X-Wing 2nd Edition – Scum Always Rises to the Top

So it’s been a very exciting couple of weeks for X-Wing 2nd Edition. The new rule set was followed this past weekend by two huge tournaments, further injecting new life and excitement into the game. The UKTC and The Coruscant Invitational, won by The Weekend Warlords (again!) and Tom Forstner. Congrats to those guys for being top dogs amongst some of the best competition in the world. This means along with play testing on Vassal, there has been a plethora of live streams for me to pour through to help me make my decision as to which faction to invest my hard earned Intergalactic Credits with. Combined with my excitement for Disney’s big Mandalorian News this week quite frankly there is only one way forward for this guy in X-Wing 2nd Edition, and that is Scum and Villainy! Decisions Have Been Made With so much choice out there this was a decision that changed 3 or 4 times over the fortnight. Even at one point saying “actually, I’ll wait for The Resistance stuff before I join in”

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