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W40K – Necron / Tomb Blades

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Today I would like to show you unit of Necron Tomb Blades. Insane fast, deadly vehicles designed for raids and rapid assaults. Enjoy! Necrons are one of my favourite races in 40k universe (ok, to be honest I like them ALL and I wish to collect them ALL too 😛 ). When I received a[…]

Games Workshop – Warhammer Community Round-up

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Malign Portents, Necromunda and more courtesy of Games Workshops ‘Warhammer Community’…——————–View in web browserYour Warhammer Community News RoundupDread Solstice: Week 2 BeginsCheck out what your decisions from the first week of this …

Podcast: Malign Portents Review

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Greetings once again, fans of dice-rolling, rules-reading and occasional movement tray-shuffling! We come at you with something a little different today. We recently got our […]

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Aeldari Craftworld Wild Rider Jetbike Army Gallery (Nearly done!!)

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A quick gallery of my army as it is now… it’s really starting to come together!Test tube holders make for the best model painting grips…Until next time!Thanks for reading.If you liked what you saw, and you want to help out, please leave a comment. …

Pęknięta czacha | Splintered skull

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Przedostatni plastikowy szkielet z czasów 5. edycji, maźnięty w celu uzupełnienia kolekcji. Plastik okazał się tak kruchy, że raczej nie zdecyduję się na granie tymi figurkami, nie mówiąc już o ich przenoszeniu. Do pokazania został jeszcze tylko chorąż…

Aeldari New Year: Shining Spear Conversion Gallery

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Just a quick one because my computer has decided to start ignoring its USB ports (and thus I can’t get past the log in screen). These are my Shining Spear Aspect Warriors, made from Reaver Jet bikes and some old High Elf spear men kits.No one pay atten…

Craftworld Aeldar 500 Point Starter List, The Eldar Wild Riders

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Do you like lightning fast armies? Do you love having the most powerful guns? Do you still want to hit hard in close combat too? Well read on, my fellow space elf players. Read on.This is perhaps the least beginner collection friendly army I’ve ever wr…

Aeldari New Year: Warp Spider Conversions

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“Chuc mung nam moi!” as they same in my adoptive home town, and Happy Year of the Dog as they say in my actual home village!As part of my continuing Aeldari/Eldar renovation project, I’ve finally sat down and finished doing the tabletop standard p…

Black Library – Newsletter

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New releases from the Black Library…——————-View in web browser Coming SoonNew TitlesSeriesAuthorsHeirs of the Laughing God: A Deadly WitGav ThorpeBattling orks, the Harlequins of the Masque of the Fading Dawn begin to worry abou…

Empire Reiksgard Foot Knights

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Just a quick post about my latest AHPCVIII entry…This time its a unit of 24 Reiksgard Knights on foot. Happy to have these off the workbench as they’ve been hanging about, taunting me relentlessly with their half-finished state for some time now.More…

Games Workshop – Newsletter

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More Malign Portents from Games Workshop…———————View in web browser  The Dread Solstice BeginsAre you ready to shape the fate of the Mortal Realms? A new campaign is beginning – one where your skills on the battlefield and the…

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Imperial Florists!

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A day late, but minor catastrophes abound when you’re in my job. My fellow neck beards…Valentine’s Day is typically a day of sadness, regret, and far too much junk food. Indeed, I remember a time where I ate an entire Valentine’s Day pizza set for tw…

Undead Blood Bowl Team – Golden Vultures

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Almost eight years ago, I started a Blood Bowl project in a german-speaking forum, with the aim to create a team by simply using leftovers that I found in my bitzbox. In doing so, I wanted to make sure that I painted and played as well, and that’s how the concept of “Challenge” came into […]

AHPC VIII – Ev’s Challenge, Day 57

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Greetings friends and followers!It’s been a while since I’ve delivered a progress report on what has been a moderately productive Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge (at least by my admittedly leisurely standards), so here goes.I had a bit of a re…

OS Miniatures Alpine Gnomes

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So this is it, my full Kickstarter of OS (Old School) Miniatures has been painted for use in the AHPC.While the figures are full of character, they do have some unfortunate hick-ups as well in my opinion.But they are so full of character, and look so c…

Mumia | Mummy

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Armia ożywieńców doczekała się podziału na Vampire Counts i Tomb Kings dopiero w szóstej edycji WFB, wcześniej wszelkich nieumarłych wystawiano razem – szkielety, duchy, wampiry, mumie, ghoule i im podobne istoty złączone w jednej armii.Mój pierwszy ko…

Aeldar New Year: Guardian to Ranger Conversion

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Chinese New Year is this week, and my wife and I are busy getting ready for it (new clothes, roasted pork, roasted duck, lucky money packets etc.). As you can imagine from the total lack of new posts, hobby time is extremely limited, but I have two or …

Total War again

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So I have played a fair bit of Total War. I do love it. The mechanics is good, the races are well done I think (you can always moan about something that is missing but it is clear it was done by gamers who care and understand… the bulk of it is there…

Prosty włócznik | A simple spearman

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Dziś, dla odmiany (hehe) znowu szkielet, tyle że metalowy staroć. Figurkę wydano w 1987 pod jakże chwytliwą nazwą Spearman, a jej autorem jest Aly Morrison. Podejrzewam, że tego rodzaju rzeźby trzaskał po trzy między przyjściem do pracy i wyjściem na l…

Blood Bowl – Skycastle Titans Part 2

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A guest article by Daniel / DinoTitanEdition on his Blood Bowl Underworld Team, the Skycastle Titans. “Oye … what is dat?” “Dunno coach, da troll wanted to eat da little gobbo there and did`t let go.” “Da git is quite big …. O.K. Place our most delicious player near the middleline. We gon’ keepz da […]

Bez niespodzianek | No suprises

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Jak w tytule – bez niespodzianek, czyli jeszcze jeden kościotrup złożony z zestawu, którego wydanie datowane jest na początek 5. edycji WFB. Zostało ich jeszcze kilka, ale żeby oszczędzić Czytelników, przemieszam je z innymi figurkami, których kilkanaś…

Battle Report – Warhammer Skirmish – Throwback Thursdays EP 126

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The 6th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle game jam-packed with a ton of additional peripherals and game play add-ons that are somewhat forgotten to the sands of time. Today Chris and I take a look at one of the greatest alternate play-styles for one of the greatest editions of Warhammer ever made; 6th Edition. Advertisements

Age of Sigmar / 9th Age – Ogres Army Showcase

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Time to show you huge Ogres army!Hey! Today I would like to share three showcase photos of Ogre Kingdom army. I painted them a few months ago. 55 miniatures of infantry, beasts and heroes on standard level – it was a pure pleasure to bring life to these behemoths. 🙂 Sculpts are interesting and miniatures[…]

[ENG/PL] Flagellants and extreme worship of God / Flagelanci i ekstremalne wielbienie Boga (Mordheim Flagellants)

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“Oh, full of scorpions is my mind…”Hello everyone!I return to one of my favourite Witch Hunters project today. In previous parts, you had the opportunity to follow my story of the Witch Hunters Institution (Sigmar’s Order), you met Johann Van Hal an…

Kości, kości | Bones, bones

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Jak to u mnie bywa – ponownie szkielet. Tych konkretnych plastików zostało jeszcze kilka do pokazania, nie wyróżniają się raczej niczym szczególnym. Malując je próbowałem trochę nowych technik, np. wykorzystania washy zmywanych potem, jeszcze przed zas…