Mechanicus Kill Team

Last night I finished up the last of the stuff I was planning to bring to the Kill Team game I am running at ToonCon this weekend.Adeptus Mechanicus Kill TeamOriginally I thought I might paint them the same as the ones I painted for John, but then I kind of liked the look of the way they painted them in the book, so I went with something similar to that. I had also considered doing them as Skitarii Vanguard (since John's left his Rangers here and I could make use of them anytime...), but then I decided to build them all just like the ones in the book - that have premade data cards and stuff...With the exception of the Sicarian Infiltrator lurking in the back, these all came in the Kill Team Coe Box.Dorox-0.4343 - Skitarii Vanguard Alpha - the Leader of the Kill TeamSek-XXVII Skitarii - Vanguard Gunner/Zealot Specialist (With Plasma Caliver), Kappic-Schoelendt-18.1 - Skitarii Ranger/Comms Specialist, and AR-99 Skitarii Vanguard/Scout Specialist.Mu-575 and Actus-1111 - Skitarii VanguardGryphonne-Reductus-089, D

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