Off the Painting Table – Killteam: Star Striders

Warhammer 40,000 – Rogue Traders have always been an idea that intrigued me. Essentially the Han Solo’s of 40k (of course not scoundrels..) they travel the furthest reaches looking for riches, power and glory. Although, I guess they’re really more like Columbus travel out at the behest of their ruler into the unknown looking for power, riches and glory. Fantasy Flight did an rpg system that focused on Rogue Traders and was a very enjoyable read. Playing it was another story … best saved for another time.With the Rogue Trader box set for Kill Team you get two forces that are created to fight against each other in a narrative campaign. I’m looking forward to playing it out but in the grand scheme of things I don’t see the 40k rules being very effective or even against other Kill Teams they might struggle. Regardless the models are very cool looking and hoepfully they’ll get rules in the upcoming Blackstone Fortress game.Since these guys are fighting against an “infection” I opted to go with a minty green and co

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