Three Months Gone

Has it really been three months since I posted? What started as a promising year on the blogging front has not fared quite so well. Time has been short and I haven't really had a chance to look in on the blog for a good long while. Partly because I haven't had time to do anything worth posting. Money is tight and I haven't really got a paint station, time to paint or anything new and interesting to concentrate on. For a while I couldn't even find any paints or brushes but that is not the case any more. So rather than post something dull, I haven't put anything up.It is mainly my fault, well after a fashion. So I can't really complain.I wish I had saved the Yossarian face-palm image for this postBut here I am. I am back on the laser cutting journey after losing all faith in the process. Having waited for three months for the damn machine to turn up I found out that it was somewhere, lost in transit. The suppliers seemed unable to tell me anything other than it was probably in transit and was maybe, almost cert

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