Titanicus, Yew! Basing and planning.

Yo! I saw some awesome Epic scale 30k era vehicles and it took me a while to track some down through a friend of a friend of a friend kinda thing, now everything's in the one place and I've got a bit of mojo it's time to go (I've had all these kits built since their releases).The vehicles I got are a bunch of wee Solar Aux stuff. 3 Leman Russ Incinerators, 2 Dracosan, 2 Arvus Lighters (I crashed one on the Warlord base), a Malcador and one of the Baneblade variants with the big plasma.I've used up 3 on the bases so far and will mix the others into the scenery to help reinforce the immersion in the epic scale.I just ordered a pair of Warhounds too so my next project is building them, the other Reaver and painting up the full 5 Titan Axiom Maniple with a side of Knights to give me pretty well an exact 1750pts to play.I'll document the progress on here as I go along and some of the terrain work I do.CheersJackie

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