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Paladin Ancient

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So this is my Ancient for my Fallen knights, clearly he has fallen further than most 🙂 Advertisements

Plagueburst Crawler

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I only have one of them so far, but I do love the model. It has been great fun to paint well, all of the Death Guard are fun to paint         Advertisements


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Even those dedicated to the Tzeentch need a little pick me up sometimes.. Advertisements


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So this is my Voldus model, who you can see inst as corrupted as my other fallen knights 🙂 Advertisements

Cog Building 101 – Paint Scheme

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So after the first article outlining want I wanted to do HERE and shout out to Triple Helix Wargames for helping me out as always with the army. I have my color scheme, it ties in with my fallen knights I think … Continue reading →

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

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Say hello to my little friend. Finally got round to painting this bad boy and I am really happy how he has turned out and hopefully gives me something very unique to use as I hate the official GW model! … Continue reading →

The Great Unclean (Slug) One

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So the idiot I am decided that I didn’t want more than 1 Great Unclean One to the look the same. This had nothing to do with me watching Star Wars at the weekend either… So I decided a F’off … Continue reading →

Fallen (Grey) Knight Terminators

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First batch of my Fallen Knights are done and I am pretty happy with them. Yes they are bonkers but it gives me plenty of options for both Grey Knights and 1k Sons. Advertisements


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Managed to paint a little bit more Death Guard 🙂 This time the crazy Tallyman, I admit I haven’t had chance to run him yet. Mainly because I have struggled to fit him in and I know that remembering his … Continue reading →

Cog Building 101 – Starting Ad Mech

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Exciting news if slightly belated, I am starting a set of articles around New Year New Army…. Yes I know it is nearly a quarter of the way through shush now! Anyway huge shout out to Triple Helix Wargames who … Continue reading →

#WIPWednesday Drone

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Been bloody ages since I remembered to tag anything with a WIPWednesday 🙂 So I got my hands on a second drone and well he didn’t want to be a twin of his brother. So cue the Diagnosis Murder music! … Continue reading →

Plague Surgeon

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My Plague Surgeon, continuing my cross mixing of the 30K models I was lucky enough to be gifted 2 of the MK3 Apothecaries who fit nicely into my army! Plus I am not a fan of the actual Plague Surgeon … Continue reading →


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Never leave home without these, as lets be honest being able to tank wounds from your characters onto these guys. Lets ALOT especially when people insist on picking on poor Mortarion! they where great models to paint but then all … Continue readi…

Fallen (Grey) Knights First AAR

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So against a relatively balanced mix Tyranid list. The Grey Knights came up short, twas a brutal game but much was learnt. Dreadknights are as nasty as you would expect. I did like the double fist with incinerator build. Gives … Continue reading …

Fallen Knights Emerge

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So get to rock the Grey Knights side of my fallen knights. Will be against Tyranids more than likely, really interested to see how things go. So my list is the following and lets me have 7CP. 1 Nemesis Dreadknight … Continue reading →

WIP Fallen Knights and Help Needed

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So I said to myself that I would use the blog as a more living blog, rather than just showing what I have painted I would show the process a little more. With that in mind I have been working … Continue reading →


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He might not be as big as his 40K version anymore but I still love this model and will continue to use (mainly as the 40k pose is daft also I am cheap). Advertisements

Deredeo Dreadnought

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Bit more Death Guard done, this time the bonkers Deredeo Dread. Would you want to argue with some many guns?! Just a crazy crazy idea!     Advertisements