28mm Crusader Foot Sergeants

After a bit of a lull on the paint front, I managed to get the blockage moved and got some stuff finished last week, adding another couple of units to my Crusader collection, this time a 24 figure Crossbow Unit and a 24 figure Spear armed unit.Spears to the rear, apologies for the 15mm Napoleonic figures in the backgroundThe figures are the Foot Sergeant plastic box set from Fireforge, a great set with 48 figures in, ideal for two 24 fig units ! The detail on the figures in good for plastics, they are however quite chunky for a starved Medieval Army and I'm not too sure about some of the half crouch half standing poses but in general as an Army Builder they are a great set.Spearmen close upThe figures are based on a 60mm frontage by 50mm depth, standard frontage for the period but slightly extra depth, for me it allows a bit more space to protect the figures and their bendy plastic weapons, that and it makes basing a bit easier. Getting filler in between the legs of tiny warriors in double ranks is never easy

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