Drukhari Kill Team

I took a bit of a break from painting terrain to finish up this Drukhari kill team Amanda wanted me to paint for her. I'd hoped to post these Sunday, but when I went to help her write out the list Saturday evening and come up with names and stuff and write this post, I realized I'd only painted up 88 points worth of stuff!? So, that night I quickly assembled and yesterday painted up a couple more to bring it over 100 points (and give her some extras she could put on her roster and swap out for... something...?). At some point I should probably paint up a few more kabalite warriors to give her more shooty options, but for the time being this should get her going and most of our games, so far, have denigrated into mid-zone melees, which the Wyches should excel at!(We have a whole ARMY of Drukhari that Amanda's expecting me to paint up for her at some point!? Yikes! Hope she's happy with these for the time being!)Kill Team Crimson WaveKill Team Crimson Wave are Ascendant Murderers; having risen from the gan

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