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WIP: Imperial Reaver Titan Assembling #2

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Proceeding with putting the beast together…More after the jump

Project: Tyranids Broodlord #1

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Somehow I just couldn’t stop myself and I had to start another project – Tyranids Broodlord from Space Hulk =) It’s quite a big miniature, but I want to finish it fast. I’ve picked Behemoth color scheme for it’s great alien appearance. Which Hi…

WIP Khador Grolar

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I took the first few steps on the Grolar this weekend. Hopefully I can move fast and get him done next week, gotta keep that brush moving. The first picture below is where I ended up after some airbrushing and sketching on the banner.

Age of Sigmar Khorne Army – Part 1.5

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The rule of 5. Unfortunately this week, my time has been limited due to working longer hours. So I wanted to look at batch painting larger units. The Blood Reavers, as last week’s WIP Part 1.Base Coating – The Big Bit.I have been working on a…

WIP: Dark Eldar Wracks #1

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So next up are some Wracks for my slightly neglected Dark Eldar collection. A while ago I’ve painted a Haemonculus who needs some company. I’ve assembled a squad of eight with two Ossefactors, saving up two models to make a Raider crew later….

WIP Perturabo

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The walking fortress himself Perturabo! It’s been a challenge going the NMM route on this but it’s worth the effort. This sculpt is one of my favorites Forgeworld/Gamesworkshop/whatever they call themselves have produced. It absolutely captur…

Playing with Purple – Hannibal Part 1

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With my Batman gang finished, it’s now time to turn my focus back to Purgatory, and that means Hannibal.As I’ve already painted one Purgatory piece so far in a white suit – Saint Peter – I decided I needed a different colour for Hannibal, but one that …

WIP Warrior Priest

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 I’ve started a new project, on an old warrior priest model, but i’m not to sure about it, let’s take a look..I’ve had this old Forgeworld model kicking around for a fair while, but haven’t done too much with it, finally I got started, with the ai…

Work in progress 2016 // Projekty w toku

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Have a look at several WIPs that I am currently working on. These are mostly Perry Miniatures Light Cavalry miniatures. Photos are somehow out of date as I already finished these minis. They are just waiting for the proper banner which I have not prepared yet.
Podczas gdy projekt zamku na razie odpoczywa, wrzucam kilka WIPów z mojego warsztatu. Cele są dwa. Pierwszy reprezentacyjne służy pokazaniu co aktualnie znajduje się na warsztacie. Drugi po wrzuceniu WIPa łatwiej mi się  zmotywować do skończenia pracy. Na zdjęciach  głównie lekka kawaleria od braci Perrych. Zdjęcia mają kilkanaście dni więc aktualnie modele czekają jedynie na proporzec i będę mógł wrzucić gotowe modele na bloga.


Another Warhammer Dwarf WiP

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Some paint here and there, messy, unfinished, bad photo, etc. 😉

WIP: Imperial Reaver Titan Build #1

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I’m not only painting Dreadfleet at the moment, but also a Reaver Titan. Not just that, I also get to clean and build the big guy.

More after the jump

This Geek’s Week…

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 Modeling/Hobby:- I scrounged up some bits, enough for a Space Marine scout, and decided to experiment painting armor using inks.  I kind of like it, though highlighting is a bit of an issue…Card/Board Games:-Assembled the preconstructe…

Back to the Brushes 109

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Some more work in progress pics of both 6mm Rapier Miniatures Hypaspists and the ongoing rebasing of 15mm Essex ACW Confederates.Shown next to their finished comrades in arms to spur them on to greater things in the future; or something like that.Below…

On The Desk – Mean and Green Part 5 – Building the Base

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As always when I start getting towards the final 20% of a project I start losing focus and thinking about other things, it’s a really bad habit of mine. In order to at least channel this into something constructive I decided to start working on a base …

Adeptus Astartes – the pefect weapon.. WiP 2 Adeptus Astartes – doskonała broń..

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Today just another Imperial Space Marine 2016 WiP picture. I didn’t like his previous colours so I started repainting him..

Dzisiaj kolejne zdjęcie WIP Imperial Space Marine 2016. Poprzednia kolorystyka nie przypadła mi do gustu, więc zacz…

Age of Sigmar Khorne Army WIP – Part 1

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I would like to introduce my current large-scale Work in Progress of my Khorne army for Age of Sigmar.

Goretide Age of Sigmar Khorne Army.

I split the AoS box with a friend when it was released, and I intended to only collect and paint those particular models before buying any others. But, like the true hobbyist I am, I bought pretty much every cool model going thereafter, and my plans were squashed!

Stage 1 – Preparation.
First up, I would like to discuss the basing and priming of these models. Since one or two of the models already have rocks as part of the model, I wanted to carry on with this theme. I happened to be in Pets at Home looking for a cheaper alternative to basing materials, and came across these 2KG bags at £3.50 each. For the money I felt it was a good investment!

Medium-grade and fine-grade fish tank gravel. The perfect combination.

Once all the models were assembled, I based them by first superglueing the medium-grade rocks strategically and then once set, applying the fine-grade with PVA. Once completely dry I primed all my models with Halfords Red Plastic Primer, at £6.99 for 300ml. All the models in the main photo were prepared this way.

Stage 2 – Mass base coating and ink washing.
I painted all the armour edging in Scorpion Brass (GW) and the rocks on the base were painted in Dark Reaper (GW), then washed the entire model in Coat d’Arms Brown Ink.

Flesh was painted with Army Painter Brown Rose and then these areas were washed in Coatd’Arms Chestnut Ink.

All weapons and chains were painted with a basecoat of 50/50 Leadbelcher (GW) / Abaddon Black (GW) to really make it look dark. These are edge highlighted in Ironbreaker (GW).

Boots and straps were painted in Army Painter Chocolate Brown and given a wash of Army Painter Smoke.

Once all of the ink washes were dry, each area was given a highlight of its original colour, leaving the ink in the recesses.

All red armour areas were given a coat of Mephiston Red (GW).

A unit of Blood Reavers with Reaver Blades, ready for additional highlighting.

Work in Progress – Part 2.
So this is Part 1 of my Age of Sigmar Khorne WIP. I will paint my second unit of Blood Reavers over the coming weeks before moving onto highlighting and detailing.

For now, have a look at my Slaughterpriest, who is almost complete.

Slightly out of focus Slaughterpriest WIP. Photo booth arriving this week!

Until next time…

WIP: Dreadfleet Islands/Cliffs #2

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A few days ago I posted a WIP shot of some of the cliffs/islands, and here’s the rest. These here are also mostly done, just a little bit more weathering on the rocks required.

Who ever said its all painting Pt. 2

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So we have a how its going to be carryed but do we know the what? well the only way to find out is to build it and pray to god it works.So we have the main bodyThis is the front which looks like a wooden verson of the Red barrons plan from ww1 but its …

Too Many Puppies!

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So many projects that need attention on my desk as of late. I’m going to get one more Trollblood unit knocked out and then switch gears to other commissions that have been patiently waiting. I also have to shelve my infinity army until after …

WIP: Dark Angel Scouts

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I wonder if you guys and girls are as bored as seeing these scouts on the blog as I am painting them. Well here’s a picture of them and now lets talk about something else… New army time! Well nearly new army time. After these Scouts I want to finish …

WIP: Dreadfleet Islands/Cliffs

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Heyhey, look what I’m painting again! Yup, Dreadfleet. Third set of DF I’m painting since the game was released in 2011. Yes, my own set still is on sprues, thankyouverymuch. :p

More after the jump

Who ever said its all painting!

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Some time with miniature painting you can seem to paint yourself into a rut, and its a good thing to some times do something to get your mind of painting, this can help to provent times when you get to a point when you down brushes for months before yo…

WIP: Imperial Culexus Assassin #1

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After 7 weeks of painting a single Imperial Knight I’m looking forward to paint something small and simple. I really love this Culexus Assassin, I think he’s the best sculpt of the four models released with the Assassins boxed game. The pose is menacin…

On The Desk – Mean and Green Part 4 – Banner and freehands

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Back to the Archon this week (or rather a few weeks ago, had this update waiting for a while!) Let’s have a refresh of where I was:Let’s look at the back banner thing. As I mentioned at the start I used a hairdryer to help bend the banner so it flows s…

For the Kriel! Chapter 4

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Moving right along, Troll by Troll. For the next piece of the army I chose the Dhunia Knot, which I’ve wanted to paint since they came out. The gypsy look is very characterful and adding a unique effect to each of their bases came naturally. I still ha…