays Greeks who start on hexagon 61. Krüger plays Orcs. He will choose 5 hexagons in secret to place his villages. Until the Greeks find the Orc villages hidden in the jungle, they fight random encounters which could look like this:

random encounters beach

1 orcs

2-3 goblins
4-6 nothing

random encounters jungle

1 green creatures

2 orcs
3 goblins
4 cannibals wearing scary masks
field of magical green crystals or old temple
6 nothing

If the Greeks win a random encounter, they occupy the hexagon they fought in, otherwise they retreat.

After the first orc village has been discovered in the jungle, the Orcs will start to move on the campaign map the same way as the Greeks. Random encounters for Orcs could include other tribes of savage Orcs and Greek warbands. If Orcs and Greeks meet in a hexagon, they fight for it. The looser has to retreat.

How an army fights and which hexagons it occupies should have a relation to the composition of the army.

In the 4th edition of 40K there were good rules for upgrading units or characters that fought especially well.

In our case, switching between different rulesets might present some difficulties. HotT is much more abstract than Warhammer, and GURPS would be best to play out special missions for characters.

At the beginning, armies could have some restrictions. Orcs might need to own hills to field trolls and giants, for example, and Greeks might need a temple to field priests. We could allow players to build havens, temples, even cities, but then we need some kind of monetary system. Will players receive gold if they sack a village or camp? I need talk to Sven and Krüger about this.

NatCon 2015 at James Cook

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This Easter NatCon was run in Auckland and ACG Club had the privilege to host 9 systems and a whole lot of board gamers over 3 sumptuous days. That’s some serious gaming in anyone’s terms and it was glorious. There were travelers from as far as Austral…

Hochland: The Hergig Swords

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In Warhammer Fantasy, The Empire is a land full of danger where the citizens live if in walled towns felling security. The State Troops, Swordmen, are in charge of keeping safe feeling.

“Soldiers who don´t fight for their salary, fight for their …

Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2

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Raging Heroes has started their newest Kickstarter for their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2. This time featuring Dark Elves and Sisters usable in both Fantasy and Sci-Fi. It started at 11 am Eastern Time today and blew through it’s funding goal and al…

Hobby Master Ellerslie : Store X-Wing Champs

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Hobby Master is one of our local hero brick and mortars championing gaming in our local region. As part of the series to thank our sponsors for backing our local club and tournaments we’ll have a look at the their X-Wing store champs held over the rece…