New Series: Races of the Greeks for 5th Edition

I have been in something of an ancient world thing for the past year or so, with working on Akhamet and spending time on a Greek-thing (whose name I keep changing all the time). During this time, I filled my Dropbox with like a million small files about potential races, monsters, and adventure ideas. I am at a point where I need to create a folder just for this. After going through a series of iterations, I decided to focus on three types of nymphs, all of which would be playable by PCs. Since the Monster Manual already includes a dryad entry, I wanted to create something new. Part of this series, I will present the statistics for new races I plan on adding to my finalized Greek book. I already have a few races out there: Amazon, Medusan, Olympian, and Titanborn. The races in these blog posts will be allowed choices in both the Legacies Organized Play Campaign, but also any game I run. I may gather these into a Gostor book in the meantime, and create a Herolab plugin to create these as characters.

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