Nature Unveiling Herself

One of the pieces of terrain I had printed from a Yeggi file, the site where you get LOADS of freely available files of all sorts, was this large female statue.Produced and uploaded by Scan The World, this is actually based on an existing artpiece.‘La Nature Se Dévoliant Devant La Science’ - nature revealing herself before Science; a very fine multipatinated bronze figure with varied gilt highlights and green tinted Scarab Beatle by Louis-Ernest Barrias (1874 – 1905), cast by Susses Freres.But it`s mostly a great piece of terrain as well, and I wanted this printed for use in both Burrows and Badgers on the one hand, and Lord of the Rings on the other.  I went to flocking a bit unto the statue itself, to make it look like one of the many slowly reclaimed by nature statues as so often seen in Middle Earth.And here she is with a Rohan archer at her side to give an idea of the actual size of the model...Hopefully you like her, and until the next one!

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