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Games I Like – All of them! – The Machine Shop Episode 5 – Starting a new game

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Games I Like – Warmachine – A paintjob six years in the making: Finally finished THE BEHEMOTH

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I love the art for this thing when it was first released. I hated the model. Some putty, resculpting and repositioning later and this heavy son-of-a-gun was walking with his guns actually ranged downfield. He’s been painted in traditional Khador red… as befits Irusk’s personal Warjack. I’ll be bringing him with me to FoodMachine in […]

Games I Like – All of them! – The Machine Shop Episode 3: Painting vs Playing

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Games I Like – Warmachine – Progress on my Foodmachine paint-bet

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Basic airbrush basecoats with Militaire Angelic Blood. Details are all old citadel paints.
Finished my min unit of Man O Wat Demo Corps, Drakhun with dismount and War Dog!

Games I Like – Warmachine – That great feeling you get…

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…when your wife makes you organize the basement and you find a box of lost Warmachine figs!
Vindictus, Daughters of the Flame, 2 Mules, a Vanguard, Bokur and Buccaneer unearthed from the lead pile!

I knew I had more Warmachine stuff than I&#8217…

Games I Like – Warmachine – Foodmachine 2014 Paint Bet

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Never one to shy away from the massive mountain of unpainted models I’ve collected over the decades, I have entered into another Paint Bet. This time, the Catalyst is the excellent Charity Tournament being held by Buffalo Press Ganger Adam Vogel. I will be attending it to do coverage with Kris and Steve from […]

Games I Like – Infinity/Warhammer/Warmachine – Looking for Opponents!

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Hey folks! Just a quick note letting you all know I’m looking for opponents to throw down dice in games of Infinity, Warhammer and Warmachine! Standard caveats apply; Games take place at the MiniWarGaming studios here in Welland, Ontario. Armies must be fully painted and based! All comers are welcome and I’m happy to schedule […]

Games I Like – Warmachine – Played another League Game: Circle vs. Khador

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A couple of rules mistakes aside, a great game against Steve!

Painted Legion of Everblight: Spawning Vessel, Striders, Raptors

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Battle: Kommander Strakhov vs. Grand Scrutator Severius, 50 points

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Played John Christensen (aka Menothjohn) over a year ago. In this second of three games, Strakhov fought the Grand Scrutator.The first part was easy. Cast Occultation (stealth) onto the Black Dragons.Kossites Ambush the Errants and Conquest lays down s…

This week in Eclectic Gaming 4/7: Adepticon+

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Note, the above image is an entrant in the Crystal Brush Painting Competition from Adepticon, not mine. I wanted to start a new recurring feature on the site, covering my weekly exploits in gaming. Hopefully this will give you an idea of how my eclectic gaming tastes change week over week and show how some […]

Battle: Supreme Kommandant Irusk vs. Feora Protector of the Flame, 50 points

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The irregular schedule of irregularity continues rather irregularly.Early in 2013, I traveled up to Milwaukee to play a game against Menoth John of the infamous Ask MenothJohn thread and Painting with Menoth John. I brought the Heavy Armor Battalion an…

Battle: The Butcher of Khardov vs. Chieftain Madrak Ironhide, 50 points

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Steve Keplinger was a newer player when I brought the Butcher to his Madrak. It’s a crazy infantry shredding game that ends in a rush and a whiff..The Chieftain takes position on the hill with Surefoot supporting his champions. Cleverly, Madrak present…

Terrain: Angled Trenches

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This was the new angled trench terrain that I wanted to try with 2″ sides. I know I didn’t slope the embankments, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that with anything less than 3-5″ slope to ease the grade of the incline. I play with a lot of heavy…

Battle: Supreme Kommandant Irusk vs. Kallus Wrath of Everblight, 50 points

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Supreme Kommandant Irusk had a nice little fight against Kallus.

The Wreck marker on the hill isn’t a wreck, but is probably a heavy warjack of some kind. I can’t remember if this list uses Beast-09 or not. Probably, since he can’t balance on that h…


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Jason and I re-did our lists. He fielded Ravyn Eternal Light and my Supreme Kommandant standard list.

Fearless and Tough Winterguard Riflemen. Chances are I forgot to activate Kovnik Joe.

The Spriggan puts up some flares to remove stealth from some members of the Strike Force. Boosted Riflemen shots handle the rest from 14" away.

Hyperion and Behemoth stand-off with

Battle: Supreme Kommandant Irusk vs. Garryth, Retribution of Scyrah, 35 points

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Played Jason Young’s Retribution at Games Plus. Irusk brought the Heavy Armor Battalion theme force while Jason brought a Garryth Assassin force. (Not sure if he was in theme).

Note: I do not think these are Kossites. They are probably proxied …

Battle: Harkevitch the Iron Wolf vs. Magnus the Traitor, 50 points

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For my last game at Warmachine Weekend, I finally had the courage to bust out my Harkevitch theme force, complete with a Mortar and Field Gun crew.

That’s a friendly wreck marker, folks. That’s right, Harkevitch theme force in the house!


Terrain: Forest Templates

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I made a bunch of forest templates for a friend in exchange for conversion work, and I’m still sad to have let them go. Sometime in the future I’ll have to make some more of these for myself.

Battle: Vladimir Tzepesci vs. Goreshade the Cursed, 50 points

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The Charge of the Horselords theme force bolts across the table with additional SPD on the warjacks and Dash making high armored khador ponies a living wall blocking a zone against the oncoming Cryx force.

Drago makes first strike, clearing the Obje…

Event: Saturday February 8, 2014 at Chicagoland Games the Dice Dojo, 50 pt SR

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Chad is running the following event at the Dice Dojo on February 8:

Chicagoland Games the Dice Dojo 5550 North Broadway Chicago, IL 60640 (773) 728-3656 
SR2014 – 50 points – 2 Lists Required, Divide & Conquer 1 (Must play each list once) – Deathclock
Registration – 10:00am Start time – 11:00am Cost – $10Rules:
Prizes: Coins

Battle: Vladimir Tzepesczi Great Prince of Umbrey vs. Vayl, Disciple of Everblight, 50 points

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A Dash Cav army vs. the Disciple of Everblight’s warbeast and churn army? Send the cav in, hold the ‘jacks and solos in reserve.

Many people lament the power of warbeasts. Here, however, the warbeasts in Vlad’s backfield are completely hindered …

First Malifaux game and controllable randomness

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I was able to get together with my old friend Josh and him being a huge Malifaux junkie, he walked me through my first game. I don’t know enough about the game to give much of a battle report but I was quite taken with it.  I played Lady Justice, who is as awesome as […]

Battle: Vladimir Tzepeszi Great Prince of Umbrey vs. Tyrant Xerxis, 50 points

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Vladimir Tzepesczi brings Conquest against the Xerxis wall.

The Charge of the Horselords crashes into the Xerxis battle line…and bounces.

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After that, it’s only a matter of time before the Cataphracts take Vlad apart.

Battle: Old Witch of Khador vs. Forward Kommander Sorscha, 50 points

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Kayazy Assassins get Weald Secrets to move through the woods, and the Old Witch and Behemoth hide inside a forest with stealth. Black Dragons with Iron Flesh move up in Shield wall and stand Fearless against the Doom Reavers’ abomination.