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Planning Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams -WIP 1

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Planning Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams This was my pick for the best miniature released last year and I’m glad that I saved her until I felt confident enough to pick up the brushes and start to paint her. I posted a review of her back when I bought her, you can find it here. Details Name: […]

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WIP: Ultramarines Tactical Squad #1

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Today I unveil my next hobby project: a Tactical Squad for my Ultramarines collection. Sorry, no complete Skaven Blood Bowl team for a while, as I’d like to wait if they’ll receive some more model support, apart from the rather failed Rat Ogre sculpt.

My Ultramarines collection is the home of some of my oldest models, and since then, my painting skills have improved and a lot of new Space Marine infantry kits have been released. I’ve reworked a couple of my dated Ultramarines models before, but now I’m planning something more radical: Instead of just updating the paint jobs, I will sort out a couple of Marines from each squad and replace them with new ones. This will allow me to integrate the new kits more organically into my collection than painting a single new squad that will make my older squads look pale.
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WIP Custom Asawira

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Just a few days until Adepticon :) I have my Crystal Brush entries squared away and the only bit of painting left is a custom Asawira model for my Haqqislam force. The current versiont is pretty outdated and I don’t see an new sculpt in the near future…

WIP: World Eaters Spartan Assault Tank and Rhinos

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Hey all and hope your having a fun hobby filled Saturday. Today I’m showing the beginning of a World Eater army that I am painting with a Spartan Assault Tank and two Rhinos.
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Charge of the Irish Brigade WiP 1

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It`s Saint Patty’s today… and for the first time in like forever, I`ll survive it as I`m on kid-sitter duty tonight.But that doesn`t mean I won`t fly the green flag of Erin, albeit virtually.You see, I finally got decently started on my Fredericksbur…

Da kult uv speed – WIP Deffkopta/Jetbike/youtellmewhatthisis

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Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while since my last article but as always life had other plans leaving my hobby aside. Trying to get my creative juices flowing once again, I have decided to finish a really old project of mine that I never had the ch…

Project: Tzeentch Familiars #4 – Pug

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Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug

Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug

The fourth and the last (after Slop, Tweak and Blot) Familiar of Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch is done. His name is Pug – the asquisitive and pilferer imp with a moonlike visage. He’s a very light-fingered critter who won’t stop at nothing to get all shiny things that catch his evil eyes. He is always lurking for unwary creatures and heroes trapped inside the Silver Tower corridors. His latest trophy is absolutely unique and his Master the Gaunt Summoner will generously reward him for it…
In my opinion Pug miniature has the worst sculpture of all Familiars (mainly the moonlike face) so I painted him last. I’ve tried to give his face a milder expression and to distract the attention towards the checkers, the mask and the blade. I hope you like him =) Now I’m going to make bases and the family photo for all of them =)

Czwarty i ostatni (po Slopie, Tweaku i Blocie) z Familiarsów Gaunt Summonera Tzeentcha jest gotowy. Przed Wami Pug –  wiecznie zachłanny chcochlikowaty złodziejaszek o księżycowym obliczu. To stworzenie o wyjątkowo lepkich palcach nie cofnie się przed niczym, by zdobyć świecidełka, które wpadną mu w jego złośliwe oczka. Przemierza on korytarze Srebrnej Wieży, czyhając na chwilę nieuwagi uwięzionych w niej stworzeń i poszukiwaczy przygód. Jego najnowsza zdobycz to prawdziwy unikat, za którą jego Pan Gaunt Summoner na pewno go hojnie wynagrodzi… 
Figurka Puga jest moim zdaniem najsłabsza z Familiarsów, dlatego też malowałem go na końcu. Wszystko przez moim zdaniem nieudaną rzeźbę księżycowej twarzy. Dlatego też postarałem się nadać jej nieco łagodniejszego wyrazu i dodatkami (szachownica, maska, ostrze) odciągnąć od niej uwagę. Mam nadzieję, że Wam się podoba =) Teraz zabieram się za podstawki i zdjęcie grupowe =)

Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug
 Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug
 Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug
 Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug
 Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug

Orruk Jam Zone

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I’ve been a busy grit getting moving house and painting when I can this week. It’s nice to have the jungleboyz taking to a proper display base. I’ve paintedany units in the past (take that how you want) but never with an imbedded display board. New! Fu…

WW2 US BAR Gunner Pt 2

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Carrying on with my WW2 US bar Gunner but working on the base.This base is a rather big one and more of a scenic base than a base to be fair.So to start off, here is it ready and primed to go.Then for the bricks I used red brick. And at this …

WIP: Blood Bowl Skaven Lineman

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And now for something completely different. The work on the Wraithknight is complete, it is just waiting for its varnish to dry and to be photographed for the blog. In the meantime, I started this test model for a Skaven Blood Bowl team. Long-time read…

WIP: Legio Custodes Imperial Knight

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Hi all! Sooo, I had an Imperial Knight leftover from the Renegade box set, and thought, why not painting him in the livery of the Legio Custodes. I used some decals from Forge World. Saves some time and I think they look great. I’m sure one day I’…

Sail Away wip 3 Another Quick Update On Her

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Sail Away wip 3 The pace has picked up quite well now and I have been able to get a lot done on Sail Away. This time I’ve been working on almost all areas, and I’m getting closer to calling her finished. With this progress, I’m really starting to like how she looks and hope […]

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Sneak Peak of a New Army

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I wonder what I’m up to?Sorry no This Week in Warhamer today. Enjoy this little sneak peak, as I crash after a really intense six-day week at the chalk face. Double post tomorrow, along with the Patron Only post.Thanks for reading.If you liked what you…

WIP: Chaos Daemons Great Unclean One

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Hey all, something today with a big grin being a Great Unclean One. I started painting this model way back over Christmas 2016 and it has for a year now sat at the end of my desk watching me.More after the jump

Necron Deathmark WIP/Kitbash

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After putting together two boxes of immortals the left arms I had weren’t long enough to reach the rifles so I came up with this work around. I used the heads and barrels from the deathmarks on warriors.

WIP: Eldar Skathach Wraithknight of Iybraesil #7

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The end is nigh! Over two months in the making, I’ve almost completed work on my Skathach Wraithknight. As you can see, I completed the arms, so all that is left to do is painting the head, glueing all the sub-assemblies together, adding the transfers and doing a final check-up. I’m excited to see this model completed soon – along with my Knight and Stormraven it’s one of the biggest models I ever worked on. Almost there! What do you think?

Sail Away WIP 2 More Skin, a Quick Update

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Sail Away WIP 2 Things are still going somewhat slow, as always, here but it’s starting to pick up a bit again. I’ve been too tired to do much blogging. The painting I’ve managed to get done had been on Sail Away and mostly on her face. Accident I managed to completely screw up her […]

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Figurkowy Karnawał Blogowy XXX – Epickość.. Carnival of Blog’s Minis XXX – Epicness..

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Chaos Daemons Disciples of Tzeentch

Figurkowy Karnawał Blogowy

For non polish visitors I hasten to explain that Carnival of Blog’s Minis is the initiative of polish miniatures bloggers. The idea is based on monthly challenges on various topics about miniatures etc. This month’s theme is “Epicness”.
Trwa jubileuszowa XXX edycja Figurkowego Karnawału Blogowego, ogłoszona przez PSborsuka na blogu Borsuczy warsztat, zaś motywem przewodnim jest “Epickość”.
Thinking about how to present the February edition of CBM, I had many ideas but none of them was “epic” enough. I always try to paint every miniature in an epic way, but can a single miniature be really so epic? Of course, it is really hard to beat the hard work and craftmanship in finishing such projects as the Greater Daemon of Tzeentch or the Giant Mammoth. Compared to them my Ogroid Thaumaturge seemed too small, my Herold of Tzeentch conversion required too much time and I had almost no time at all.. than I understood – what could possibly be more epic than the whole army of miniatures?! Of course, I wouldn’t be able to paint such an army in so short time and I didn’t want to lower its painting level. Therefore I took the epic challenge – I will paint each and every Tzeentch model I have this year! It’s going to be the year of the Lord of Change and what you see below is just the beginning =) As never before, I need your support to finish what is supposed to be a neverending story in the Tzeentch’s world =)

Myśląc nad  realizacją tematu lutowej edycji FKB miałem kilka pomysłów, ale żaden nie wydawał mi się wystarczająco “epicki”. Naprawdę staram się epicko pomalować każdą jedną figurkę, ale czy na pewno pojedyncza figurka może być aż tak epicka? Oczywiście ciężko przebić wysiłek i kunszt włożony w ukończenie takich projektów jak Wielki Demon Tzeentcha, czy też Gigantyczny Mamut. Przy nich Ogroid Thaumaturge wydawał się jakiś mały, konwersja Herolda Tzeentcha przerażała mnie ogromem pracy, prawie absolutny brak czasu ograniczył moje możliwości niemal do zera.. i wtedy zrozumiałem – co może w tym fantastycznym miniaturowym świecie być bardziej epickie niż cała armia figurek?! Rzecz jasna nie dałbym rady pomalować całej armii w tym krótkim czasie, zaś nie chciałem ograniczyć poziomu jej malowania. Dlatego też podjąłem epickie wyzwanie – w tym roku pomaluję wszystkie posiadane przeze mnie modele Tzeentcha! To będzie rok Pana Zmian, a to co widzicie poniżej to dopiero początek =) Jak nigdy potrzebuję więc Waszego wsparcia, bym mógł dokończyć to co nigdy się nie kończy w świecie Tzeentcha =)
Chaos Daemons Disciples of Tzeentch

Eldar space fleet in progress and some frills and fauna…

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Back in December, some WIPsters and I vowed to go on a buying embargo. We’ve done that before and the idea is to basically stop buying and hoarding models  and to reduce the leadpile or at least stop its uncontrollable growth (saving a few coins in the process ideally).

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What’s New With WuhSawBe?

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“I’ll just add afew happy lil’ spase mareens over here…”It’s been a few weeks, so here’s a bit of an update:… and these are not even all of them!On the Hobby/Modeling front, I picked up some Rebel Commandos for Imperial Assault, and quickly painted…

WW2 US BAR Gunner Pt 1.

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Following on from my British officer, I thought It was time to move from the first world war to the second and you never know in a few years I might be painting a model from the thrid (trump!).Also with this one I am trying to do more in the basing are…

Project Stormcast: Warlord in Progress

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Well… a longer shift than usual at the boarding house. It was really sort of a soft-interview. More on that later.Anyway, this is the Stormcast Lord Celestant part of the whole model.The picture quality is not so good. It was too late to go and take …

WIP: Eldar Skathach Wraithknigh of Iybraesil #6

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Yeah, this beast isn’t finished yet, but it’s getting there. I made some good progress on the arms, but still need to do the head, paint some of additional parts here and there like the weapon handles (?), as well as an alternate left arm with a second…

Back to the Brushes 125

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Been a bit under the weather the last few weeks, well we all have really which has meant nothing serious getting done on the hobby front during this time.So here are the pictures taken before the onset of the family lurgyA new edition, the Hellcat from…

Weekly WIP: Guild Ball Masons Honour and Mallet

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Getting back on track by painting Mallet and Honour in one week.

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