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Final elements to the Asia Corps

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First up, Brigade Games’ Asia Corps Lewis Gun teams.Next, a unit of ten Jaeger. Four battalions of Jaeger were assigned to the Asia Corps, three battalions of the 146th Jaeger Regiment  and the 11th Reserve Jaeger Battalion. In reality, they proba…

Asia Corps Cavalry

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I didn’t have a lot to go on when I was tasked to create figures to represent the single squadron of German cavalry that served with the Asia Corps in Palestine in 1917-18. All there was was a single grainy photograph showing a few lance armed troopers…

Asia Corps Guns

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Crew from Brigade Games and the guns are the GWM 77mm FK96 with a lengthened barrel to make them look like FK16s. The Brigade Games FK16 model that came with the crew just looked too small to my eyes.

Wilhelm Wassmuss foments trouble in the Persian Gulf.

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Thanks to Steve Langan for images of a recently completed commission. Steve wanted an Imperial German expeditionary force based upon the exploits of Wilhelm Wassmuss “the German Lawrence”, as he attempted to create trouble for the British Empire in Per…