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Kasual’s Brotherhood Vs. Varangur – Keystone GT 2016 – Round 3 Battle Report

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Here is round three of the tournament. Kasual’s Brotherhood take on some Varangur!

New Fell Bats/Great Bats

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Put together these bad boys last night. They are Titan Forge Jawbats from the Drakskulls Menance (undead orcs!) range. Fantastic models and so easy to work with. The Jawbats themselves are one complete piece, which makes assembly so simple. They a…

Black Library Newsletter

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Apparently it’s C L Werner week at the Black Library… is celebrating C L Werner this week, and we managed to get some words from the man himself, giving us his take on some of his most popular and iconic characters.
Matthias Thulmann,
Witch Hunter

“My earliest foray into the worlds of Warhammer was with the character of Mathias Thulmann, a Sigmarite witch hunter who prowls the hinterlands of the Empire rooting out foes as varied as necromancers and sorcerers to skaven and vampires.

The first Thulmann novel, simply ‘Witch Hunter’, was written as, essentially, a Hammer horror film set in the Old World. The premise of taking an individual similar to (real life witch hunter) Matthew Hopkins but in situations where the witchcraft is much more than idle superstition had a great appeal to me.”

Brunner the
Bounty Hunter

“Brunner is a character who really did write himself, a circumstance that has occurred only twice in my career. What I mean by that is the personality was so strong, so persuasive, that I’d find myself altering entire narratives because, as Brunner would correctly inform me, he wouldn’t do what my plot called for him to do… The rugged bounty killer is something of a mainstay these days,

but the first time their ilk really impressed me was in the Italian westerns of the 1960s. Brunner takes a lot of inspiration from such characters (he must be a fan as well).”

Grey Seer Thanquol

“As created by William King, Thanquol is an inveterate coward, a bully, a paranoid lunatic, fawning sycophant – and at the same time one of the most hideously powerful sorcerers in the Old World.

I think the key to writing skaven effectively is to first ‘think like a rat’, seeing the world through their perspective. Once you do that, well, that paranoia isn’t so illogical since every other skaven really is out to get you if they think it will help their own status.

Of all the characters in the lore, Thanquol is my favourite, so being allowed to play with him was truly a special moment.”

Iron Warriors

“The idea of doing a Space Marines Battles book from the perspective of a Traitor Legion was one that had enormous appeal and building off the brief description of the Siege of Castellax left a great deal of room to develop and explore.

When creating the 3rd Grand Company of the Iron Warriors, I strove to make each of them a unique sort of monster. Their callous disdain for life, their ruthless pragmatism, all of these are qualities that are rightly shunned in men, but they are assets to beings that were engineered to be the pinnacle of warfare, living weapons to be set upon the enemy. Of course, with the Iron Warriors, the enemy often includes their own…”

More from C L Werner
With more than a decade of writing for Black Library behind him, there’s much more to explore, encompassing the worlds of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar. We’ve collected all his works together for you to check out.
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Blood in the Badlands Round 2 – VC versus Ogres in the Watchtower

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The VC had acquired a bunch of gold mines and the lure of the coin was too much for the Ogres to resist invading. The VC counter invaded and as the smaller empire (after losing the last battle) got to pick the army they would fight with…

2 blocks of 30 zombies with banner, 40 skeles with command, 2 dog units,10 black knights with command, 2 hexwraith units, mortis engine, 1 banshee, mounted l2 vamp lord and mounted wight king bsb

2 blocks of 8 bulls, block of 8 guts, 2 leadbelcher units, tyrant, bsb, l2 butcher with gut magic.

Terrain set up included 2 arcane buildings we rolled on, one getting haunted mansion (d6 S1 no armour hits on units with 6” at end of shooting phase) and the other something that made units within 6” stubborn. Watchtower in middle. Swamp off centre, hills and forests around the outside.

Ogres “won” the roll to control the watchtower & could not garrison. VC took side without the killy mansion and went first. Ogre characters split across units as each had a magic weapon (kill those hwxwariths!) and I also had sword of anti-heroes.

VC marched skeles, zombies, bk bus, and more zombies in the centre. Hexwraiths and dogs pushed up the flanks. Mortis supporting skeles.

Ogres decided to beat up some dogs and this is part way through their first turn (photos are from old cell phone so not stunning..)

VC skeles & banshee then jump in the building. Both Hexwraith units make short work of a leadbelcher unit and overrun – one into the forest the other into bull unit with bsb.

Ogres beat up the dogs in short order and start the tower grind with the ironguts + tyrant. Leadbelchers on my right flank that beat up dogs return from overrunning off board and start shooting the knight bus. About 20 zombies disappear from tower.

Zombies reform to face leadbelchers. Mortis engine fails to charge bulls on left flank (1,1,2 on charge roll) but I get a 12” nehek bubble off replenishing knights, zombies, hexwraiths in combat and skeles in tower.

Ogres hit the tower again & kill 20 more skeles, and shoot some more knights off past the zombies. Bulls in the back clear up one Hexwraith unit in their turn, turn around then charge and finish off the other hexwraiths with a flank charge. Bulls make a long charge into mortis engine.

Skeles abandon tower and zombies (pictured on hill) jump in. Zombies on right engage leadbelchers. Knight bus backs off. Cast van hels on bus to discourage charge and mortis engine loses badly against bulls and blows up.

The bulls on left flank make a super bull charge into bus and get regen spell off. Meanwhile the other bulls aren’t keen on getting stuck in the unknown swamp and make their way around to beat up the skeles. The zombies get hammered in the tower. The bus loses combat and about 5 knights.

I eventually grind the bulls down (damn regen). The bulls flee into the swap – are not caught by knights despite trying – and it turns out to be the Ogres worst nightmare mist wreathed swamp (initiative check at end of movement phase, fail and lose D6 MODELS!).

Ogres casually pass initiative check so knights go after them and pass initiative but lose 2 to normal swamp dangerous rolls. Skeles engage ironguts in flank to hopefully hold guts for another turn. The winds of magic stir and I get 12 dice, so I throw caution to wind and 6 dice both spells – get a 18” nehek off and a 12” bubble van hels.

I didn’t take any more photos from here but this may illustrate. Zombies remain in tower. 

Knights wipe out the bulls (who pass another initiative check) and overrun into the guts. The guts are now engage on both flanks with re rolls to hit on VC side. Vampire lord challenges Tyrant and does 3 wounds while taking one in return. The ironguts are decimated by knight lances and flee – then get run down.

Game ends turn 6. Post-game campaign the army scattered for home and the tyrant lost 1 attack. VC got 20pt to spend on a banner but already have magic banners on skeles and knights so cannot use it.

Rough game for the Ogres. VC were fortunate to have first turn and get to the tower first otherwise I would not have been able to push them out. While the mortis engine fluffed an easy charge and cost me the left flank, a timely super magic phase enabled me to clinch the win. Turn 2-5 ogres were very close to getting the tower with the ironguts must have killed about 100 models + (including start and grown models).

Look forward to next round!

Wargaming Against Depression with Joshua Shoobridge – Wargaming Recon #162

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Joshua Shoobridge uses wargaming as a salve for his environmentally induced depression.  Learn some of his methods and perhaps they could help you or someone you know. Please note this disclaimer.  Joshua and I are NOT medical professionals.  We are NOT providing medical advice, care, or treatment.  If you or… Read More»

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Triumph and Treachery in the Badlands

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Kicked off my part in the WHFB 8th ed blood in the badlands campagin yesterday. For some reason the Vampire Counts, Ogres and Dark Elves all decided they wanted the marshes of madness so we opted to play a Triumph and treachery game.More photos will be…

Another Warhammer Dwarf WiP

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Some paint here and there, messy, unfinished, bad photo, etc. 😉

New/Old WIPs: Genestealer Patriach and Longbeard

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After nearly a year break I’ve finished basecoating the Longbeard. I planned to do NMM only on him, but then I would never finish the mini. True metalics it is:Too many metalics in fact, and lots of mistakes to correct. Looks better in real than on the…

Longbeards Part 1: freehand step-by-step

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So much time has passed without me starting a new project, let’s change that now! 😀 I picked up a box of Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Longbeards – oldest of the dwarf warriors from the Old World.  And yes, I was totally inspired by this amazi…

Arachnarok showcase

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Another model that took me a lot of time.. When I came back to it recently I just wanted to finish it of. Why? The palanquin was a nightmare to paint! It was so annoying that in the end I tossed it back to the closet of shame and decide to build the ki…

WIP: Arachnarok and Grey Knights

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Slowly but steadily going forward. This week I didn’t manage to do a lot on my 2 main projects. I spent surprising amount of time basecoating the spiders underbelly… I will repeat myself: paint it in sub assemblies! The way I’m doing it is just WRONG…

Arachnarok WIP

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This kit has been haunting me from the shelf of shame for a couple of months now. It’s big, I think I’ve never painted anything that large and detailed in the same time.. I’m having fun with it but it is intimidating – initial airbrush work went pretty…