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Battle Group Market Garden Campaign Game 1

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My first game saw my veteran British paras (borrowed from Dave) face off against Andys’ German armoured reconnaissance force. The scenario was the Recon game from the rules.The table before our forces entered.First moves. Andy won the recon phase so I …

Battle of Britain board game

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I have now eventually recieved decent hard plastic aircraft from Plastic Soldier Company for the Battle of Britain game , they are very good quality especially compared with the rubbish they tried to palm everyone off with originally ,so late delivery …

WW2 Dutch and 1745 Jacobites

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It might have been quiet here on the blog for the last week or so, but I have actually been  progressing with all sorts of stuff. My wargaming table is groaning under the weight of several projects on the go! … Continue reading

1943-45 Australian Jungle Division

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Finished my Aussies for Bolt Action New Guinea campaign mainly Warlord Games with a few Artizan and Brigade Games bits .Officer & 2 InfantryScout TeamInfantry Section a mix of SMG’s ,Rifles and a BrenPapuan Infantry SectionSniper TeamPIAT TeamFlame…

Battle Group Market Garden Day 1

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Some of the tables 9 Allies and 9 Germans fought over at the Battle Group Market Garden campaign weekend managed by Iron Fist publishing and hosted by the Deeside Defenders at the Wings Social club in Broughton.

Memoir 44 at the club

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I hosted a game of Memoir 44 at the club this past week. The first game saw me battle Scott. In the second game, Scott switched sides and Dan took a poke at him. The scenario was from the Memoir campaign book and was early-war.Hannut-Merdorp was the fi…

Review: WW2 Dutch Landsverk armoured car in 1/56 (28mm)

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“Verdorie! Those are German paratroopers!” shouts the shocked commander of a Dutch Landsverk M36 armoured car as the Germans begin to invade the Netherlands on 10 May 1940. I’ve just completed this 1/56 scale Landsverk model produced by May ’40 … Continue reading

WW2 Dutch armoured car

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After many many months of anticipation, I’ve finally got my hands on one of May ’40 Miniatures’ Landsverk armoured cars for my WW2 Dutch army. First impression is that’s it a very good model.  I will report more in the … Continue reading

Battlegroup Play Test.

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Sunday night saw the Wyverns give Battlegroup a run through.Flicking through the vehicle stats for frontal and side armour took me back to my early days and WRG’s 1925 – 1950 rules.Over the years I have tried most of the rules on the market, Battlegrou…

Summer 1944 in Italy. Lato 1944 roku we Włoszech.

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Another game in our club, this time Chain of Command. Since some time I try to win with Angus’s Germans using my Poles. As I remember I did never win. This time we tried something a little different. Regular infantry against regular infantry. For the p…

Two WW2 Dutch farms in cardboard

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This weekend I finished the final two Dutch card model buildings by ‘Gungnir’ that I had bought recently from WargameDownloads. I’ve posted previously about the first four buildings for a small Dutch village. This latest pair consists of two farmhouses. … Continue reading

A whole 28mm Dutch village in a weekend

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My WW2 Dutch army isn’t quite finished, as I await the release of the May ’40 Miniatures Landsverk armoured car and a couple of artillery pieces.  So in the meantime I’ve been working on some terrain for them to fight … Continue reading

First Game of What a Tanker!

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Last Friday, I could persuade Sigur and Stephan to set up a game of the new Lardies extravangaza, What a Tanker!, at the local club. They had both played the game a couple of days before, but unfortunately I didn’t have…

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What a Tanker

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Our first game of too fat lardies ,What a Tanker rule set tonight at Sheffield Wargames Society , and what agreat game it is ,fast , fun and easy to pick up after turn 2 we only had to look at the rule book once just using the quick play sheets for eve…

Vietnamese People’s Air Force Museum – on Tour

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Having accidentally found myself in Hanoi with a spare morning, a trip to a military museum was required. Originally intending to go to the supposedly disappointing Vietnam War Museum, my driver ended up dropping me off instead at the Vietnamese People…

What a Tanker!

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Kim and I visited Salute and picked up a copy of the new tank rules from Two Fat Lardies: “What a Tanker!” With Eero, Petri and Kim we had a few eastern front games, BTs vs T-34s (Finns in the BTs), PzII and PzJgr I vs T-34, and Matildas and T-34s vs a behemoth of a tank destroyer, Jagdtiger. Much …

More 15mm WW2 for sale

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Alright, some more 15mm WW2 are on the block this week. Pick-up in Edmonton or shipping at cost.First up is a set of three Battlefront M-5 Stuarts. These are late-war tanks, suitable for the western front. The tanks are decaled and a touch muddy. One h…

More 15mm WW2 for sale

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Continuing with last week’s post, I have completed rehabbing some more of the 15mm WW2 German vehicles I picked up in trade.First up this week are three Battlefront metal-and-resin Jadgpanthers. The camo has been handprinted and the tanks are numbered …

15mm WW2 Germans for sale

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I don’t really do commission work any more, but every once and awhile I run across a deal that is too good to pass up. Last week, I bought a job lot of 15mm WW2 Germans. Some were well painted, others were only base coated or had some chipping. I have …

All Hell Let Loose 14

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The first painted WW2 vehicles in over a year and hopefully not the last this year.  All three vehicles come from Britannia Miniatures – now Grubby Tanks – and have painted well. Shown below from left to right there is:SDKFZ 140 Flakpanzer 38…

Back to the Brushes 156

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So the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has finished for another year and 76 hobbyists have put down their brushes for a while. Below are the finished figures and models for this years challenge totalling 306 points just 6 points more than the …

International Bomber Command Centre

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Made a visit to the International Bomber Command Centre ,near Lincoln today and even though it is not completely finished itwas still an amazing experience .The gardens and the spire are free to walk round although there is aparking fee and if you want…

Bolt Action: Afrika Korp Project Part 3

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Following on with the tradition of being very slow to post updates for my Afrika Korp Force. I have neglected it for far too long […]

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Back to the Brushes 155

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As this years painting challenge draws near to completion so do the three pieces of WW2 German armour that will be a part of my final submission.20mm WW2 vehicles have become a constant part of the challenge submission as this the seventh that I have b…

Make your own unit cards tutorial

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Hi guys,Since the unit cards were a popular post, and one of my readers asked if I could do a tutorial of how to make them, I put one together this evening.The site I’m referring to in the video is this one: don’t need to …