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The 9th Age Battle Report #01

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Kasual’s Kingdom of Equitiane vs. Rob’s Vermin Swarm!

A.C.G. Club day 7th Feb 16.

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Holiday weekend being celebrated over here in N.Z. We held club and was pleasantly surprised to get a great turnout for Club Sunday, what with everyone expected to be on holiday away. We had a huge range of games being played and hosted 53 gamers. Wh40…

The 9th Age – Fantasy Battles – Tournaments roll out

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So with version v.12 due in March, we should be rolling out tournaments in NZ proper soon.Here’s some of the events happening around the world so far. Check out the packs they are using and some of these tournaments are huge!1.Cardiff Grand Tournament:…

Top Events at ‘Over The Top 2016’

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Here’s some events you might want to watch out for happening over the weekend at OTT 2016 in Hamilton. The WHFB & AOS tournaments will be run by Brian Smith and Tim Lind. The W40K event will be run by Adam Thornton. All of whom are champions of the…

Warhammer Fantasy Chapel

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Warhammer ChapelJust before the Christmas shutdown and our studio move, I managed to paint a small Warhammer Fantasy Chapel. This model is now discontinued in favor of the Age of Sigmar scenery. I must admit that it is one of my favorite models from the Warhammer Fantasy scenery line. The roof […]

Fear and Loathing in Nottingham

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It’s mid-October when a Gmail notification pops up on my white Galaxy s5 notifying the top eight members of the Northeast Warhammer players, congratulating us on qualifying for the annual Master’s tournament in the one and only sin city, Las…

New Year…New Games

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It has been roughly 6 months since Games Workshop stabbed me in the heart. The Old World is dead. In its place, a new “game” and setting called Age of Sigmar was introduced. I played it. I hated it. If you played…

I dont like bald wizards // si so mago y so pelado te pongo greenstufff y listo el pollo

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Tenía este mago (Sacerdote lobo de Uric) para pintarlo, pero el problema fue que no me gustan los magos pelados, me dan mala espina, me parece que el sol les quema la bocha, que los mosquitos le pican  continuamente el bocho, no me gusta.
I had this wizard (Wolf priest of Ulric) to be painted, but the problem is that I dont like bald wizards, they give me a bad feeling about it, I think that the sun is burning the bald head, that mosquitos bite them endesly in the ball they have for head, I dont like them.

Y entonces llamé al Swanek del las miniaturas (yo) y me dije, macho, a esta mini le falta pelo y le sobra pelada. Tomé masilla de modelar y tarán tarán…

So I made myself the hairs using greenstuff…


Tu comentario es siempre bienvenido…

Skaven Exalted Vermin Lord finished

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Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!I am more than happy to post this update at last. I managed to get out of my modelling stalemate and finally managed to finish something which I have been stirring in my workbench for the past months, the wonderful mo…

Last Meet of the Year for Club – Gamefest 2015

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Last official Club meet of the year on Sunday gone. We had good turnout of about 40+ gamers.There was a massive selection as always of games on show. Games of note were:- A huge 12000pt Warhammer Fantasy Battle game amongst the table top gamers. Tim ki…

A.C.G Club Meet Sunday the 13.12.15

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A.C.G. Club XWING champs were run on Sunday. Well played Chris to take the trophy out for the first time. Great to see a good gather of gamers with a huge mix of other games too.There were 37 gamers in attendance. Poe made it into a couple of list…

9th Age Fantasy Battle Wargame – What is it?

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So looking for a Fantasy Battle Wargame. Looking for the complexity and strategy that Warhammer Fantasy Battle offered. Well, look no further because 9th Age is here. Backed and designed by the same community that gave you the ‘European Team Championsh…


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What’s in a name, anyway?… Continue reading DAEMONIC TRUE NAMES

Club Open Day 2015

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Probably the first Open day that I’ve ever attended. Great vibe and many people through the doors to checkout what the terms Gamers and Gaming means sans electronics. What I saw was a big bunch of ordinary people having a fantastic time over the two da…

Local Games Club Open Day

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A.C.G. Inc Open DayA.C.G is proud to present our Club Open Day. Come and check out our club venue and the games we play. All day Saturday and Sunday where we will have demonstration games and heaps of room for gaming. Bring yourself and your gaming gro…

Gaming over the long weekend

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Labour weekend saw 39 gamers gathering for Club Sunday. With everyone off on holiday and also Armageddon happening over Auckland we still managed a good crowd. We had a excellent mix of Board Gamers and Table Top enthusiasts.Big game of Eclipse.’Warham…

Games-Workshop Undead Spirit Host Review

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So in the upcoming posts here, I’ll be posting my completed Abyssal (angry) Dwarf army, which means I’ll be moving onto a new army!  This review may or may not be an indication of what that army is going to be. So for a hot minute, GW dropped the most amount of Warhammer Fantasy I’ve […]

Monstercon 2015 Board Gaming & Wargaming Weekend

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Another great couple of days of gaming was had over the weekend of the 17th & 18th of Oct. MonsterCon in it’s new slot on Halloween month. Again we had some awesome sponsors supporting the event which meant that we were in a brilliant venue of ‘Ros…

Bretonnian Grail Pilgrims

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One of my favourite units in the Bretonnian army of Warhammer 6th through 8th editions (not that the unit changed in those revisions) are the Grail Pilgrims.   These guys lug a relic – in this case the deceased body of a dead Grail Knight and his steed about with them, and adorn themselves in relics … Continue reading Bretonnian Grail Pilgrims

Warhammer Fantasy Ogres

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Warhammer Fantasy OgresThis completed commission was for a small Warhammer Ogre force that is to be used by the client for their Mordheim games. The Ogres were painted to ‘High Quality’ paint level. The client wanted the miniatures painted in a similar way to the stock images of Games Workshop with basic […]

A.C.G Sunday & Guardsman Trophy 2015

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Over the weekend we held a full Club Sunday of gamers. Amongst all the Board games we had X-Wing and Guardsman Trophy humming in the room. Club filling up and in the fore ground some WHFB 8th ed. Frank’s high elves arrayed for battle. Te…

ETC 2016 – is Ninth Age

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ETC Votes in for Ninth Age for 2016The ETC Captains have spoken. Next year’s biggest event in Fantasy Battle Wargaming will be run using the Ninth Age rules.The voting was finished in the weekend and saw Ninth Age receive 24 first votes to KoW 10 (afte…

October Tournament

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MonsterCon 201518th October 9am – 7pmVenue: Rose Park HotelEntry: $20 by the 11th of OctWHFB – 3 Games of 3000pts.  WH40K – 4 Games of 1000pts.Contact:

CanOpener ‘Gaming for Charity’ 2015

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A.C.G’s Annual charity event to raise ‘Cans of food’ for the Auckland City Mission. With a 10+ year tradition, this year we had the ‘Rose Park Hotel’ helping in the hosting of our event. Over the two days we saw Board gaming, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, …

Club Sunday the 6th

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Another busy Sunday of games at Club. Xwing, Armada, Whfb, Wh40k, Epic, Board games and more was in attendance.