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Figure Forge 103: Sturnhammer for Warpath w/Magnets

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In this Figure Forge Matt assembles the Sturnhammer Battle Tank and the Drakkar APC for the Forge Fathers.  He uses magnets to demonstrate how easy it is to convert your kit. I had a lot of fun putting the Sturnhammer together for Skip

Firefight get’s an outing

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The Warhammer 40K models don’t get much of an outing here. It’s true that at the moment work tends to dominate life so most of my army collections don’t get much of an outing, but the 40K armies even less so. Basically we have found the rules to be ove…

Mantic Games – DreadBall

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Something just came and hit me out of left field (do you see what I did there?).  And that’s Mantic Games sending out a teaser for their new game DreadBall.Mantic has already established itself as the Company Not Afraid to Rip-Off Games Workshop (…

Stop and think.

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Mantic’s Warpath beta rules. Sci-fi game, lots of shooting. Page 6, cover section. Is it really that hard to devise simple, solid, clear rules for models behind cover without convoluted text, stupid suppositions and counting of models on both units, and finally a die roll to decide when people can’t work it out? Some Italian […]

Mind read

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It’s interesting how the Warpath alpha rules make use of the leader of a squad to measure and move the whole squad, just as I’m doing with my Dust Tactics Unleashed rules hack.Filed under: updates