Brandywine : the flank attack

A Black Powder game focussed on Lord Cornwallis' flank attack against Washington's forces lining the banks of the Brandywine.This idea comes from an article in Wargames Illustrated, September 2013 by Joe Krone in the US, so apologies for stealing it, Joe !Smallwood's 1st Maryland Brigade and De Borre's 2nd Maryland Brigade are "fixed" on the banks of the Brandywine, facing Knyphausen's forces on the other side of the river.Belatedly, Washington has reacted to news that British troops are approaching his open right flank, so  Woodford's 3rd Virginia Brigade, Scott's 4th Virginia Brigade, Maxwell's New Jersey Brigade & Conway's Pennsylvania Brigade have been withdrawn from the river line to come to assist Smallwood & De Borre.Here, elements of Matthew's Guards Brigade namely, the 1st and 2nd Light Battalions are rushing to attack Smallwood before he can turn and face them.Behind the Lights, Von Donop's Hessians are likewise dashing across in supportThe Brandywine with Smallwood's and De Borre's Bri

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