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With some guts behind it ….some new books for my library

Posted on February 1st, 2018 under . Posted by

Made 5 piurchases to add to my Zulu war library ,the first is really about the famous movie rather that the actaul events but ive been after ZULU with some guts behind it ,by Stepehen Hall , for a while as it sold out almost straight away and the the p…

Rokes Drift defenders Graves -Private James Taylor

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A rather hard one to find in my quest to visit the graves of the defenders of Rorkes Drift ,James Taylor a pivate at the time appears to have achieved the rank of sergeant ,he passed away in 1919 and has avery badly rusted iron cross marker in the chur…

Rorke’s Drift Ready To Go

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It’s been a long process, working on my Anglo-Zulu War Armies, and although the figures are all painted (and have been for nearly 10 years) they still await their basing completed. Luckily the terrain is a happier story, thanks to

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Rorke’s Drift Update

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Well it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything directly to do with my own wargaming, and an even longer time since I posted about my 28mm Anglo-Zulu War project! Way back in 2011 Warlord Game’s brought out their fantastic&#8230…