Bog Sylvaneth - Drycha Hamadreth Conversion Painted

Once beautiful and pure, a shining light among the folk of her village she was. Folk came from miles around to see and visit her, to hear her speak such wonders their minds were lifted, and the misery of their lives were forgotten for a short while.One day the witch hunters came, foul smelling humans who reeked of their fear and prejudice. She sensed them coming, her mind tuning in to the darkness surrounding them. Why had they come? No mercy did they show, when she was dragged back from her bold escape attempt. She was lashed to a tree, thorns inserted under the nails on her hands and feet, stakes driven through each knee. Hanging they left her, after they had purified her with their 'righteous' lust. Her crime? weaving mysteries through song, foretelling the future for those who asked it of her, healing the sick with herbs and remedies she foraged from the surrounding forest.A spark of life was left her still, and she summoned up the last of her power to unbind the lashes that held

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