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Portsmouth Dockyard – A Birthday Treat

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It was my Birthday yesterday and as a treat I had the whole day in Portsmouth Historic Docks. For those that are not familiar this is the home of the British Navy and one the best military museums in the country. This is the home of HMS Victory, the Ma…

RAF Tangmere Military Aviation Museum

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Tangmere Military Aviation Museum began in 1981 when a group of enthusiasts decided to keep the memory of the site alive. They expanded, were given a building to use and by 1982 had opened their doors to the public. The museum has continued to grow and…

Challenge VII: The Last Day’s posts

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 I submitted the following on the last day of the Challenge – a Winter themed late war German army and some odds-n-ends at the bottom of what remaining of my leadpile. The Winter germans are are Warlord figures including the Stug (one of the …