Slaanesh display board

So it is done, the underside of the Burrows board has been transformed in a display plate for my Emperor's Children.Taking a LOT of green line drawing, this 24x24 tile can also be used for Kill team once I start building terrain for the demonic world.But it now looks conform with the manner I base my miniatures, being bone with jaded lines.  This nicely contrasts imho with the black and pinks I use for my forces.It`s also big enough to hold a decent sized force, even with a Knight thrown in the mix for example.  I might give Armies on Parade a go this year, even though it`ll be more from an olympic point of view...So the board is ready to join Armies on Parade the 13th of October, more out of the Olympic thought then of actually thinking to have a chance to get some decent result in... but I just want to see what it is all about truth to be told.And now... let`s start expanding the force again!

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