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More M7 Priests for Flames of War

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Even as the luster fades from Flames of War my work complete various long neglected projects continues.  Today we have three more M7 Priests for my MW US Army.  These will see action for various US actions in Tunisia, Sicily and Italy in the …

Kenneth’s Heroes – Building the board, Part II

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Over the past few weeks, Dave Luff and I have been scratch-building scenery for our “Kenneth’s Heroes” game for Operation Market Larden, which is being held next weekend (10th June). We’ve pretty much finished all the scenery, so this evening was spent putting the board together in a dry run for the game. First off is the Brewery, which has been built from foamcore, plasticard, MDF and embossed plastic walls from Plast Craft Games. Then there are the walled gardens and village high walls, also built from a mixture of foamcore and plasticard: The Churchyard has been made from foamcore, MDF and some embossed plastic walls from Plast Craft Games. The Gravestones are from Magister Militum. The final table, ready for play-testing the scenario: Filed under: Painting & Modelling Tagged: 15mm Gaming, Chain Of Command, Terrain, World War II

Another StuG IIIG Platoon for Flames of War

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Continuing my exploration of the new Flames of War rules I have been playing some games with my late war German StuG IIIG Battery.  I needed an additional platoon so that I could take all StuG IIIG if I needed rather than always running a mix of t…

Review: The Campaign for Kharkov: October 1941

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Rating: This 48 page book, available as a PDF or an e-book, is a campaign supplement written by Chris Stoesen for the Chain of Command World War II Platoon level rules from Too Fat Lardies. It is worth noting that this supplement is not a complete game in itself, and you will need both a copy of the main Chain of Command Rules and the At The Sharp End campaign rules in order to play, along with a copy of the Big Chain of Command rules. This book is actually two campaigns in one, as it follows the fortunes of the German 57th Division and 101st Light Division as they advanced on the Russian city of Kharkov in October 1941. The Soviets were attempting to evacuate the city ahead of the German advance, and a rear-guard consisting of the Soviet 216th Rifle Division was tasked with holding the German forces until the evacuation was complete. The supplement starts with a 6 page introduction to the battle, which gives the background and details events between the 20th – 25th October 1941. The campaign actually consists of two ladders – one for the 101st Light Division and another for the 57th Infantry […]

US M2A1 105mm Battery

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Once again we have a long ignored project that I have finally completed.  This four gun battery of US 105mm howitzers has been sitting half painted in my army for many years.  I bought these several years ago and told myself that with some to…

US M4A1 Sherman in Camo

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After many years of delays on procrastination I have finally completed the third platoon for my Mid-war US armored company for Flames of War.  I bought these several years ago from a local gamer.  They were already assembled and had a basic p…

Kenneth’s Heroes – building the board, Part I

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Dave Luff and I are putting on a game for Operation Market Larden 5, a wargaming event being held in Evesham in a few weeks time. We are once again running a Big Chain of Command game in 15mm. The scenario is an adaption of a scene from one of Dave’s favourite war films, which meant that we needed a small town with high walls – something which we didn’t have. Rather than buy buildings and walls, we decided to scratch-build the vast majority of what we needed for the game. Work has been delayed on the project due to my fractured wrist, so we only really started the building work last week. I had, however, managed to  gather together a reasonable supply of the usual material that is required for a job like this: 3mm & 5mm foamboard A4 MDF sheets matchsticks several hundred coffee stirrers As it turned out, we also needed several sheets of embossed plastic, which I obtained from Antics Online. One of the first jobs was to build a large number of high walls (10′ high in 15mm scale) – I’ve built 18′ in total, which will (hopefully) be enough. The walls are built from 3mm […]

Warlord Plastic Tigers

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My contribution for the Germans forces for our big Point 213 game is basically done with these two models.  My friend, Tim, completed his a few weeks back while I have been busy building and painting British tanks and terrain.  The first of m…

Germans for TANKS

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I have been playing TANKS a lot this year and, of course, I must have painted models for the game.  In my early games I used some of my existing Flame of War tanks but I really want to have one box with models specifically for this game.  For…

Storming the Citadel – new Pint-sized campaign for Chain of Command

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Too Fat Lardies have just released a new Pint-sized campaign book for their Chain of Command World War II rules – Storming The Citadel. Taking a break from post D-Day France for the first time, this pint-sized supplement moves it’s focus to the Eastern Front and the operations of the German Grossdeutschland division at the start of operation “Zitadelle” (Citadel) which became known as the battle of Kursk. The 27-page PDF document contains the background to the German offensive operations in the Kursk salient, as well a six linked scenarios in which the Panzer Grenadiers of Grossdeutschland come face to face with two Soviet Guards Rifle Regiments . As with other pint-sized campaign books, you will need a copy of Chain of Command and At The Sharp End to use this book. Storming the Citadel is available for £3.80 from the Too Fat Lardies website.Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: Chain Of Command, Historical Gaming, World War II