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Attaque a l’outrance August 1914

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With the new war games room set up and christened with some fun Wings of Glory, it seemed like a good time to get down to some serious business. Kith, Andy, Jim and I managed to get together for a Great war Spearhead game.The scene is F]eastern France …

King Albert I of Belgium, the "warrior king"

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When Leopold the second died, the Belgian throne passed on to his nephew, Albert I.While the previous monarch became infamous for his role in the Congo aquirement, this king would become famous for completely different reasons.When the First World War …

Third Battle of Krasnik – A GWSH game

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It’s been a very long time (a year I think) but finally I’ve been able to organise a Great War Spearhead game. I chose a small 1914 scenario from the scenario book ‘Summer Harvest’ because we are rusty with the rules, and so I knew that game play would…

German 7.7cm FK96 guns for Flames of War Great War

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This past weekend Tom and I got WWI back on the table after a several month break.  Knowing we were to play I felt inspired to pull out some models and paint another unit or my Germans.  This is the Battlefront pack GGE570 7.7cm FK96 n.A gun….