Sandbox Skirmish Rebels

I was asked the other day about the opposition forces for the Sandbox Skirmish project, so I decided to sort something out from my AK47 spares box. I originally planned to use the Peter Pig Hardened Militia figures for the 'bad guys' but didn't have enough, so instead I've opted for the newer Militia range, which is a good match in size and style for the Professional figures that make up the British platoon. I've organised the figures into three squads of eight, based around two fire teams, one with an RPG and one with an LMG for fire support. There is also a fourth squad of attached 'regular' troops, which will take the role of a training cadre sent by an Arab nationalist power to support the insurrection, very much in the way the Egyptians supported the rebels in Yemen and the Radfan in the 1960's. The officer has a radioman tagging along, so could in theory coordinate and call in reinforcements.This is an insurgent style guerrilla force, so the only vehicle is an old QRF Soviet GAZ truck. The 'platoon

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