Story of a show game 4 - Forces : The Imperialists

This was a hoot! 1693 and riding roughshod over the French but it's 20 years on.. can the Turk be vanquished too?I very much enjoyed the German Grand National 1693 game which we ran at Tactica and elsewhere in the first half of 2018. The competition between four German ally states against a common enemy was colourful and fun and even spawned an X rated version which I think was called the W hores? Race which a friend of this blog rand successfully over the summer.Saxon, Prussian and Dane - all fighting for the Empire against the TurkWith limited time to paint large forces we decided to do three things. Try and finish some BLB style Ottoman units ourselves. Sub contract some painting of Ottoman units to our highly productive painting partner Rob. Muster some Donnybrook forces which would do the fighting.It is unlikely that Kurassier will be used for the extraction - it's an infantryman's job!The BLB style multi based units will form the 'lines' of the opposing armies but not move on the day. The single based m

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