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Valhalla Champions | Wybrańcy Valhalli

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Puppets War company has previewed greens of its upcoming Norse-based sci-fi miniatures – Valhalla Champions. You can see photo on manufacturer’s Facebook profile here.

Firma Puppets War pokazała na swoim profilu fejsbukowym zdjęcie przygotowanych n…

Upcoming police riot shields from ZEN Terrain (WIP) | Zapowiedź policyjnych tarcz z ZEN Terrain (WIP)

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ZEN Terrain company has shown a sketch for its next project – futuristic riot police shields. Check it here.

Firma ZEN Terrain pokazała szkic swojego kolejnego projektu – futurystycznych tarcz policyjnych używanych do kontrolowania zamieszek. Możn…

Bicycles from Black Grom Studio (WIP) | Rowery z Black Grom Studio (WIP)

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Black Grom Studio company has published few 3D renders showing upcoming models of bicycles in 28mm scale. Models will be laser-cut from HDF board. Check it here, on company’s Facebook profile.

Firma Black Grom Studio pokazała na swoim profilu fejsbu…

WIP: Cor’Bax UtterBlight, Daemon Prince of the RuinStorm

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Hey guys, today is a very special day for me as I get to show the new Forge World model Cor’Bax Utterblight, Daemon Prince of the Ruinstorm.

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Basius 2 From Wargames Bakery – Getting Started and the Projects to Come

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They’re here at last! Earlier this week I got to experience the rush that you get when you find a box of Kickstarter goodies waiting for you. In this instance, it was two large resin squares from Wargames Bakery. Well actually, it was two of their new Basius 2 basing mold pads from their Kickstarter that was run between September and October last year. After a few delays, they were all delivered to Mantic last week, and shipped out this week. 

Initially I had backed for one pad – the Victoriana – as I had just backed the Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke Kickstarter and wanted a way of basing them. Each pad is double sided, which gives you thousands of combinations of different designs depending on where you press into the mold. I added a second more generic Imperial pad for other projects.

As you can see, the Victoriana is mostly cobbled streets with some pavement and light debris on one side, with pavement, rail tracks, sand and ocean waves on the other, while the Imperial is mostly different levels of broken ground.
After a while of waiting for the pads, I started hoarding projects to use them on so they didn’t go to waste. What started out as Infamy Kickstarter basing has expanded slightly…
The Age Of Sigmar box and my Arcanist Warband for Malifaux. The AOS figures will be a self contained project away from my Vampire Counts as I don’t intend to add to either the Sigmarines or the Chaos dudes. This means it would look cooler if they were based the same way, to be on the same battlefield. They and the Arcanists will be based using the Imperial mold, though probably in different colours.
A collection from my “I’m going to paint these once I’ve had a little more practice…” box. Top Left to right – Infamy Ton minus the busts, Talullah Belle, Nouveau, Cleo and Lucy from the Darkstorm range of Ares Mythologic. Down below are The Beast of Bakerloo from the Infamy Ton and JoeK’s current 4 Odessey miniatures – Hephestus, Heracles, Atalanta and Apollo. The last four will be on Imperial, while the others will be on Victoriana.
The Union from Guild Ball. These guys are the ones from the Kickstarter that didn’t come with any of the nice resin base inserts so they’ll probably be getting partial Imperial topped up with grass and sand to match the resin insert designs.

My currently boxed Knight Models collection. I hadn’t realised it had gotten quite so large, but they’ll all be going on Victoriana. A lot of them have the new style molded plastic bases but recently I picked up a batch of 30 blank lipped ones from Element Games for about £2 so they can be used instead.

One Warmachine Retribution of Scyrah all in one box to go in Imperial.
So those are the projects I have lined up. First though, I thought I’d have little test run.
The way you use the bases is fairly simple. Mix yourself some green stuff, slap it on the base you want to use it on and cover the area you want on it. Add a little water to the Basius pad in the area you want (I just use a large brush to dollop out my painting water onto it) and press the base onto the mold with a firm, even pressure. Once you lift the pad away, you should have something that looks like these below. The top three are Imperial, while the cobbled one is Victoriana. 

I made a couple of mistakes on these. The first one was on the 40mm base, I forgot the golden rule about not using the blue and yellow bits that touch the other colour in the packaging as they are always rock solid and don’t mix. This led, as you can see, to blue and yellow areas instead of even greens. It’s not too much bother on that one as the blue bit is exactly where a chaos dude will have his foot, as you’ll see shortly.
The second mistake is easily visible on the cobbled base. The first three bases, two Wyrd 30mm lipped and one GW 40mm, are all completely solid. The cobbled base came out of a Knight box, and has a tab slot in it which is easily identifiable as the mold has pressed green stuff into it. I’ll probably be able to make something out of it (some form of street damage) but it’s a good lesson to learn early.
To counter the second thing, I grabbed a couple of items.

It turned out that the tape in the dispenser is just the right width to be long enough to cover slots in 30mm bases, so you don’t need a lot of it. 
I pressed it over the gap and into the edges of the base with a fingernail so it was flush to the base all over with only the edge bits sticking over. I then took the X-Acto blade around the edge of the base and peeled the excess away.
This now gives you a perfectly smooth surface to press onto the pad.
The right hand base was created by taking the normal layer of green stuff (in the previous efforts I tried not to make it too much higher than the base lip) and added a small arc on top of it to go deeper into the mold. This allows the creation of the curb and to give a bit more of a 3D element to the bases. While it won’t work all the time, this allows you to pick and choose the area you want to portray on your base and fit it to the miniature, rather than rooting through your packs of pre-made bases wondering which one will fit the miniature’s character and pose the best.
Once the green stuff had been left to dry for roughly 24 hours, I drilled through it for the pin I added to the Chaos dude’s foot. As part of a happy accident I was able to use one of the mistake areas (the blue) as a guide for where to put it. A little filing is still needed on the edges, but that will have to wait for it to set a little longer. 

The downside to all this is the cost. The two that I picked up cost me roughly £50 including delivery, which isn’t bad for the quality and usefulness of the item. The more expensive bit will be the greenstuff. On the 7 bases I’ve made so far, I’ve used roughly 4.5″ of greenstuff, which is about 3 times as much as I’ve used in the last 10 years. It’s not the cheapest of mediums to use for the mold, but it’s probably the most effective. Milliput is the other main medium I’d be tempted to use, but as that can turn to mush easily when water is added, and you need some form of liquid on the mold to make sure it doesn’t stick to it, Milliput might not be the best of options. 
Overall I think it’ll take some learning to get it completely worked out, but I’m happy with my test results so now all I need to do is find the time and green stuff (got about another 2 feet of it) to make the bases and then get everything built for them.
Any one else get some or used the previous incarnation? 

Metal Dice for ‘Pathfinder’ game | Metalowa kostka do gry "Pathfinder"

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Q-Workshop and Paizo companies has announced its next shared project – set of metal dice for ‘Pathfinder’ RPG. New product will launch in 51 days and it will be funded by Kickstarter campaing. Check full information here.

Firmy Q-Workshop i Paizo ogłosiły kolejny wspólny projekt – zestaw metalowych kostek do gry RPG "Pathfinder". Nowy zestaw zostanie udostępniony za 51 dni, zostanie

WIP: Dark Angels Company Master #1

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Quick post just to share my latest project with you guys. It’s the Dark Angel Company Master from Dark Vengeance and I must say I absolutely love this model, whilst the pose is quite defensive and static it’s a really well layered sculpt with lots of f…

Preview of shoulder pads from Puppets War | Zapowiedź nowych naramienników z Puppets War

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Puppets War company has shown photo of upcoming new shoulder pads. You can see picture on manufacturer’s Facebook profile here.

Firma Puppets War udostępniła na swoim profilu fejsbukowym zdjęcie nowych rodzajów naramienników, można je zobaczyć…

Platform renders from Black Grom Studio | Rendery zadaszonego peronu z Black Grom Studio

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Black Grom Studio company has shown 3D renders of new 28mm scale building model – Railway Station Platform. You can see pictures here and here.

Firma Black Grom Studio pokazała na swoim profilu fejsbukowym rendery 3D nowego modelu budynku – zadaszon…

Major Zack and operator Akira | Major Zack i operator Akira

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Postindustrial Games company, publisher of upcoming cyberpunk ‘Human Interface – Nakamura Tower’ game, has shown two 3D renders of miniatures – Major Zack and Operator ‘Akira’ from Black Stone Commandos group. Check it here.

Firma Postindustrial Games, wydawca przygotowywanej gry cyberpunkowej "Human Interface – Nakamura Tower", pokazała rendery 3D dwóch kolejnych figurek – Majora Zacka oraz

Metal Beards engineer Gargy | Inżynier Gargy Metalowych Bród

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Titan-Forge company has released ‘Engineer Gargy’ miniature for its range of steampunk dwarfs – Metal Beards. You can buy this new release for 13 EUR.

Firma Titan-Forge rozpoczęła sprzedaż figurki "Engineer Gargy" z linii miniaturek steampunkowych krasnoludów – Metalowych Bród. Nowość kosztuje 13 EUR.

The Praetorian Goliath video | Film z Pretoriańskim Goliatem

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Prodos Games company has published a short movie showing render of Praetorian Goliath miniature for Dark Legion players. Miniature will be available soon in company’s webstore.

Firma Prodos Games zamieściła krótki film pokazujący render figurki P…

Spellcrow shows upcoming Space Elves vehicle | Spellcrow zapowiada pojazd Kosmicznych Elfów

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Spellcrow company has shown two photos of upcoming Space Elves vehicle. Check it here.

Firma Spellcrow pokazała dwa zdjęcia, będące zapowiedzią modelu pojazdu dla Kosmicznych Elfów. Zerknijcie tutaj.

more cottaging…

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and finally the 2nd house gets some slap… apologies for the pics, I’ve moved my light-tent/lighting setup and need to adjust the camera settings, but you get the idea… it needs doors making and windows fitting – quite why I always leave the doors t…

Red Shadow Hyena WIP

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a GI Joe HISS Tank toy hacked and cleaned up a bitthe battery compartment (it had electronics and a guns – which I removed as they were oversized), was removed and the surround plastic cut back so the tank had a bit of ground clearance. the g/s’ing for…

Mad Mummers WIP

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some quick WIP pics of the Mad Mummers – two heavily converted from Warlord plastic ECW sprues and 3 from metal minis…

WIP: Eldar Wraithlord of Iybraesil #3

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Hey guys, I did more work on my Wraithlord. The main body is finished, it’s just the transfers that need some more coats of Microsol. Then I need to paint the shoulder weapons. I should be able to finish the model this week… I wonder what will be nex…

In its |Last Stages

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Its nearly finished and all I have to do now is the wall. I have to say I am rather pleased with the way it is turning out and I think it will be a fitting cover for the book. As for the book there is another clue with this picture too, can you guess w…

The Clue is in the Picture

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Here is the latest stage that the book cover is at and as you can see it is nearly finished, which has surprised me a bit too. I am rather pleased with the progress and the results so far and actually cannot wait to have it finished as I really like th…

WIP of the New Book Cover

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Here is a wee bit more of the illustration and its progress. The illustration shows the People’s Assault Column charging across a bridge under a hail of fire from the Edwardite forces while they try and wrestle a vital objective from their hands. This …

Weekend WIP: Blood Angels, Blood Angels, Blood Angels (and a BFG:R Rulebook)

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Just some quick weekend Work In Progress stuff. Got my Blood Angels for my Adepticon list (I know they are terrible right now. I’ll just have to make do) out and on my desk and I am just pushing through them. Bringing the Hobby Back, one model at a tim…

The Rainbow Brush: Small Panic & New Plan

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The Rainbow Brush: Small Panic & New Plan Somehow I had put the wrong deadline for the competition in my calendar, I thought it was the last of August, which would have given me…

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WIP: 10 Man Chaos Cultist unit

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This is one of those half finished units that has been hanging around for way too long. It’s time I finished these. Another ten models completed in the Dark Vengeance box will be incredible and will only leave the Chaos Aspiring Champion, Chaplain, Com…

Uxia Boarding Shotgun WIP

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I am painting it, I have primed it with airbrush and now I am painting it. She is a lovely miniature.I have painted the face with blue after this first colours I hae camouflaged the brown and the blue.I will have to take more pics with better light…B…

Bolt Action: Gathering the Horde

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Bolt Action: Gathering the Horde The build phase has started for the Soviet horde. I’m cleaning and building them squad bu squad right now and while I have made some progress there’s a lot…

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