Warmachine Weekend 2018, Last Chance Qualifier Round 2, Madrak1 vs. Mordikaar

Whenever I meet someone from Tulsa, they always make sure to tell me that they're friends with Clifton Cline, which immediately spells some trouble for me. The last time we played a game, Clifton and I, was back at the Adepticon before the transition into mk3, and Clif taught me just how terrible the Hunter's Grim's spell Mortality was for Trolls.Them knowing Clif means they're usually prepared for whatever I bring, or at least they've had some gameplay against a wide range of Trolls.On top of that, David was playing Skorne, a faction I hardly get to see. I've made half hearted attempts to unearth the models needed to play them and go through the motions of running through a deployment and identify possible threats lines, but then I decide, like I do when I try this with other armies, that they don't look like trolls so why would I put them on the table to begin with.David had two melee centric lists, so I felt fairly confident playing Madrak1, Thornwood Chieftain in Band of Heroes to utilize its warrior bene

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