[EN/PL] The Green, the Bad, and the Ugly / Zielony, Zły i Brzydki (Warmonger Miniatures Orc #1)

I warmly welcome!It's true that today is not a weekend, but a three-month-old dwarf leave caused (surprisingly!) a faster entry ;)It's been a long time since there was nothing to do with orcs, goblins or other greenskins, and I still have some resources from the aforementioned ones to paint in my collection.Therefore, today is another model from one of my favorite fantasy model makers -WARMONGER MINIATURES. Orc is what everyone sees. Evil, dangerous and sculpted in tribute to classic fantasy designs from the 80s and early 90s.And for that I love figures from Warmonger Miniatures.Check them out and YOU:https://www.warmongerminiatures.com/https://www.facebook.com/warmongerminiatures/Orc by Mark Gibbons (master!) and text from O&G army bookWitam serdecznie!Co prawda dziś nie weekend, ale urlop z trzymiesięcznym krasnalem spowodował ( o dziwo!) szybszy wpis ;)Dawno nie było nic związanego z orkami, goblinami czy innymi zielonoskórymi, a trochę jeszcze zasobów z wyżej wymienionych posiadam do pomalowania w swo

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