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WIP – Armor, armor everywhere

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I haven’t done a whole lot of hobbying recently. But the other week I got my shipment in from Mad Bob Miniatures in the UK, consisting of a few vehicles I am probably going to use for Operation Sting in November. As I’ve mentioned previously in my 2017 hobby goals post, I plan on revisiting the […]

WIP: Nurgle Glottkin #2

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A quick update on my Glottkin progress, I have now finished the second rider, Ethrac the wizard brother. Next up onto the monster, which is daunting but hopefully will be a fun experience!More after the jump

Orc Shaman WIP Something Something

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Orc Shaman WIP Look at that, a post… it’s been quiet here for a while now but I’ve been painting quite a lot the last weeks. Most of the time as been spent on my orc shaman wip, that’s close to being finished now. I was hoping to have him done by tomorrow but I […]

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WIP: Space Wolves Grey Hunters #1

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Today I’m sharing a dirty, quick iPhone shot of my current painting project; some Grey Hunters. But I’d like to talk about the psychology of painting after the jump. 

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Happy Monk Pt 5.

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This guy is Happy but I think I may have taken things too far with this one!!So some people might have been thinking when are you going to paint those kick ass waves? And the answer is after I cast them in resin (won’t be painting them fully) I know cr…

WIP: Blood Bowl Orc Team

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Hey all, I need some sunglasses. Today I thought I’d show a Orc Bowl team that I am working on.
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Road to Dallas: Judgement Day

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This article was written in two parts. The first part was written before I knew whether or not I had won my local store’s Ritual of Judgement, the second was written after I knew what I place I finished and I evaluated the first part of this article and see if my predictions were accurate. Let’s get to […]

Happy Monk Pt. 4

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Sink or Swim for the boat!last week I was left with alot of nothing with out knowing where I was going to with it and if you missed it this is where I finished.So after getting told what for on my thursday paints in liverpool I came back and thought it…

What’s New With WuhSawBe?

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On my desk at the moment: SAGA, CONGO, and Test of Honour…I may be slowly easing back into the tabletop side of things, but still pretty heavy on the Video Game side: Halo and Pokemon….I’ve taken a good, solid week or so off from really doing any h…

WIP: Nurgle The Glottkin #1

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Hey everyone, the next project on my painting table is the Glottkin. The Glottkin comprises of three models, the large monster Ghurk Glott, and two of his brothers Otto and Ethrac who ride atop him. I’m painting the two smaller models first before tackling the monster, here’s the finished Otto.

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Charge of the Irish Brigade: WiP 2

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In what will become known as `the last MOC I ever build`, I did some progress on the Fredericksburg build the past month.The wall was completed last time, but here is a view from the Confederate position…I worked and finished the whole grassy hill ru…

Weekly WIP: Saga Finally!

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Saga is arrived and I’ve wasted no time slapping some paint on these wastrels.

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WIP: Ultramarines Tactical Squad #6

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The third batch of Tactical Marines is 95% done. You can see them in the front. Just need to add some static grass and refine the transfers. I’m pretty happy with them, what do you think? Now, onto the fourth and final batch – two older paint jobs that…

2017 Hobby Plans – Ben

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With Adepticon done and gone, and a bit of a break taken from hobbying, I’m ready to get rolling again, and the best way to start that is by planning out the year. As we’ve mentioned before, our hobby yearly schedule tends to revolve around Adepticon, with other tournaments (Such as Operation Sting for Bolt […]

Happy Monk Pt 3.

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Like with most things the show must go on even if it is going slower than it should.So this week, it’s been a bit lackluster with the progression with the monk as a hole but there has been a few reasons for that which I will bring up later. What I…

Orc Shaman – A Very Quick WIP

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Orc Shaman – A Very Quick WIP This will just be a photo WIP of the Orc Shaman I’m painting atm. First we have the different skin color I tried: Then WIP’s of what probably will be his base:   And that will have to do for today.   .

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Road to Dallas: Crunch Time

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Even though it is less than two weeks until the  Inner Circle’s Ritual of Judgement, I’m not worried. This week saw a whole slew of components finished up. The best progress by far is my entire Field Artillery pit. I’ve decided due to the uniqueness of each piece, I’ll be entering them as their own unit. […]

On the bench – Where’s the beef?

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The gang’s all hereMeaty!You are the dancin’ juve…Hurr hurr!

Happy Monk P2

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Image result for Happy monk
This project is taking longer, but I feel that it will be worth it.
So as normal this week is about the base and this one is the most complicated I have done to date I understand that to some who might be reading this may have done this or more complicated but this is for me is a massive undertaking.
So the idea is something close to karate kid, but a lot more dramatic, so the idea is the monk is standing on a rock in the middle of the ocean wile a storm is happening and even though the world is against him he is still able to find peace. 
So now the idea is out lets get on with the build starting with the rock make out of cork. 

Now the shape of the rock is made I needed to try and make the hole thing more stable as the figure is heavy and the cork is not really the strongest of material so I inserted Lots of brass rods through out to try and make it more ridged and added miliput to give it a sort of hard shell.  

 Because I am trying to create something that is a big scene in a small space I thought from the start I would use the back of the rock to be an ending point of the scene to allow people to think about the rest and to use the bottom to make it more sturdy. 

With these pics you may or may notice some things that do not make sense and that is because there has been so much going back and redoing this and that because of being unsure about what I was doing and wanting to do it perfect.

Here we have it with a bit of paint.

Now this part is an example of something that did not work out like it should the Idea is the cling film would protect the rock/painting from the plaster that I am using to make the water and the waves bit the cling film was did not allow the plaster to cover all the rock so I had to just forget about the paint and just carry on.

Here we have a first go at making the waves I used filler from Tesco cost £1. 

From there I built up the wave up the rock.

And again we hit another point where I had to restart and change something and this was what I was using turns out Filler is not the best thing to use and what happened was first it stuck to the rock like glue and also the home thing did not set in one piece and broke apart which made it useless as I could not even if I wanted to glue it together.
So after chipping away the filler and repainting it (I know I did not have to but I did anyway.) I got plaster not filler and it works a hell of a lot better and I was given the advice to use vaseline on the rock to stop the plaster sticking to it and to use it if filling in mold line but not wanting them to stick together.

and as you can see you are able to remove it in a hole peice.

From there building the waves.

As well as filling in gaps and trying to fill the lines, there was a lot more back tracking in these parts with the wave breaking from the water and not being able to slot it back into place, but if I went on about all the things that went wrong then this would be the world longest post.
This comes to the end of it this week, lots more to do.
What you all think and have you done something similar, please comment below.

WIP: Ultramarines Tactical Squad #5

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The first combat squad is done, now onto the second. I’ve started with a batch of three models, including a Plasma gunner and the Sergeant. The remaining two models will be reworks of existing paint jobs (not shown on the picture above).

So far I made good progress on the armour. I realized that MkIII armour takes much longer to paint than other marks – so many segments and rivets to pick out. Thankfully it’s only one model 😉 What do you think?

Road to Dallas: In the bog, but not bogged down

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Taking a break last week for Easter Sunday, I return with sizable progress. Infantry continues to be done piece by piece and I project to be finished with time to spare at what is currently the three week marker. One of my biggest achievements has been a custom Great Unlcean One. It’s a behemoth of a […]


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Just like the Death Guard themselves, there has been a slow but steady march of XIVth Legion across the painting table the past week. I’ve not had as much hobby time as I’d have liked due to work, but more than enough to get the heavy lifting done on the …

Release the Hordes! Part 2

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All that’s left now is Lylith’s Chariot. Then I can move on to the Trollbloods portion :) It’s been fun working with more value opposed to different colors to break everything up. Now I’m facing the most boring part of the commission, I’m not much of a…

Ouroboros Fey Kickstarter and WIPs From Me

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Ouroboros Fey Kickstarter I’ve posted about Ouroboros Miniatures before, they ran a Kickstarter campaign a while back with two 54mm Orc miniatures that I backed and got the Orc Shaman. Now they have started their second Kickstarter campaign, this time it focuses on a project they call Fey. They explain it a bit on the […]

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Gremlin City #WIP

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More work in the gremlin houses. We now have some colour on them 🙂 Which means next week we can start adding even more and get these table ready. I am hoping another weeks worth of lunch times and will … Continue reading