Warhamer Underworlds Shadespire Steelhearts Champions - basing

This is quite an insightful little post about me I think. Recent posts [in particular the last one!] showed how I sensibly thought to use the delay in starting my Knights to crack on with the Dark Shroud but it's failing to ignite my passion to push on and get it done. I'm doing little bits, perhaps I might reach a tipping point? I also pointed out how the Primaris Marines are a bit 'big' for me and I'm on record as not a huge fan of painting power armour. Yet I find myself suddenly enthused at painting Steelhearts Champions from Shadespire!?I'd managed to snag a copy of the game for just £27 on ebay, all models built [so no Big Build required 😃, but then no stamp either ☹️]. I'd been looking around on YouTube and found this basing tutorial from RobPaintsModels which is pretty cool and I thought I might get something more akin to what I'd hoped to achieve with the Fyreslayers [although I do still like what I did do]. So started with a black primer, then a grey prime on the base and a zenithal white spray on

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