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More tanks for Tanks

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I have been playing the odd game of Tanks, from GF9, from time to time with one of my coworkers. Its a fun game with not a heck of a lot depth and its a great excuse to paint some 15mm WWII tanks and build some terrain. The game is clearly inspired by X-Wing and its […]

Bucklers Hard Maritime Museum

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Sorry folks, more holiday photo’s and another Museum! I will get round to some actual gaming related posts shortly but for now I had to tell you about this great ‘hidden gem’ of a museum. I say hidden but by that I mean ‘hidden from me’ because when I …

Reflections On D Day

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Today marks the 74th anniversary of one of the most significantevents of the twentieth century, the Normandy invasion. As this event makes me think of all those veterans of that war that allaround me as a kid, and we see less and less of as time goes o…

Tanker’s Tuesday: WWII Tank Battles Video

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Hellcat Movie

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THE BATTLE OF THE LAST PANZER | The Last Panzer Battalion | Full Length …

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Bad movie but fun……

Did You Remember the AP?

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Put the final touch to a few priority maps this morning with plenty of time to set up a game of Bolt Action, not enough time however to give a lot of thought to the game so a simple BA scenario with three objectives to fight over. Four infantry squads …

VE Day event at Waltham Abbey

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Sunday I attended a living history event that had been cancelled last year but has been revived on the sunniest May bank holiday for many years. The 170 acre site was once the home of the Royal Gunpowder Mills and is now a heritage park set in beautifu…

Blood Red Skies first experience

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So I finally managed to get the planes from the Blood Red Skies starter set painted as well as some Soviet Yak fighters and the Soviet Ace pilot. I brought them down to The Sentry Box to run a few demo games. I only managed to get photos of the first game that was played. […]

Tanks begin to roll in

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After my recent play test of the new What a Tanker! rules I decided I wanted to play more of this game and that I want run a game at Reject HQ as soon as possible. I have a random selection of 15mm tanks left over from when I sold most of my collection…

Secrets of the Third Reich

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I have always been a fan of the “Weird War 2” genre of wargame. The historical elements of the armies mixed with a splattering of […]

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A Quick Cromwell

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A couple of weeks ago, while at Salute, I picked up a copy of What a Tanker! by TooFatLardies. I had a long chat with the guys before the show opened and was impressed with the simplicity of the rules that conceal a whole sub level of subtlety and nuan…

Mecha Monday: Wierd WWII Red Mechs!

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Task force Rhino, A Dust Starter set with a punch

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A few weeks ago saw me dip my toes into Dust 1947, this week sees me take the plunge. Picking up the Taskforce Rhino was […]

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Tanker’s Tuesday: The KV Tank

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28mm WWII Winter Germans

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A commission we did of some winter Germans. Figures were mostly Heer46 with some Warlord guns and crew. There are more Warlord figures for this order but they will be in the next batch.

Tanker’s Tuesday: T28 SUPER HEAVY TANK

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Blitzkrieg Miniatures Black Friday Unboxing

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Blitzkrieg Miniatures had a cracking Black Friday offer on many of their 1/56 vehicles such as a wonderful £10 per vehicle. It would be rude […]

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Mate Simon has fixed my broken PC and put the blame on the last people to touch it, that was the original firm, but as with putting my car into a service I have no idea what happens to it, but it has cost me dear and I have probably spent a lot of mone…

Bolt Action: Afrika Korp Project Part 3

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Following on with the tradition of being very slow to post updates for my Afrika Korp Force. I have neglected it for far too long […]

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Ride to Battle in Tank Wars

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Bolt Action has been around for a while and is primarily focused on infantry battles. Tank Wars however features, you guessed it tanks. The British […]

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AHPC8 Bonus Round "Childhood" 1/32 DAK

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Back in the 70’s when I were a whipper snapper, I was fascinated with history and anything related to soldiers, strange eh?I had a massive collection of books that I used to copy and draw soldiers from. I’m not that good at drawing but used to love it….

Wot, no Prosecco?

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At one point on Tuesday night I had decided not to bother braving the weather, the ‘Beast from the East’ as the weather pundits are calling the cold snap. We had had a flurry of snow and I don’t like driving in snow conditions, I used to do it a lot dr…

The Hill

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We didn’t get to fight a boardgame this week as I had to concentrate on some map projects which were priority but we did manage a Bolt Action game yesterday to have a break from our sword and sandal epics.I have been busy so I dug out a Bolt Action sce…

Tanker’s Tuesday: Tankfest 2017

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