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Slow progress over the last two days in the #30days30miniatures painting challenge.Day 10 was spent basing the figures completed in the previous days of the challenge. These will appear in the near future.Day 11 and the first of two Greek slingers from…

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Day 9 of the #30days30miniatures challenge and another stand of 6mm Greek light cavalry have been finished.Also finished the second cavalry casualty marker for Confederates in ACW.More to follow shortly along with some final based pictures of recently …

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Into week two now of the #30days30miniatures challenge and the last peltast is completed and ready to be based.Will be continuing the Greek theme in both 6mm and 28mm over the next few posts.Day 8Figures completed 17Cheers for now

WIP: Stormcast Eternals Liberators #2

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Quick post today to show I’m still working on these Liberators. I think the hardest part of these is done now. The yellow is time consuming but totally worth it. I’m hoping an hour or so a night for the next week will see these finished. How often and …

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Day three of the #30days30miniatures painting challenge and another completed figure. This time another out of ammo marker.Some more progress on 6mm light Greek cavalry and Arab horses.More to follow shortly.Day 3Figures completed 9Cheers for now

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Second session for #30days30miniatures painting challenge and another couple of figures moved on to the shelf to wait on basing.The last of the peltasts for the first stand completed below.An out of ammo marker for ACW gaming with the figure coming fro…

WIP: Eldar/Aeldari Female Autarch of Iybraesil (Conversion)

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This is a conversion I had in mind for quite a while now. When the plastic Autarch model was released, it almost immediately occurred to me that the arms and helmet from the classic Autarch sculpts would make for a great alternate pose. I also wan…

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First painting session for #30days30miniatures painting challenge last night saw the following figures completed ready for basing.Above is another peltast from Foundry and below a stand of light Greek cavalry in 6mm from Rapier Miniatures.The 6mm figur…

#30days30miniatures – An introduction

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Spotted this new painting challenge on Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist blog and thought this is a great idea to strive for.The guidelines for the challenge are below and are simple to follow:At the end of each day, you need to complete t…

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So near yet so far.This stand of peltasts stalled the other afternoon due to a rare occurrence – it was too hot to paint comfortably. Yes, it’s hard to believe but it would seem that there is a summer in Scotland after all.Not to be put off by some sun…

WIP: Shadespire Ironskull’s Boyz

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Shock horror, I’ve been gaming. I haven’t gamed in years. Shadespire is fast to play and really enjoyable. I’ve been playing it in my lunch breaks at work with a colleague. It’s small enough and compact enough to carry to work in my backpack. I’ve won …

Hobby Progress: Prophets of Bark and the Spooky Bunch

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Discordian here. So I really wanted to start a new army that I could build from the ground up. And I really wanted to do something creative and fun. And somehow that meant Mandrakes. (Because whats more fun than heavy metal night terrors made of shadow…

The Road To Panzerschreck (2016) The Marines Hit Early War

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Originally this article was posted on the Flames Of War website back in 2016…Next month is the annual Studio trip to Panzerschreck with the team jumping in a van and having an epic road trip / lads weekend away. This year I was planning on having a r…

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Once again a stalled project restarts, this time to begin rebasing from 80mm fronts to 40mm fronts. The reasoning behind this is fewer and fewer people in the local area are playing Impetus or Basic Impetus. On the upside more people are playing A…

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Peltasts are nearing completion and the slingers are just taking shape.The helmets have been painted in 2 different ways. On the left base tone of Vallejo Old Gold and washed the strong tone. On the right Foundry Barrel Bronze shade then lightened with…

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A few more work in progress pictures this time from a couple retro Citadel figures.Above there is a paladin and below a ranger from the AD & D range of figures. This is the mid level character of three figures.To follow shortly more progress with P…

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June has been a slow month for hobby time here with little progress happening on several on going projects.The command and casualty stands for Confederates in the ACW move on steadily.Even slower is the progress being made on the Arthurian warband and …

Building a Marine Amphibian Tank Company

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I’ve made no secret of my excitement about the Marine Amphibian Tank Company. And with Andrew making so much progress on his Ka-Mi tanks I thought I’d better get my act together and push ahead with my painting.Luckily the LVTs are a breeze to assemble….

WIP: Stormcast Eternals Liberators #1

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I’m so stoked for the new Age of Sigmar Soul Wars that’s on the way that I thought I’d quickly sneak in a few more Stormcast Eternal Liberators for my Primal Kings army. These are just the push fit ones but it was so nice being able to assemble some mo…

Alpha Legion – Lernaean Terminators

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Cracked on with some more Alpha Legion this time with a squad of Lernaean Terminators. I did a bit of conversion work on these swapping out a couple of the power axes with a Power First and Chain Fist respectively. I also thought it would be a goo…

WIP: Stormcast Eternals Lord-Celestant on Dracoth

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I’m making some steady progress on my Primal Kings Stormcast Eternals Lord-Celestant. The Dracoth is 99% complete, I just need to do a couple of touch ups and a few edge highlights for the Dracoth. The Lord Celestant is coming along really nicely. You …

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Hoping this works out ok as pictures taken, edited and uploaded from phone instead of the now defunct desktop computer.A variety of stands for ACW Confederates including command, artillery, infantry and cavalry casualities. A mixture of Blue Moon from …

WIP: Stormcast Eternals Lord-Celestant on Dracoth

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I’ve been squeezing in around 45 minutes a night to paint this model. I’m really enjoying it, I just wish I had more time to work on it. I’m happy with the muted tones of the Dracoth. I didn’t want it to be bright and colourful. I wanted a dinosaur and…

WIP: Death Guard Apostles of Contagion Poxwalkers

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Now another WIP of nurgly fellas. It’s a brilliant little horde of 39 Poxwalkers! Still probably my favourites from the latest batch of Nurgle releases.

WIP: Death Guard Apostles of Contagion #4

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… and another batch of WIP minis! I’m aware that these look pretty finished, but there’s so much detail on the guys which still requires some more attention. You know what GW models are like. But I’m rather positive that the guys will be finished soo…