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Lucca C&G 2013: miniature island on video

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I’m thinking to the next Lucca Comics & Games. Yes, it is for the 1st of November but I have to prepare something to show to the audience. I haven’t got Zen Garden boxes anymore because I stopped their production. Maybe a new release in cardboard? Well, I wish newer things to old ones so […]

Lucca C&G 2013: Ganesha Games

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The last post on Lucca Comics & Games 2013. Always in the Miniature Island but regarding only our space as Ganesha Games. We had some new realisations: BattleSworn, Samurai Robots Battle Royale, Of Gods And Mortals, Non Andare Nel Bosco D’Inverno. Song of Shadows and Dust was still only in digital format. Andrea presented his […]

Dadi.Com 2013: Ganesha’s showcase

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After the overall review of Dadi.Com, now we are going to see the Ganesha Games presence. We were at full force, with me, Andrea, Sergio and Diego. Among other things, we spent a lot of money in the Bring & Buy, but we offered some demonstration games too. Andrea was in the convention with an […]

Upccoming: “Dadi.Com 2013″

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The next weekend is time, the 13th edition of the southern Europe’s foremost wargame show. It is held in San Marino, an enclave State inside Italy. This is the first time that I will participate in this location. I’ll run Ferrum et Gloria and Zen Garden demonstration tables. Andrea from Ganesha Games will be […]

Annual Legio Palatina reunion

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Christmas is the time of the year when Luca come from London to meet his old mates here in Rome. His wife is a writer for the Roma guide by Lonely Planet so all the family is here for the copy edit of the new annual edition. So we have got Luca, while Narciso come […]

Ludica Roma 2012: ganesha

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Thanks to Luciano and Valentina we had got a huge space for our Ganesha Games stand. Andrea was running a demonstration table for beginners with the new edition of Song of Blade and Heroes. So some people and children discovered the world of wargame. At the same place were possible to taste the water of […]

Lucca C&G 2012: ganesha stand

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This year the Ganesha Games team was composed by me and Andrea. We were in the Miniatures Island managing a demonstration table. Every day Andrea chose a different game to show to the public. This one is Song of Blades and Heroes II. He was showing to people that you can play with just a […]

Alt si gioca 2012: the report

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More on the beautiful Alt si gioca convention. This time some photos and comments. There are some previews about Ganesha Games new games too. But if you want to see more photos go to the two Dropbox photo archives: Former city of Bologna fair manager, now author of SDS game series and other […]

Alt si gioca 2012: the videos

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Alt si gioca was a wargame convention in Terni who took place the 7th of October. When I was free from my demonstrations I realised with my mobile a movie to report the event. Some main topics: 0:12 – Blood Bowl tournament 0:51 – Flame of War scenario 1:00 – Battle on Ice in 10mm […]

Ludica: the Ganesha Games video

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It was snowing on Rome, and we were frozen inside the Ludica event in Rome fair. You can read more on this old post of mine. At that moment, the organisers asked to made a video of us to promote their convention. I refused to speak because you have to be concise and professional, leaving […]

Hellana 2012: Ganesha stand

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Again about Agliana, but this time for the Ganesha stand. As you have read before, me and Diego slept in Terni. The morning after we left at the 6 with Andrea, with a stop to say hello to other players from Terni who were leaving in another car with a table for Ganesha. Then to […]

Ludica Roma Feb 2012: Ganesha Games

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Snow in Rome. Only few centimetres and it was an apocalypse because we are unprepared to this type of meteorological events because we see real snow only every 20 years. Furthermore Rome is without a real mayor so panic spread in the city. We wanted to be in Ludica at any price. So we travelled […]

DBA Terni 2012

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Again in Terni. This city is in another region but the travel is so smooth and brief (little more than one hour with train) that is more simple to go to Terni than some areas of Rome. Me and Diego are a sort of wargame commuters! This time wasn’t a playtest for Ganesha Games but […]

Ludica Roma is here!

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At this moment I would be in Ludica Roma, a wargame, boardgame and videogame convention here in the Rome Fair (it is not precisely Rome, the Fair is in the middle of nowhere outside the city). Indeed, I wanted to demonstrate Zen Garden and Mighty Monsters at the Ganesha Games stand for three days, but […]

Zen Garden is ready

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I thought it was simpler to make. Now, after 4 months of work, Zen Garden is ready at last. I’m only waiting the pressing of the rules, but for this I have to wait Andrea. And you can buy it, even if I must calculate the price, because the sum of all materials do it […]

Pagoda show

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Zen Garden, the smallest skirmish game in the world, is still under construction. I’m almost ready, but not ready yet. Here we have got the pagodas, a resin production by my old chap Narciso. They are painted black and red, the base colours of the game. The next thing will be numbers on samurai sashimonos. […]

Zen Garden dices

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Some updates about Zen Garden. The building of the materials carry on as you can see here. These are the dices. Every set has got 2 white dices and 1 red dice. On the sides there is the Japan sign for “stop”. All is handmade, so it is not perfect as an industrial product. It […]

Lucca 2011: zen garden

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Beautiful girl plays Zen Garden! I discovered that my game attracts girls as honey for bees. Maybe it is its elegance, the use of three colours (red, black, white), the small space used, the zen garden theme. My game is small, missing in the large fair, but people noted it. I tested the new measurement […]

Lucca Comics & Games: last call!

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Lucca Comics and Games (October 28th to November 1st, Lucca, Italy) is one of the major geek-cons in the world, covering anything from comics, manga, action figures, anime, undressed girls (cosplay), RPGs, miniature wargaming, gothic lolitas, modelling, junk food, medieval arts, videogames, cardgames, aikido, boardgames, and so on. I will be with the Ganesha Games […]

Measure the garden

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Zen Garden production is running fast. In the past days, as those who speak Italian can read on the new twitter box on the right, me and dad made some pieces for the game, as the measurer for the weapons at range and that one for the troops movement, in the form of a rake. […]

Zen gardener

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A brief note to say that we (me and Andrea “Ganesha Games” Sfiligoi) are thinking about the realisation of a limited edition of my game Zen Garden with some revised rules and better materials. It will be handmade but with professional elements. In the following weeks we will start the production. A demo will be […]

GiocaRoma 2011

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At last, my report on GiocaRoma 2011, the boardgame convention of Rome. I repeat myself: I like this events build by gamers for gamers. There were tournaments, boardgames presentations, wargames, vendors, free toy library with people who explain rules and follow you during the first turn. All inside a sporting centre near the underground, with […]

Playing in a Zen Garden

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I’m just returned from the first day of GiocaRoma, the convention of boardgames here in Rome. Well, there is even a large section of wargames, very large indeed, but the people who organise all are from boardgames clubs. All the work is voluntary, so it is a great d.i.y. convention made by real gamers for […]

Bulding a Zen Garden

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A friend of mine, a real demented friend of mine, gifted me, some Christmas ago, a small Zen Garden that you can put on your desk. He thought to be witty, but I hated him (well, he is still one of best friends of mine, so I didn’t kill him). Now, what could I do […]