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WIP Orruk Megaboss

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One more addition to the ranks of Da Jungleboyz, coming right along! Almost there, it’s now to the point I can start finalizing areas. The armor still looks a little bland so I’ll add some dags or something to zazz it up a bit.

WIP: Eldar Skathach Wraithknight of Iybraesil #2

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Hey guys, have a look at my Skathach Wraithknight. I made some good progress so far, legs and hip are finished (apart from the armour plates). As you can see, I changed the pose of the legs into a forward-striding stance. Next, I’ll work on the upper b…

WIP: Halfling Rooster Riders

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Hullo. :) Just a quick one from me today – it’s a WIP shot of the first two Rooster Riders I’m working on. These are from a Kickstarter I backed last year. Now I got a coop’s worth of these chaps lying around (plus some Halfling militia on foot) for al…


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Do you like puzzles? You’ll love this!After years of contemplating on whether or not I wanted to rebase the Marines, I finally broke down and removed the Space Hulk models from the sprues.I really think GW dropped the ball regarding the Terminator basi…

WIP: Eldar Skathach Wraithknight of Iybraesil #1

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There it is, my first big project of 2017. If you would have asked me a few years ago whether I would ever add a Wraithknight to my collection, I would have answered with a firm “no”. I really love the Wraithknight’s background, it’s so very much Eldar, but I think the model suffers from a few weird design choices. For example, I don’t like the shape of the head and the blank face plate, the undersized shoulder exhausts, the back section, and the abundance of oval blips. Compared to the elegant Revenant Titan, the model feels busy.
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WIP: Age of Sigmar Ironjawz Brutes

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Hey all, to start the new year off I have begun painting some Orruk Brutes.More after the jump

WIP: Space Wolves Ragnar Blackmane #1

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Someone spied this mini in my airbrush review post and asked about the parts I used for the conversion. After the jump I list the parts. 

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WIP: Eldar Combat Patrol

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First step is getting that fine fine turquoise to come out juuuust riiiight.Something for my local buddy Kevin as there has been some interest in combat patrol. Can I paint these before GW changes that? Satay tuned and find out!

Building Middle Earth episode 1

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In this new monthly column on my small corner of the internet, I`m going to take a look at all (or, if any) work I can do on my plan to build the entirety of Middle Earth in LEGO.Now, this will appear every first saturday of the month hopefully, and so…

WIP: Stormcast Eternals Judicators Primal Kings Stormhost

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This unit of models has dragged on throughout the whole of December. I undercoated parts of them white and parts of them black thinking it would speed things up and to a point it did, but there is still a tonne of work involved. I’ve finished two of th…

Back to the Brushes 123

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Moving on to phase two of the painting set for the AHPC VII which includes Mk 2 universal carriers, a Mk 1 Bren carrier and two jeeps. All of the carriers are from Frontline Wargaming and are 20mm resin kits.Three of the carriers shown here waiting on …

Queen of the Night A Very Short WIP 5 Snake and Touch-ups

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A Very Short WIP I really want to get this bust finished so I’m trying to speed things up a bit. My plan is to finish her by the end of the week so there will be more of this very short WIP posts.. The good thing is that I don’t have that much left […]

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Back to the Brushes 122

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A few updates on progress for the AHPC VIIAs the two German Armoured cars are now waiting on varnishing it’s time to start on the Bren carriers for the British. There are eight Carriers, a Wasp and a Lloyd carrier here plus two jeeps. Being painted how…

Esceno y cofres para Frostgrave // Scenery and chests for Frostgrave

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Estuve haciendo esceno y cositas para frostgrave. Terminé varias cositas. entre ellos los cofres para jugar Frostgrave, unas paredes y empecé un árbol al cual le voy a poner una especie de atalaya arriba.
I have finished some things, the chests to play Frostgrave, some walls, and I started a tree I am going to make a Watchtower.
Paredes // Walls

Vamos por partes, primero acá se ven las paredes que son pedazos de tergopor, pegados a un cartón, al cual le puse papel tisue mojado con plasticola diluida al 50%.
Lets go piece by piece, first here I show the walls that are pieces of porexpan, glued to a cardboard. I put over it tissue paper moisted and with PVA 50% w/ water.

Cosos para jugar frostgrave // Parallelepipeds to play infinity

Acá estos son  cosos, estos cosos son para jugar Frostgrave. Están hechos con cajas de Wiskies, a las que le puse de recubrimiento papel tisue mojado con plasticola y les di color con pincel (ayudado por mi crio) y terminé con la técnica de la esponja para darle textura.

Here we have this things, made specially to play Frostgrave. They are made using wisky boxes, covered with tissue paper moisted with 50% PVA-water. I painted using brushes (helped by my kid), and finished them with the sponge to texture them.

Y acá, aparecen unos puentes que estuve haciendo, la idea va a ser armar estructuras para jugar frostgrave tranquilos con los pibes. Tengo muchos de unos 10 cm o 15 y otros dos de unos 25-30.
And here we have bridges I have made, the idea is to craft structures to play Frostgrave with the pals. With this I could create laberinth

Acá se ve la plataforma que pienso meterle al arbol.
Here is the thing to create the watchtower.

Ruinas // Ruins

Bueno lo siguiente es la muestra de que juntar piedritas de cualquier lado, en contra de las opiniones de la compañera de uno, que lo putea por llenar el auto de: arena, piedras de distintos lagos, arenitas, piedritas y piedrotas, y como estas piedritas logran darle un toque DISTINTIVO a las escenografías pedorras que uno hace.
Well the following is the sample of gathering pebbles from either side, against the opinions of one’s partner, who insults you for filling the car with sand, stones of different lakes, sandstones, pebbles and rocks, and how are you manage the little stones to give a DISTINCTIVE touch to the low-fi sceneries that one does.
Primer plano de la ruina hecha con cubitos de tergopor y plasticola.
Close-up of ruin made with proexpan cubes glued with PVA.

Acá se puede apreciar una pared hecha con cubitos de tergopor y arriba una capa de arena. La pimera mano fue un gris claro 50% con plasticola 25% y agua 25% para poder darle rigidez a la estructura.

Here you can see a wall made with cubes of porexpan and over it a layer of sand. The first coat was a light gray 50% with 25% PVA and 25% water, in order to give strenght to the structure.

En este momento tengo que aceptar que pasa como en el capítulo de los simpsons: escena perdida escena perdida, fin. Porque me faltan fotos de en medio. Le di una capa de marrón, pincel seco y arena en la base a la pared lineal.
At this point I have to accept that it happens as in the chapter of the Simpsons: scene missing scene missing, end. Because I’m missing pictures in the middle of the process. I gave it a layer of brown, dry brush and sand at the base to the linear wall.

Cofres / Chests
Bueno, a los cofres del viejo post, les di una mano con aerosol blanco mate y después fui pintando la madera con marron. Para hacer el efecto de las vetas de la madera le daba con un marrón oscuro, medio diluído. Recuerde querido lector que previamente hice los cofrecitos estos con rastys cortados (no con ratis cortados, lo cual hubiera sido bastante ilegal y sangriento).  A estos les puse de base tapitas de gaseosas recortadas.
Here we have the chests from the old post, I gave them a coat of white aerosol paint, and over it I put brown. I used darker and diluted brown to create the effect of the woods vein. Remember my beloved reader that this are the chests I have made using rastys and corks. 

So far, so god…

Tu comentario es siempre bienvenido…

WIP: Ultramarines Terminator Captain #2

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Season’s greetings to all our loyal Tale of Painters readers. May you all find lots of new models under your Christmas trees! I tried to finish this Terminator Captain in time before I went to my parents’ place, to spend the holidays with them as every…

Back to the Brushes 121

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Some more progress made the other evening – well late night – on current work for the Challenge.First up is a command stand in 6mm for ADG using Rapier Miniatures. Not much else to say here save that these are Macedonians.Next is a tribute and the star…

Tabletop Cygnar

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This week I’ve been trying to finish off the last few unpainted models I had in my Cygnar army..You may noticed my posts have become a little sporadic of late, partly this is real life getting in the way, partly maybe a winter hibernation? Who knows!Bu…

WIP Haqqislam Expansion

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Leading up to the holiday I’ve decided to take a break from painting and do some painting. But this time for myself. After playing a few games with my new Haqqislam army I’ve made some changes to the roster. I’d also like to attend Waaaghpaca this…

Back to the Brushes 120

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The first session of painting for this year’s Challenge went well last night. First up are two wagons from Warbases that received their base coat of Khemri Brown From Citadel’s foundation paint.These will be washed with Agrax earth and then progressive…

Queen of the Night WIP 3 – Hat, Metal & Hair

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Hat, Metal & Hair At this point I decided not to do the finishing touches on her face and top just yet and start on the other parts. The reason is that I want…

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Weapon of Hell

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This is part of a much larger project and you have to start somewhere. So I’m focused on getting the sculpting out of the way. Which has been fun, my only problem is waiting for the putty to finally cure before adding the next layer. But on a near form…

On The Desk – Basing with James Wappel Part 2

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Back for part 2 of my James Wappel inspired basing experiment. Last Week (shameless link) we constructed a base out of sculpey, cork, sand, stones and passion. This week comes the painting. First up here is the primed base as we left it.As I mentioned …

Ready, steady…Paint!

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At 6 am GMT 100 hobbyists and miniature painters will start this year’s Analogue Painting Challenge.Below are a couple of pictures of the calm before the storm.Top centre shows two armoured cars that were never completed in last years challenge, so the…

WIP: Ultramarines Terminator Captain #1

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Next up on my painting station is the plastic Space Marine Captain in Terminator Armour, which I will add to my Ultramarines collection. I really love this model. Originally it could only be obtained in a couple of bundle sets, but since the Deathwatch…

Table Notes, Dec 2016

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I’m always painting but sometimes that focus is spread across middle earth and deep space. The is week has been productive but I don’t have anything finished to show for it. Many things started though and thos will yield its rewards when the time comes…