Middle Earth SBG - Matched play

This weeks club match was my first trial in anger of the new Middle Earth SBG rules from GW. Playing against Kevin with him supplying the forces as usual in the form of Theoden and his Riders pitted against the vile Lurtz and his gang of Uruh-Hai thugs. I of course chose to play Lurtz's force.Forces closeEarly shooting worked well for the Uruk-Hai and 2 or three Rohan unhorsed and three or more Royal Guard are shot in the first couple of rounds, the Uruk-Hai hero claiming a couple on his own.Lurtz gets pinned in the doorwayKev goes for the charge and a line develops across the field but this limits shooting so everyone pretty much piles in.Rohan charge in to the pike block and bounce while the Warg Riders counter charge the centreThe fight on the right begins to go Evils way with numbers tellingCavalry dual goes Evils way with the Rohan failing to get the killsTheoden rides tp buff up his forces on the Evil left flankThe mid game goes by with priority shifting and a couple of heroic charges declared and

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