Warlord Games Afrika Korps plastics

I recently purchased a box of Warlords Afrika Korps ,the box contains 30 plastic figures .There are lots of head choices a mix of all the head wear used ,pith helmets ,field caps and helmets all with a choice of plain faces ,face scarfs goggles either on the face ,around the helmet even hung around the neck ,one face even has a cigerette between his lips . Weapons are good ,smg,rifle,ATR,lmg and 2" mortar ,my only issue here is every sprue is the same so you get a lot of mortars and ATR's maybe more rifles or smg would have been better .Poses are ok and the fit is good some of the arm joints are suspect as with most plastic sets .The usual info sheet is included and a nice but fiddly decal set which includes rank chevrons and cuff titles and a couple of mine field signs . Overall above average 8/10a 50cm Mortar team a tooled up NCO 

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