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The Complete Blood Angels Beginner Guide: Your First Army

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So we’ve had a look at Background Lore, the Troops, and Key Elements to the Blood Angels army. Now let’s look at getting you your first 500 point patrol!If you don’t want to think about it, and are just itching to get into games, the Start Collecting K…

Deathwatch Special Issue Ammunition Selector: Bolt Rifle

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You’d think it would be the same chart as the Bolter, just with every shot buffed by -1AP. The maths makes it a little different though:** For the bolt pistol use the chart in the Bolter Selector page.Hellfire really rises to prominence for the Bolt Ri…

Finally Off The Table

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So after the block painting comes the ink. I may yet go back and fill in the skull eye sockets with black paint, but basically it is finished. This is a great sculpt, maybe a bit smaller than I was expecting, but I really like the quality of Wargame Exclusive models. I must order some … Continue reading Finally Off The Table

Codex Deathwatch Points updates: The Lemondish Leaks, and Shotguns are back!

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Bloggers and Youtubers often say how grateful they are for comments and likes. Usually it’s just because it makes them more search engine optimised. I, however, could not be more grateful for comments since they give me access to the 40K community.I ha…

Deathwatch Special Issue Ammunition Selector!

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Have you ever wondered which is the optimum ammunition to use for your Deathwatch Veterans? Would you like to know what is best to use in any situation?Don’t worry. Teacher made a cheat sheet.I spent a day making this.Don’t judge me, I was pinned in th…

40K Battle

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A few weeks ago, we had a game of 40K, my Grey Knights against Mr Steinbergs close combat Chaos Nurgle horde. We played one of the missions, with the Grey Knights defending a settlement. This was not an ideal mission for a small elite force as they could not maneuver much and use their strengths, … Continue reading 40K Battle

Deathwatch Codex Leak: Just use Stormbolters and Recommended Default Squads

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Here’s a list taken from Faeit212, who got it from miniwars, who got it from 4chan. Yes, this is quite the chain of whispers, but it looks fairly legitimate and I have no reason to doubt the image.What we can draw from this is that your default weapon …

Imperial Guard get their first run

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Took what will eventually be my Cadian 317th Regiment “The Lost and Forlorn” out for their first game last night.  Went up against a fun Genestealer cult last that was popping out everywhere, charging everything and hitting like a ton of really he…

BREAKING NEWS: Deathwatch Stratagems Revealed, with Analysis!

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These are about the only Stratagems from the recent Warhammer Community reveal you need to know about, turning the otherwise lacklustre power of bolters into something terrifying:This is great! It’s like Veterans of the Long War, which makes the shooti…

BREAKING NEWS: Deathwatch Primaris Kill Teams Special Rules Analysis!

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Primaris Kill Teams are here, with some nifty special rules to make the very best of Your Dudes!The latest drop over at Warhammer Community shows us some of the special rules attacked to each unit type. Let’s look at some neat tricks (and some minor cr…

BREAKING NEWS: Deathwatch Special Issue Ammunition, Primaris Deathwatch and Chapter Tactics Explained!

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It’s been a good long time since I’ve pumped out a BREAKING NEWS! rules analysis post. But I have to admit, the Deathwatch Codex has me all pumped up!The Deathwatch are the Space Marine equivalent of the SAS, Navy Seals, or any other modern day elite f…

Alpha Legion Metallic Blue and Green Highlights Test Model

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Just a few pictures before the next post for the Complete Blood Angels Beginners Guide. Of all the Chaos Space Marine Legions, I’m most drawn to the Alpha Legion (with Sons of Horus being a close second), and I’ve tried a few times to do their colour s…

The Complete Blood Angels Beginner Guide: Troops

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Love them or hate them, you’re not building an effective army without them. Your rank and file are the soul and centre of your army, and as such, these will be the only one’s I will discuss in detail in the Beginner Guide… otherwise we’ll be here unt…

40K FAQ: New Beta Rules for Tactical Reserves Analysis

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So in the middle of releasing the Complete Beginners Guide for Blood Angels, a Deep Strike heavy faction, this is released:Let’s just summarise the rule:Half the total number of units of your army must be set up on the battle field.Half the combined Po…

The Complete Blood Angels Beginners Guide

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This is the first of a series of comprehensive beginner guides. They are designed for raw beginners to Warhammer 40K first, but can be good for veterans looking to start a new army. If I’ve missed anything vital, let me know!The Blood Angels are one of…

Black Library Open Submission: Fallen Legend

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Last of the Black Library Open Submissions, this one is a re-writing of a previous attempt. I’ve gone hard for a Western-inspired story, which I think is fitting for a Fallen Dark Angel hiding out in the wilderness.Hope you like it!Yeah it’s Cypher, bu…

Work in progress: Project G’undam T’au Mu’Gulath Bay Army Gallery

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I feel like “Bay” should have an apostrophe somewhere…Not much of a gallery, but some work in progress pictures. It looks remarkably cohesive as a force, considering the complicated colours on the Commander and Riptide.The white and reds help the G’u…

Work in Progress: Project G’undam T’au Riptide and Commander Gallery

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Just a quick update on  project G’undam. The base layers and washes are done. So far, I really like them!And after shading and washes…For information on the paints used, have a look on my previous post.Until next time!Thanks for reading.If you l…

T’au 500 point Starter Army, Heroes of The Greater Good

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I’m revamping and re-tooling my T’au army. Although I’m certain the list I’ve come up with is both competitive and easy to use, I don’t think I’ll be continuing collecting T’au.Whilst I’ll never stop believing in mecha and the sheer coolness of robots,…

Mu’gulath Bay T’au and Project G’undam

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… attack of the apostrophe drone.With the release of the new codex, it’s time to revisited my proud and scarred warriors from Mu’gulath Bay.I don’t have the codex yet, so I don’t have the details, but from what I gather it hasn’t gone well for the in…

More Beef

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I have had these two Ogryns knocking around for far too long waiting for some paint. Now they are finished, I can field two units of three beefy Ogryns in my Steam Wars Prussian army. They may even get used in a 40K Inquisition force… Advertisements

Necrons and The Future Chapter Tactic of the Space Wolves?

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I have to admit, I’ve always been fascinated by the Sons of Fenris. In them the grim dark of 40K perfectly fuses with the silliness and conceits of the setting. Of course there are space viking werewolves, and of course they’re hard drinking and yet lo…

Wargame Exclusive Character

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The range of models from Wargame Exclusive is superbly detailed and given that they are on the other side of Europe, postage costs have been okay so far. I wanted an alternative model to lead my Grey Knights and this chap fits the role. There are more models I fancy getting my hands on, but … Continue reading Wargame Exclusive Character

T’au Mu’gulath Bay Cadre Fireblade Conversion Gallery

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Finishing off a conversion job I started a long time ago, the Cadre Fireblade is complete just in time for the release of the 8th Edition T’au Codex.My Mu’gulath Bay T’au are unlike most other sept worlders. Having been subjected to the worst Extermina…

Primaris Space Marine Field Police Inceptor Gallery

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I be sick. Beyond man-flu sick, to actual sick. This is why I haven’t updated the blog in a few days.That’s not to say I took time of school work willingly. It got to Thursday before my boss threatened to call in sick for me, and drag me off to the sch…