Flashpoint Alto Cenepa: Table Terrain

Imagine this scaled for 1/600 as far as the eye can see...or just 6'x4'?I've been thinking about the 6'x4' table terrain for the Wings at War Alto Cenepa project and have come up with three different options. The table layout is a standard 6' x 4' rectangle divided down the middle lengthways by a gently winding river, representing the frontline. The rest of the surface is jungle without any distinguishing features, as hills and ground targets will be plonked on the top. I have found a couple of aerial photos that give an impression of what I'm thinking of, if not the exact design.The river is a bit too wide but this is what the layout would be like.The options I have are to home dye a suitable sheet, paint a couple of interlocking boards or go full throttle and commission a bespoke terrain cloth from Tiny Wargames. The latter would be expensive but I could re-use the cloth for the Soccer War, Thud Ridge or even a Wings at War variation for the Indonesian Confrontation, assuming I don't have a hex pattern prin

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