Weird World War 1 ... the British lurch onto the table

It's been a little quiet on the hobby and painting front of late. Life tends to get in the way really. 'Work - the curse of the 'gaming classes'. However I have been quietly pottering with the foot elements of the 'Weird World War 1' British army, the opposition to Andy's Germans. This journey began with the aerial hero, the Sopwith Camel. Then came the Hordes.. re-animated 1914 British infantry, then the Shooters (Lewis gunners with rifle support), and now some Blades... all of these latter are Strelets British Infantry in Gasmasks. The 'vision' for the army is one of reanimated troops, zombies if you like, with a slightly supernatural look/feel. So for example there is no pilot in the Camel.The blade have just come off the painting table, leaving me with 30 points of finished troops, a playable army for 24 points. The aim is our usual 72 points, given our preference for 72 point Big battle games these days.The newest Blade bases at the frontThe 'Hero'ShootersThe aerial hero behind the hordesThe 30 points so

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