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Dark Imperium – Praise Father Nurgle

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The new Warhammer 40,000 Set Dark Imperium was released recently and I split the box with a few people, keeping two Death Guard Plague Marines, the twenty Pox Walkers and a handful of Primaris Marines for myself. For this article, I want to keep the focus on the followers of the great father Nurgle. The […]

Primaris: A flawed masterpiece

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Actually another title could be “it’s too bloody hot to hobby!”. Being a Brit I’m unequipped to deal with the three days a year we actually have pleasant weather (circa 32 degrees). Aircon is something that happens at work not home, so suffice to say the man cave keeps being …

Cantabrum Indoctum Iuga Ferre Nostra

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“Cantabrum indoctum iuga ferre nostra – Cantabria, that won’t bear our  yoke”, Quintus Horatius Flaccus. Continuing the ancient SAGA projects, more cavalry arrived for the Iberians. I had a bit of trouble continuing this part of the SAGA warbands, as Victrix is a bit of a problem to get your hands on. Some sets, like […]

Cornelius For Rogue Stars

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Yet another spare Karman model, in this case Cornelius, allowed me to convert another for use in Rogue Stars.

I have not worked out a profile for this chap yet, but I reckon he will work out as a lot of points.

King Buggy Slow Progress

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Things have been a bit slow with my King Buggy conversions as I had to find some larger magnets to fix inside the wing section. I have now rebuilt the wings and am pretty much ready to rebuild the fuselage and undercoat them. I may paint the inside of the cockpit before I glue the … Continue reading King Buggy Slow Progress

Balin’s grand day out

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I’ve taken a break from painting the Death Guard this week to concentrate on assembling a 500 point force for a Middle Earth Strategy Battle one-day event, which has been an immense amount of fun. I’ve not played SBG or painted any Lord of the Rings/Hobbit miniatures for many a …

Para Bellum – Reinforcement for the Romans

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While currently preparing a load of reviews, painting terrain and base colours, I got a small reinforcement for the SAGA Romans. Warlord Games added some characters to the caesarian romans, among them the generic officers and two blisters with named characters. As I already set up Titus Pullo & Lucius Vorenus as my Warlord, I […]

Dream Forge Conversion

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I have removed the whip from this model and replaced it with a sword, a much better weapon for any Rogue Stars scoundrel. The ranged weapon is a Hasslefree accessory which compliments the model nicely. The photo of the painted model does not really show very well that the armoured parts are gold. I like … Continue reading Dream Forge Conversion

Karman Conversion

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I have a few of these Karman models, so it only seems right to use one in a Rogue Stars crew.

All I have done is change the weapon and add an extra melee weapon.

Gun Drones

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Privateer Press obviously do a huge range of models, many of which are suitable to use in a more steampunk setting. These gun drones are yet more additions to my robotic Steam Wars army.

TTCombat: Yu Pagoda Build Log 3

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Part 2 can be found here.At this point, the Pagoda is very sturdy, mostly together and I admit that I wasted one night moving figures around on it making ninja noises in the basement. Pretty damn exciting for me. The wife probably died a little inside….

TTCombat: Yu Pagoda Build Log 3

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Part 2 can be found here.At this point, the Pagoda is very sturdy, mostly together and I admit that I wasted one night moving figures around on it making ninja noises in the basement. Pretty damn exciting for me. The wife probably died a little inside….

Keeping busy in Spring

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There were only a few updates since mid of march, but I’ve been busy in the meantime and I want to give you a look into what I was tinkering on. I’m currently preparing a bit Bolt Action themed content, some of the new plastic kits, along with the 2nd Edition rule set and starter […]

Dreamforge Alien

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Free sample models are great, especially when I eventually find a use for one. This Dreamforge Games alien chap was holding a lead with some sort of beastie on the other end. As one of my exotic Rogue Stars crews was expanding, this model would be ideal. I removed the lead and replaced it with … Continue reading Dreamforge Alien

Mechanica Artillery

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I have no idea what the weapon profile will be yet for this piece, but it does look quite good. Based on a Titan Forge Metal Beards bolt thrower model, I have just reversed the arms and covered up the bolt.

Legion double-down

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It’s far too nice weather to be inside, so naturally I am. At least until the beers have chilled and the pizza dough proved and then all bets are off. In the meantime however I’ve been doubling down on progress, pushing on with a new squad for the Ultramarines in …

Dust Luther

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Not quite finished, I may just leave it as factory fresh and not apply any weathering or damage.

Converting The BaC Dreadnought (part 3)

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This dreadnought is nearing a point where I can start priming him. I’ve positioned the legs, added the final layers of detail (a few bits missing yet), and have completed his two plasma-blaster dread CCW arms. The body received a bit of extra detail here and there. My goal is to have each of my … Continue reading “Converting The BaC Dreadnought (part 3)”

Foam Board Hexagons

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I’m currently working on something quite boring. I have two boxes, filled with 150 hexagons cut out of foam board.

2 boxes

They are large enough to put several 28 mm miniatures on them. I want to use the hexagons to play Commands & Colors and to make my own strategy game.

28 mm hoplites

Therefore I’m glueing colored paper onto them. This is a complicated technique which takes a lot of time.

glueing colored paper onto form board hexagons

The other day I told Krüger: “Krüger, I started to work on the hexagons again.” He said: “After a couple of years, some projects come to a point where you just need to give up.”

Here in Berlin, where I live, late autumn is cold and dark and many of my friends become gloomy and loose their energy.

Two Bamboo Men and a Palm Tree

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2 bamboo menand a palm tree