Guild Ball: STW Van Value Tournament Trays

Back at the end of October I noticed on the "Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast" that one of the hosts of the show (Pat V) started making Tournament Trays.  I clicked on the link and it took me to their online store where I got to see the pictures he had of his trays.  My son and I have a tournament coming up this Saturday and I thought these trays would really be handy, we each have a tray for our models from "Tectonic Craft Studios", but those trays only hold our models, when I saw the ones from Pat that can hold tokens, dice and widgets, I thought these would be perfect for moving our stuff between games.The trays come in 3 sizes ranging from 12mm- 19mm ($30-$36) and there is an option for a custom logo on the lid for $40.  I would have taken the logo option, but I was not sure what tray thickness that would come with, as I was wanting the extra thick 19mm trays.  I was assuming the logo option was for the base 12mm tray.The reason I chose the extra thick 19mm option was that I wante

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