Noble Knight Games Store Grand Opening!

Weekly Update  Hello! Loads of in-print and out-of-print products are being received in advance of the holiday season!   From Artis Opus’ recent Kickstarter, we have the S series brush set that comes with a beautifully designed case for serious miniature painters.   We just received War of the Ring - Warriors of Middle Earth Limited Edition from Ares.   Back in stock from Elven Ear Games we have Club Stories which is a solo or cooperative game about running a Soccer club.  For war gamers we received The Great War Centenary Edition from Plastic Soldier Company, A Distant Plain and Cuba Libre 3rd Printing from GMT, Battle of Quebec from Historical Game Company and many more.  Take a look at our New Releases and Arrivals sections on our website to see all the amazing games that are coming in daily. We continue to work at getting our store ready and are planning to open in early November.  We are also planning our Grand Opening on Saturday Decembe

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