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Tomb King Army Showcase

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I finally got around to taking photos of the Tomb King army I painted last May for Fantasy Doubles at Warhammer World. In total it comes to 2000pts and consists of a variety of units so I didn’t go mad painting a million skeletons!

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Equinox 2015 is coming mid-March

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Equinox is heading in mid March fellow wargamers. If you have the weekend of the 14th &15th free come and grab some superb tournament action. Due to NatCon also in Auckland three weeks after, Equinox this year will only be hosting WHFB, WH40K and X…

Club Day & Hobby stuff for the past coupla weeks

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Auckland Anniversary weekend and lotsa hobby was had. Club was open on Sunday and with many away we had a quiet day with 36 Gamers enjoying some  WHFB, X-wing, Attack Wing, and Board games. Always good to blow out some steam with some cool games.A…

Arch Enemy Photo’s

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Thanks again to our sponsors for their help with Arch Enemy.The tournament was run as a casual event to start you back up for the Hobby this year. Everyone that came seemed to have adopted the attitude quickly. Fair play and fun was the order of the da…

Skaven Verminlord Corrupter

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So, this week I painted up the new Skaven Verminlord as a little something to pop on ebay. Personally I …

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Arch Enemy 2015 – Results & Pics

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This is our first One Dayer style tournament and it was a great success with 73 gamers enjoying a day of maximum games. We had a huge hand from the local retailers who sponsored the event. This meant that there were many prizes given back to the commun…

Empire ETC List v2.0

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After some deliberation and some play testing, I have decided that Karl Franz is not worth his points. Ld 10 with 18″ inspiring presence and the D3 wound Runefang is great, but he still dies easily in combat. Here is…

Casual Sunday

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We had our Club Onedayer of Table top & Board gaming yesterday ‘Arch Enemy’. I’ll do a write up and post the numerous pics soon. So it’s casual Sunday and look what I found.Brand new game.Here’s the primo big beastie.The unit’s that got you into th…

Arch Enemy 2015

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Arch Enemy 2015 One dayerWarhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, Flames of War, X-Wing & Board Gaming.When : 17th January , Saturday.Where : Freemans Bay Community Centre.Cafeteria on site : Pls bring cash as there is no EFTPOS (we’re a non-pro…

First few games of the Year (Just got back from holiday)

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Holidays are great and I spent the last couple of weeks zooming around the country visiting family. It was great to catch games in Wellington, New Plymouth and Wanganui along the way. Apologies to the guys in Rotorua and the Hawkes Bay as I didn’t mana…

New Skaven : WIP, more Ogres

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 The ratty ones get a look at the new End Times release. I hear many skitters and skutters looking forward to the new book. The New Vermin lord looks like the ticket with many a variation.Nagash gets a taste of Big Rat!What ever is ratting around …

Some Scenery completed

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Time for something a little different then the normal barrage of miniatures. This time it’s scenery! The only time I have come close to painting scenery before (including my own) was for a small commission some time back for some flat wall pieces for Deadzone. I’m really excited to do something different and mentally

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X-Wing Wave 5 & OGRE WIP

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Wave 5 ships dropped in for X-wing about a couple of weeks ago. Everyone seems to have incorporated them into their Squads. So last night I managed a game against 2 Decimators sporting all the new fandangles. It was a brutal list with 24 hull and 8 shi…

The End Times : Khaine

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What a roller coaster ride this book is. I remember the ‘Storm of Chaos’ WHFB release when I first started out in the Hobby way in the dark ages. That was pretty cool to introduce me to the rich vein of vivid imagination this hobby is. The End Times is…

New Blood Angels

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Friday sneak peeks of the up coming Blood Angels release. All of you BA players should be over the moon with all the new stuff. Everyone gets a little of some thing this hobby weekend. Smaug is massive and for a premium model, well worth the price. Us …

On the Painting table & Club day

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Must keep blogging to inspire the painting. Progress has been very slow. Etched out some painting to the Ogres and now have a second unit with a front rank coloured down. The more colour they get the more inspired I get with the hobby. Must finish army…

Morghast Archai

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Morghast Archai as seen through the window at Games Workshop. The Archai are Nagash’s elite guard and the greatest of the Morghast. Only Nagash’s closest lieutenants can command them and only the mightiest heroes of the mortal race have the power t…

A third of the way done

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There would seem to be a lot more Night Goblins in my army in comparison to Orcs. I have brough sixty spearmen with me and now I am almost a third of the way through the regiment. Not bad going for ten days painting. I have absolutely no basing materia…

End Times : Khaine is coming

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So I stumbled over the upcoming sneak peeks of the Khaine book on the interwebs. Better late than never and thought I’d share. This so far means that you can run two types of allied Elven armies. This makes for some powerful builds and Warhammer Fantas…

Back in the groove: WHFB & X-wing

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Warhammer Khaine was released for pre-orders over the weekend. Attributing to it’s massive popularity it was sold out in less than 20 minutes of release. Well this tells me how many players are out there still playing Warhammer fantasy, Friggin lots! S…

Oldhammer & Rogue Trader

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Here are four Oldhammer and Rogue Trader websites I discovered recently. Amazing stuff. Check it out!Realm of Chaos 80sWarhammer for AdultsDeathworld AdventuresRoebeast’s Magical House of Sunshine

End Times : Elven Alliance

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This weekend brings the next peek into the next End times book and it’s my favourite. The shaky alliance will tie together the entire three Elven races to fight in the End times. The arsenals of all Elven players just got real!Malekith finds himself le…

Glotkin and End Times : Warhammer

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The Glotkin has arrived in book II of ‘The End Times’. I’ve just got around to having a read and boy o boy it’s a brilliant advance on the WHFB IP. It’s a time of uncertainty for gamers but let me tell you that it’s a great time of change. The game has…

New Tyranids and Ogre Kingdoms WIP

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Some more new Tyranids are up this weekend and here is the sneak peek at them for ya. The bugs get their own droppies and they look pretty rad!Also some new goodies from Forge world.Ogre Kingdoms are on my painting table currently. Trying to make it as…

BloodBowl and Club day

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This Sunday was the ABBF Bloodbowl final held at Auckland City Guard Club between Geoff’s Orcs and my Elves. We’re both relatively new to the game and it was a funtastic season with 14 coaches playing in a round robin which culminated to the top 8 maki…