A Modest Proposal - Harlequins

I have a couple of modest proposals to put forth for the masters of fashion. Interesting possible changes, probably none of them will happen.1. Re-purpose some ModelsI've said this before and I'll say it again, they're left and right pistol arms in the Troupe kit. Ergo you could easily make a really cool gunslinger unit. Small elite unit 3-5, give them a rule that lets them shoot twice and/or lets them shoot into combat with a penalty or something. But otherwise done.Another option is to take a play from Custodes, just give a option for a HQ Skyweaver. Just play around with some stats, add character, done.Past that it gets tricky, you'd have to make new models or upgrade sprues. You could try and port things like DE Beasts, but that really isn't the kind of clowns GW has written Harlequins to be.2. Make a new kitMimes used to be a thing. They were a elite close-combat unit that could sneak around. While another CC unit isn't really needed in Quins, a infiltrating unit is. Give them a infiltrate rule and

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