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The Submarine Museum at Gosport

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I have wanted to visit the Submarine Museum at Gosport for a long time and when I realised I was passing very close nearby on my holiday I couldn’t miss the opportunity. For anyone interested in our maritime history – and in particular submarine warfare – this museum is an absolute must. The site contains a second world war submarine that served through the Cold War, the first submarine that served in the Navy Royal Navy and a midget submarine from WWII.

HMS Alliance

Inside the Bow Torpedo Room

The Bow Torpedo Tubes

One of the ‘Driving Seats’ in the main control centre of the sub

The Engine Room

The subs Engine Order Telegraph

View Down the length of the sub

The Bow of the Alliance

The HMS Holland 1 was the first submarine commissioned by the Royal Navy

Despite being lost at sea in 1913 and not raised until 1982 the ship is in remarkable condition

The interior and the subs single torpedo tube

Guess who is enjoying his day out?

The Bow of the Holland One

Midget Submarine X24 – The X class was a World War II midget submarine class built for the Navy during 1943–44

View from above showing two hatches

The aft propeller and rudder assembly of the X24

Interior view – The X Class subs had a crew complement of 4

The Jolly Rodger flag of the HMS Conqueror – This was the Churchill-class nuclear-powered submarine that sunk the Argentinian cruiser General Belgrano in 1982

We only had a couple of hours here as we were travelling on to Sussex this day and couldn’t stay longer. Having said that there was more to see and we could easily have stayed a couple of hours more had we been able to. Definitely worth another visit at some point in the future. 

Tank Men at Bovington

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My recent family holiday to Dorset took us very close to Bovington Tank Museum and afforded me an opportunity to visit the new Tank Men exhibition. This new exhibition commemorates the centenary of the first tank attack in history by looking in detail …

A Little Holiday Reading

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We are at the end of the first week of our holiday and we have had the usual mix of good and bad weather, days out and restful downtime. I was determined that this year I would make time to catch up on some reading. I’m always buying books that I don’t…

Bomb London

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Last week as we packed up from our Rapid Fire game and we were all wondering what we were going to do I blurted out “Wings of War” not having played in a while and with over 50+ models gathering dust in boxes. As usual I didn’t think of what we would d…

Entry #16 to the AHPC – 28mm WWI era Russian BK-2 Riverine Gunboat

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Last week we had our ‘Nautical’ theme over at the Challenge and this was my modest entry: a 1916 BK-2 Russian Riverine Gunboat.This 28mm resin model is from my very talented friend Alf, over at Barrage Miniatures. In retrospect, I think my work on it i…

Challenge Nautical bonus round – Landships

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Back when I was admitted to the Analogue Challenge I made the foolhardy statement that I was going to try and get through without entering the Bonus Rounds. My reasoning was that I wanted to concentrate on getting models painted that were specifically …

“Duel in the Sun” – a Review

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  Osprey Publishing and Warlord Games have recently released, what I think is the best supplement so far for Bolt Action, “Duel in the Sun – The African and Italian…

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