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Battle: Captain Gunnbjorn vs. Forgemaster Sybtherion, 50 pointz

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Played the game 3 BYE of the tournament against Phil Koziol. It’s not like we don’t play against each other enough as it is, but this was a fun game.I am loving the Glacier King with Gunnbjorn.In this game the king had snipe, and used its vantage po…

Painted khador: Kodiak, Demolisher, Gun Carriage, Karchev

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I was lucky in that Aaron Marra was eager to make an extreme Karchev for me. I briefly played him before giving up on the concept. If you get the opportunity to use Unearthly Rage, he is balls out fun. Otherwise, the dude just gets shot or shot do…

Most recent Steamroller at Chicagoland Games the Dice Dojo

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Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of running an event at the Dice Dojo here in Chicago. 9 players participated, and it was quite fun seeing a mix of people I’m not used to seeing.Our participants :Vincent (Convergence)Phil (Converence)David (Cygnar)Jo…

Painted Khador: Manhunters, War Dog

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As part of this current batch of Khador, I also painted two new Manhunter Solos in case I wanted to do something crazy like run Old Witch Theme force. I also painted a new War Dog in the new scheme.

Battle: Captain Gunnbjorn vs. Force Wall

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During round 2 of the recent Dice Dojo event, I played the bye round against Adam Dodds. I think it’s been a year or more since we’ve played a game, and it was nice to throw down against him again.And then he dropped Force Wall, Kaelyssa’s theme force….

Painted Khador: Kossite Woodsmen, Winterguard Infantry, Kayazy Eliminators

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And once more you can see my white khador scheme start to evolve. Some of this is missing something, and later on I will paint future Khadoran stuff with orange anvils, but for now the majority of my snow Khador is pretty much just white and gray.

Battle: The World Ender vs. Kommander Sorscha

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During last Saturday’s event at the Dice Dojo I played all three BYE rounds. While I usually find this terrible to do in practice (I am way too distracted by what’s happening around me to either play or rule properly), I didn’t see any time to practice…

The Glacier King will not be bagged!

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Trying to pack for a trip can be like a bad singing round of “Hole in the bucket.”I’m packing the glacier king, dear reader, dear reader, I’m packing the king, dear reader, the king.So cut you some foam, dear felix dear felix so cut you some foam, dear…

Wall of Done: Legion of Everblight

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Okay. So I painted these Legion models back at the old house. I can tell because there’s a print of Vindictus on the wall and a yellow wall. Still figuring out color schemes at this point.

Painted Legion of Everblight: Kallus, Seraph, Extreme Carnivean

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At one point, I thought for certain that I was going to play me some Kallus. He’s a grindy warlock with access to Dark Guidance. What’s not to love?It’s not like I don’t have the Incubi for it.In the end, however, I much preferred painting the model th…

Battle Report – Warmachine – Robot Rampage Ep 07

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Battle: Vengeance of the Rimeshaws vs. The Desertwalker

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Who’s up for a little time walking?I’m going to go backwards through my game by posting pictures on my phone. These reports are going to be less expansive compared to what I used to do because I no longer try to document the game as it’s played. I just…

Painted Legion of Everblight: Shepherd, Annyssa Ryvaal

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It’s been over  a year since I’ve updated with finished model shots. I’ve been lazy and just relying on phone pictures and facebook. So here’s a blast from the past with a hope of catching up.

Like They’re Reading My Mind – Trollbloods Active Duty Roster for Season 3

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Yesterday on the Privateer Insider William Hungerford announced some of the tournament changes coming to Warmachine and Hordes that were also covered in the Privateer Press podcast. They talk about the Champions format and the special casual league for…

A Desperate Hour with the World Ender

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As the title may imply, I’m having one of those list building moments. Events are coming, my iPad has crashed, and I’m reconsidering reintroducing a little bit of Madrak2 to my gameplay.There won’t be any real time to practice or test. Just a little th…

The Hunters Grim vs. The Lord of Ruin

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Last Friday Craig Cassata and I played a 50 pt game of Incursion . He was trying out a kraken, double cav, Goreshade 3 recursion list while I was trying hunters grim with bomber, dozer, and scattergunners.I think the point of his list was to bring back…

Mod cube kickstarter (post 2 of 2)

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So before blogger eats another post, I’ll cut to my three loadouts for my trollbloods tokens.Loadout 1 – “status effects” 15 red cubes*Knockdown*Aim*Fire*Stationary*Corrosion*SpellWith trolls, knockdown is a constant, and we also have access to all ele…

Mod cube kickstarter (part 1 of 2)

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If there’s one thing you get used to seeing clutter the table in tabletop games, it’s tokens. And if your particular jam is warmachine, then tokens abound.I don’t often go in on kickstarters, but the proliferation of token sets in the warmachine afterm…

Warmachine Battle Report – Robot Rampage Ep 06

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Warmachine Battle Report – Robot Rampage Ep 06

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Oh the fails

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I lost the hordes list was monkeying around with last week, just in time to play in a steamroller at the dice dojo with my phone like some kind of savage.And the posted image is totally deceptive. I wish I could blame an expensive software option like …

Battle Report – Warmachine – Robot Rampage Ep 05!

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Battle Report – Warmachine – eStryker vs. High Reclaimer – Robot Rampage Ep 04!

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Battle Report – Warmachine and Hordes – Robot Rampage Ep 02!

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My USA WTC resume!

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Link to the Resume in question.

So there’s this big International Event for Warmachine players called the World Team Championship. Ten man teams from different countries compete for glory and chicks. Okay, maybe just the chicks.

The other day, when I should have been grading papers, I submitted my resume for Team USA. I figured, well if Flanzer is going to coach, I’d be the perfect fill-in on the Troll spot!

Unfortunately, my resume doesn’t technically qualify to even be submitted.

I mean, standards. What’s with those?!

So posted for your perusal are the contents of the resume I have helpfully linked to on the Team USA facebook page.

Please share this far and wide. Or maybe half. Far or wide, your choice.

Once you read my resume, you will see why.

Felix Flauta Jr.
Chicago, IL.

Tournament Experience

Foodmachine at the Dice Dojo. Chicago, IL. December 13, 2014

  • Placed third by losing to the eventual winner of the event, Tony Faber. Our epic match consisted of me burning cans to re-roll Tough checks simply to aggravate the man.

Warmachine Weekend, Iron Gauntlet Qualifier. St. Louis, MO. November 7, 2014

  • Earned a first round bye when opponent did not show. Then I totally ducked Jordan Nach in a “wanna play it out” moment.
  • Later in the tournament I successfully noted that Absylonia the Daughter of Everblight had the spell Teleport. I failed to notice that she had Conferred Rage.
  • Did not place. Obviously.

Gencon Some Kind of 50 point tournaments.  Indianapolis, IN. August 15 or 16, 2014.

  • Can not remember a single result except that I won a game against Cryx.
  • Nate White may have had his revenge against me with his Khador. Or Mercs.

Aluminum Gauntlet (Iron Gauntlet practice rounds) at the Dice Dojo. Chicago, IL. August 9, 2014

  • Beat Nate White into submission by activating and moving 75 points of Trollbloods infantry and then activating Madrak the World Ender’s feat, Desperate Hour. The submission may or may not have been entirely psychological.

Masters Qualifier 2 at Adepticon. Lombard, IL. March 20, 2014

  • Won games because my first opponent tried to make the Hierarch Severius work and my second opponent was borrowing a Griffon spam army and left some Griffons off the table.
  • Clifton Cline eventually put me in my place by fielding the Hunters Grim against my World Ender. Had a nice Madrak surf moment across the table at Grim, though.

50 pt Steamroller at Games Plus. Mount Prospect, IL. January 25, 2014

  • After winning my first game I got soundly spanked by three Circle players in a row. Then they beat me in games.
  • However, Mountain King had an amazing shot at killing Nick Kleeman’s Morvahna the Dawnshadow by eating a dude and Killshotting a 10” spray at her. Would have been bonkers.

50 pt Steamroller at Games Plus. Mount Prospect, IL. November 23, 2013

  • Won a game only to forget to feat in the following game against one Jordan Nach. Ten minutes later, we’re at Five Guys.

Last Chance Qualifier at Warmachine Weekend. St. Louis, MO. November 15, 2013

  • Defeated Sammy Nguoc by choosing the correct table side and laughing maniacally when the Pyg Burrowers destroyed his only real chance at contesting the zone. It was a hollow victory. Nick Kleeman had already taken me out of contention.

Preferred Armies

  • I do my best work with Grissel, Marshal of the Kriels and Jarl Skuld the Devil of the Thornwood.
  • Of course that means I love playing Hoarluk Doomshaper Shaman of the Gnarls out of tier and Madrak the World Ender.
  • I also have a converted Grim Angus to look more like his epic form, so I intend to play him more often.
  • Anything plastic would be fantastic for checking them and just carrying on the heavy metal models.
  • You know what’s plastic? Fennblades, Scattergunners, Champions, Warders. Dudespams, basically.  You know what’s going to be plastic soon? Kriel Warriors.
  • Did I mention I like Trolls???

Other Considerations

  • Totally botched a game rule running an alternate qualifier at Keith Christensen’s table. A later review showed me the error of my ways.
  • I’m like Jason Segel in Freaks and Geeks with the 100 piece drum set; I have more painted models than I can actually play with.
  • Would totally be a good choice to be announced for April Fools.