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Battle Report – Infinity – Nomads vs. Yu Jing

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  Owen from Gaming with the Cooler brings his Vanilla Nomads to face my Yu Jing in a Limited Insertion game of ‘Frontline’! Advertisements

Yu Jing Infinity Force

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Welcome back everyone from the Christmas holidays. After much cheer and merriment its time to get back down to business. Lets start this year by getting out the left over post from last year. To begin here is some more Infinity miniatures. This Yu Jung force was painted to level […]

Battle Report – Infinity – Haqqislam vs. Yu Jing

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  Benoit brings some of his freshly painted Beyond Red Veil Haqqislam models to take on my Yu Jing in an ITS Season 9 game of Supplies! Advertisements

Battle Report – Infinity – Imperial Service vs. Military Orders

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  Owen from Gaming with the Cooler and I take an episode to examine this year’s Direct Action Interplanetary Tournament winner’s lists for Military Orders and play through Game 5’s mission from the worldwide Championship of ITS Season 8! Advertisements

INFINITY Yu Jing Remote Yaoxie Lu Duan…

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My last Yaoxie remote and I’m all done now. This baby also has a nice heavy flamethrower which is nice for ARO purposes if you’re worried about hitting hard targets. This is the remote I use the most since he … Continue reading

Infinity April new releases

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Wondering what Corvus Belli’s new releases for April look like? They’ve got a stunning line up in store for us. The Aquila Guard, new 45th Highlander Rifles, the Kaeltar Specialists, the Fraacta Drop Unit and the awesome new Tiger Soldier.First of all,…